Costellariidae: Genus Austromitra Finlay, 1927 - “ribbed-mitres”
In Tasmania, this genus includes the following 18 species:

Austromitra acromialis (colourless ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra analogica (analog ribbed-mitre) (figure a)

Austromitra bellapicta (beautiful ribbed-mitre) (figure b)

Austromitra bucklandi (Bucklands ribbed-mitre) (figure c)

Austromitra cinnamomea (cinnamon ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra legrandi (Legrands ribbed-mitre) (figure d)

Austromitra MARROW sp nov (MARROW sp nov ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra pumilio (tiny ribbed-mitre) (figure e)

Austromitra retrocurvata (recurved ribbed-mitre) (figure f)

Austromitra scalariformis (high-spired ribbed-mitre) (figure g)

Austromitra schomburgki (Schomburgks ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra scita (scita ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 ribbed-mitre) (figure h)

Austromitra tasmanica (Tasmanian ribbed-mitre) (figure i)

Austromitra tatei (Tates ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra teresiae (Teresias ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra vincta (banded ribbed-mitre) (figure j)

Austromitra weldii (Welds ribbed-mitre) (figure k)


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