Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter a

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

accessa verticordia (Haliris accessa)

accisa screw-shell (Colpospira accisa)

Adams’ globe-shell (Microstagon adamsi)

Adcock’s helmet (Semicassis adcocki)

addenda chiton (Notoplax addenda)

Adelaide thyasira (Channelaxinus adelaideanus)

Adelaide top-shell (Chlorodiloma adelaidae)

admirable volute-mitre (Microvoluta miranda)

adorned top-shell (Calliostoma comptum)

African clubhook-squid (Notonykia africanae)

Agnew’s rice-shell (Onoba agnewi)

Agnew’s turrid (Vexitomina agnewi)

agreeable turrid (Splendrillia gratiosa)

Akimushkin’s squid (Cycloteuthis akimushkini)

Albany top-shell (Clanculus albanyensis)

Allport’s margin-shell (Dentimargo allporti)

Allport’s top-shell (Calliostoma allporti)

alternate sea-slug (Chromodoris alternata)

alternating margin-shell (Cystiscus alternans)

ambiguous turrid (Exomilus dyscritos)

amethyst sinistral-creeper (Isotriphora amethystina)

amphizosta canoe-shell (Retusa amphizosta)

analog ribbed-mitre (Austromitra analogica)

ancient chiton (Callistochiton antiquus)

anemone cone (Conus anemone)

Angas’ bubble-shell (Philine angasi)

Angas’ chiton (Loricella angasi)

Angas’ false-creeper (Socienna angasi)

Angas’ lantern-shell (Offadesma angasi)

Angas’ lepton (Mysella angasiana)

Angas’ margin-shell (Cystiscus angasi)

Angas’ murex (Prototyphis angasi)

Angas’ pyramid-shell (Syrnola angasi)

Angas’ rice-shell (Rissoina angasii)

Angas’ sinistral-creeper (Monophorus angasi)

Angas’ spoon-shell (Cuspidaria angasi)

Angas’ turrid (Austrodrillia angasi)

Angas’ vanikoro (Naricava angasi)

Angas’s pheasant-shell (Phasianella angasi)

Angel’s false-top-shell (Brookula angeli)

angled jingle-shell (Anomia trigonopsis)

angled vanikoro (Naricava angulata)

Angolan flying-squid (Todarodes angolensis)

angular lepton (Montacutinae HUBER genus M6 trigonale)

angular rice-shell (Pusillina angulata)

Anna’s spindle-shell (Fusinus annae)

anomalous turrid (Macteola anomala)

Antarctic clubhook-squid (Kondakovia longimana)

Antarctic flying-squid (Todarodes filippovae)

antarctic octopus (Graneledone antarctica)

Antarctic squid (Gonatus antarcticus)

antipodean sea-slug (Heterodoris antipodes)

ant-like margin-shell (Austroginella formicula)

approximate false rice-shell (Pisinna approxima)

araios trophon (Enixotrophon araios)

arborescent sea-slug (Dendrodoris arborescens)

Arch rice-shell (Attenuata archensis)

Arnold’s sea-slug (Gymnodoris arnoldi)

arrowed necklace-shell (Tanea sagittata)

Asian bag-mussel (Arcuatula senhousia)

Asian semele (Theora lubrica)

Atkinson’s canoe-shell (Retusa atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s condyl-clam (Ovacuna atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s dove-shell (Anachis atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s rice-shell (Lucidestea atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s screw-shell (Colpospira atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s slit-shell (Sukashitrochus atkinsoni)

Atkinson’s sundial-shell (Solatisonax atkinsoni)

Atlantic chiton (Placiphorella atlantica)

Atlantic jewel-squid (Histioteuthis atlantica)

attendant auger (Euterebra assecla)

attractive peanut-shell (Scaphander illecebrosus)

attractive sea-slug (Ceratosoma amoenum)

austral dumpling-squid (Austrorossia australis)

austral sea-slug (Melibe australis)

Australasian rock-whelk (Ranella australasia)

Australian angel-wing (Barnea australasiae)

Australian rice-shell (Onoba australiae)

Australian tulip-shell (Australaria australasia)

awl sea-butterfly (Styliola subula)

axe-head mussel (Xenostrobus securis)

Ayres’ sand-snail (Polinices ayresi)


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