Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter c

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Cameron’s sea-lemon (Doris cameroni)

Cape Borda episiphon tusk-shell (Episiphon bordaensis)

Cape Borda gadila tusk-shell (Gadila bordaensis)

Cape Jaffa dove-shell (Aesopus jaffaensis)

Cape Jaffa false-top-shell (Eudaronia jaffaensis)

Cape Jaffa margin-shell (Dentimargo jaffa)

Cape Pillar bubble-shell (Philine columnaria)

Cape Pillar chiton (Leptochiton columnarius)

Cape Pillar dove-shell (Zafra columnaria)

Cape Pillar epigrus (Epigrus columnarius)

Cape Pillar false rice-shell (Pisinna columnaria)

Cape Pillar false-cockle (Purpurocardia columnaria)

Cape Pillar margin-shell (Hydroginella columnaria)

Cape Pillar rock-whelk (Cymatiella columnaria)

Cape Pillar top-shell (Calliostoma columnarium)

Cape Pillar trophon (Benthoxystus columnarius)

Cape Pillar turrid (Filodrillia columnaria)

Cape Pillar urchin-snail (Hebeulima columnaria)

Cape sea-slug (Polycera capensis)

Cape Thouin margin-shell (Cystiscus thouinensis)

capiticava pyramid-shell (Pseudorissoina capiticava)

captured worm-shell (Petaloconchus caperatus)

cardita-like boring-venus (Irus carditoides)

carnelian sea-slug (Doriopsilla carneola)

cassandra dove-shell (Aesopus cassandra)

chained sand-snail (Polinices catenoides)

Challenger scallop (Pseudamussium challengeri)

channelled top-shell (Calliotropis canaliculata)

Chapman’s limpet (Scutellastra chapmani)

Chapman’s neolepton (Puyseguria chapmani)

charming trophon (Enixotrophon venustus)

checkered australwink (Afrolittorina praetermissa)

cheek margin-shell (Cystiscus bucca)

chequered top-shell (Chlorodiloma odontis)

chestnut false eaton-shell (Skenella castanea)

choice kelp-shell (Phasianotrochus eximius)

chrysalis-like false rice-shell (Badepigrus pupoideus)

cinnamon ribbed-mitre (Austromitra cinnamomea)

circumlabra false rice-shell (Pisinna circumlabra)

CLARKE sp A Mastigoteuthis squid (Mastigoteuthis CLARKE sp A)

CLARKE sp B Mastigoteuthis squid (Mastigoteuthis CLARKE sp B)

Clarke’s whelk (Tasmeuthria clarkei)

close-lined liotia (Austroliotia densilineata)

Close’s sea-slug (Verconia closeorum)

clothed sinistral-creeper (Nototriphora vestita)

cloud file-shell (Lima nimbifer)

club pygmy octopus (Octopus warringa)

clubbed aplacophoran (Notomenia clavigera)

cockle-like venus (Chioneryx cardioides)

coffee-bean scaled-squid (Pholidoteuthis massyae)

collared sinistral-creeper (Eutriphora armillata)

collared turrid (Epidirona torquata)

collusor chiton (Leptochiton collusor)

Colman’s lasaea (Lasaea colmani)

Colman’s tusk-shell (Rhomboxiphus colmani)

colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni)

colourless ribbed-mitre (Austromitra acromialis)

columnar turrid (Mitromorpha columnaria)

combed condyl-clam (Condylocardia pectinata)

combed micromussel (Cosa pectinata)

comb-finned squid (Chtenopteryx sicula)

comet condyl-clam (Condylocardia cometa)

comma condyl-clam (Warrana comma)

commensal urchin-snail (Vitreolina commensalis)

common arm-squid (Brachioteuthis riisei)

common beaked-mussel (Austromytilus rostratus)

common bean-shell (Cyamium communis)

common butterfly-shell (Electroma papilionacea)

common cartrut-shell (Dicathais orbita)

common dog-cockle (Glycymeris striatularis)

common ear-shell (Stomatella impertusa)

common elephant-snail (Scutus antipodes)

common glass-octopus (Vitreledonella richardi)

common monk-shell (Plesiotrochus monachus)

common mud-creeper (Zeacumantus diemenensis)

common mud-lucine (Wallucina assimilis)

common mud-oyster (Ostrea angasi)

common otter-shell (Lutraria rhynchaena)

common paper-nautilus (Argonauta argo)

common pipi (Donax deltoides)

common pyramid-shell (Puposyrnola tasmanica)

common ramshorn-squid (Spirula spirula)

common sand-snail (Neverita aulacoglossa)

common seagrass-chiton (Stenochiton cymodocealis)

common sea-slug (Berthelinia australis)

common shelf-limpet (Sigapatella calyptraeformis)

common shipworm (Teredo navalis)

common siphon-shell (Siphonaria diemenensis)

common slipper-limpet (Maoricrypta immersa)

common teardrop (Proterato lachryma)

common tusk-shell (Gadila spreta)

common umbrella-shell (Umbraculum umbraculum)

common violet-snail (Janthina janthina)

common worm-shell (Thylacodes sipho)

compact dog-whelk (Phrontis compacta)

compact false-top-shell (Liotella compacta)

compact top-shell (Charisma compacta)

complex myadora (Myadora complexa)

compressed condyl-clam (Cunanax compressa)

Compton’s cowrie (Notocypraea comptonii)

comrade sea-slug (Goniobranchus epicurius)

concentric condyl-clam (Cuna concentrica)

concentric lepton (Mysella concentrica)

concentric nucinellid (Huxleyia concentrica)

cone-bearing sea-slug (Acanthodoris metulifera)

confused rissoella (Rissoella confusa robertsoni)

conical kelp-shell (Thalotia conica)

conical lung-limpet (Trimusculus conicus)

conical sand-snail (Conuber conicum)

connecting margin-shell (Cystiscus connectans)

contrary trough-shell (Austromactra contraria)

convex pyramid-shell (Syrnola convexa)

Cook’s sea-slug (Paliolla cooki)

coppery slit-shell (Scissurella cyprina)

corded siphon-shell (Siphonaria funiculata)

Cordisme’s screw-shell (Colpospira cordismei)

corroding limpet (Notoacmea corrodenda)

cousin cap-shell (Icuncula consobrina)

cousin margin-shell (Mesoginella consobrina)

covra nutlet-shell (Pronucula covra)

Cox’s chiton (Acanthochitona coxi)

Cox’s top-shell (Notogibbula bicarinata)

Cox’s urchin-snail (Hypermastus coxi)

crater margin-shell (Cystiscus cratericula)

Crawford’s sea-lemon (Rostanga crawfordi)

crested saucer-scallop (Parvamussium cristatellum)

crossed keyhole-limpet (Amblychilepas crucis)

crowned firefly-squid (Lycoteuthis lorigera)

cryptic air-breather (Salinator tecta)

cryptozoic lepton (Varotoga cryptozoica)

cuboid micromussel (Cratis cuboides)

Cuming’s boring-venus (Irus cumingii)

Cuming’s mussel (Musculus cumingianus)

cuneiform gastrochaena (Gastrochaena cuneiformis)

curved rock-whelk (Sassia kampyla)

curvy notch-limpet (Emarginula curvamen)

cylindrical epigrus (Epigrus cylindraceus)

cylindrical false-creeper (Socienna cylindrica)

cymbal margin-shell (Cystiscus cymbalum)

opulent creeper (Glyptozaria columnaria)


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