Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter d

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

dairy turrid (Lucerapex casearia)

Daniel’s cap-shell (Capulus danieli)

Dannevig’s false-creeper (Prolixodens dannevigi)

dappled necklace-shell (Tasmatica sticta)

dark brown chiton (Leptochiton badius)

dark brown false rice-shell (Badepigrus badius)

dark brown mitre (Mitra badia)

dark cap-shell (Sirius badius)

dark eaton-shell (Eatoniella atrella)

dark false-creeper (Prolixodens infracolor)

dark-purple eaton-shell (Eatoniella atropurpurea)

dart canoe-shell (Volvulella tragula)

daughter sea-slug (Okenia mija)

dawn thickshell-clam (Talabrica aurora)

decayed chiton (Ischnochiton cariosus)

deceptive turrid (Guraleus fallaciosus)

decorated mathildid (Mathilda decorata)

decorated orbitestellid (Orbitestella decorata)

decorated screw-shell (Colpospira decoramen)

deepwater chiton (Loricella profundior)

deepwater dog-whelk (Tritia ephamilla)

deepwater sinistral-creeper (Obesula profundior)

deepwater thyasira (Channelaxinus benthicola)

deepwater top-shell (Vaceuchelus profundior)

delicate air-breather (Marinula xanthostoma)

delicate limpet (Eoacmaea calamus)

delicate scallop (Zygochlamys delicatula)

delicate turrid (Filodrillia delicatula)

delicate turrid (Guraleus delicatulus)

delicate wentletrap (Epitonium tenellum)

dendritic sea-slug (Placida dendritica)

densely-ribbed false-top-shell (Brookula densilaminata)

densely-ribbed turrid (Etrema denseplicata)

denuded murex (Chicoreus denudatus)

depressed pyramid-shell (Pseudoskenella depressa)

dermestoid dove-shell (Pseudamycla dermestoidea)

Desales’ turrid (Asperdaphne desalesii)

Deshayes’ myllita (Myllita deshayesii)

Desmarest’s sea-elephant (Firoloida desmarestia)

devoted bonnet-limpet (Malluvium devotum)

diamondback squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus)

diaphorous chiton (Chiton diaphorus)

differing rice-shell (Pusillina discrepans)

dirty dog-cockle (Tucetona sordida)

dirty sand-snail (Conuber sordidum)

disjunct false-top-shell (Liocarinia disjuncta)

disjunct sinistral-creeper (Isotriphora disjuncta)

distorted rock-whelk (Sassia subdistorta)

divergent crypt-dweller (Petricola lapicida)

Dohrn’s nut-shell (Nuculana dohrni)

dorysa wentletrap (Narvaliscala dorysa)

doubled-up margin-shell (Alaginella geminata)

double-lined turrid (Heterocithara bilineata)

double-rayed sunset-shell (Hiatula biradiata)

double-spotted teardrop (Cypraeerato bimaculata)

doubtful false rice-shell (Pisinna dubitabilis)

doubtful sea-lemon (Paradoris dubia)

doubtful sea-slug (Chromodoris ambigua)

doughboy scallop (Mimachlamys asperrima)

dreaming turrid (Guraleus alucinans)

Dromana lepton (Coracuta dromanaensis)

droplet margin-shell (Mesoginella stilla)

drusilla sea-slug (Aeolidiella drusilla)

Duffus’s murex (Pterochelus duffusi)

dull sinistral-creeper (Hedleytriphora innotabilis)

Dunker’s top-shell (Clanculus dunkeri)

Dunker’s tulip-shell (Microcolus dunkeri)

dusky pyramid-shell (Turbonilla fusca)

dyed pyramid-shell (Syrnola tincta)


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