Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter e

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

eared margin-shell (Cystiscus subauriculatus)

eared micromussel (Cosa auriculata)

eared myllita (Myllita auriculata)

ear-like bubble-shell (Philine auriformis)

eastern black nerite (Nerita melanotragus)

edged margin-shell (Alaginella malina)

Edith’s olive (Amalda edithae)

Edwin’s turrid (Microgenia edwini)

egg margin-shell (Ovaginella ovulum)

elegant false-cockle (Carditellopsis elegantula)

elegant rice-shell (Zebinella elegantula)

Elliott’s margin-shell (Granulina elliottae)

elongate chiton (Callochiton elongatus)

elongate myadora (Myadoropsis elongata)

elongate thracia (Thraciopsis elongata)

elongate wedge-shell (Paphies angusta)

elongated keyhole-limpet (Macroschisma productum)

elongated lantern-shell (Laternula creccina)

Eltanin’s top-shell (Maurea eltanini)

emerald chiton (Ischnochiton smaragdinus)

emerald sea-slug (Stiliger smaragdinus)

eminent turrid (Paraguraleus emina)

Emma’s abalone (Haliotis scalaris emmae)

emperor long-armed squid (Chiroteuthis imperator)

engraved canoe-shell (Notodiaphana sculpta)

engraved dosinia (Dosinia sculpta)

engraved false-creeper (Socienna trisculpta)

engraved false-top-shell (Brookula crebresculpta)

engraved rice-shell (Alvania sculptilis)

engraved rice-shell (Amphithalamus incidatus)

engraved turrid (Asperdaphne sculptilis)

engraver turrid (Asperdaphne sculptilior)

enwrapped screw-shell (Colpospira circumligata)

epallaxa false-creeper (Trituba epallaxa)

epitrema rock-whelk (Sassia epitrema)

erect tusk-shell (Laevidentalium erectum)

ericia verticordia (Spinosipella deshayesiana)

erma bonnet-limpet (Antisabia erma)

eroded beaked-mussel (Brachidontes erosus)

erratic eaton-shell (Crassitoniella erratica)

eryx wedge-shell (Atactodea erycinaea)

esteemed notch-limpet (Emarginula dilecta)

estuarine conniwink (Bembicium auratum)

estuarine mud-creeper (Zeacumantus plumbeus)

etched pyramid-shell (Miralda suprasculpta)

etched rice-shell (Alvania suprasculpta)

European air-breather (Myosotella myosotis)

European basket-shell (Corbula gibba)

excavated false-cockle (Cardita aviculina)

excavated nutmeg-shell (Nevia spirata)

excavated turrid (Nepotilla excavata)

exemplary couch-shell (Pulvinites exempla)

exposed false rice-shell (Pisinna oblata)

exquisite harp-shell (Austroharpa exquisita)

extraordinary sea-hare (Aplysia extraordinaria)

eyed sea-hare (Aplysia argus)


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