Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter f

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

fading-girdle margin-shell (Mesoginella caducocincta)

faintly-frilled venus (Bassina pachyphylla)

fake sea-lemon (Rostanga calumus)

fake sinistral-creeper (Isotriphora simulata)

false baler (Livonia mammilla)

false rissoella (Rissoella fallax)

false-white sinistral-creeper (Eutriphora pseudocana)

fan-like dog-cockle (Tucetona flabellata)

fat margin-shell (Cystiscus obesulus)

fat rice-shell (Amphithalamus ‘obesus’)

fat-tailed aplacophoran (Falcidens lipuros)

fattened file-shell (Acesta saginata)

feathered venus (Tawera gallinula)

ferny whelk (Cominella filicea)

festive sinistral-creeper (Aclophoropsis festiva)

FI sp 01 rice-shell (Simulamerelina FI sp 01)

fiery cone (Conasprella rutila)

file-like condyl-clam (Condylocardia limaeformis)

fine-ridged limpet (Asteracmea crebristriata)

finesia false-top-shell (Brookula finesia)

Fischer’s bubble-shell (Ascobulla fischeri)

five-stacked false-creeper (Tubercliopsis quinquepilia)

flaccid turrid (Guraleus flaccidus)

flag triton (Argobuccinum pustulosum)

flame limpet (Notoacmea flammea)

flamed eaton-shell (Crassitoniella flammea)

flamed top-shell (Clanculus flagellatus)

flanged lepton (Basterotia subalata)

flat-combed sea-slug (Marionia platyctenea)

flat-grooved neolepton (Neolepton planiliratum)

flathorn tusk-shell (Compressidens platyceras)

flattened eaton-shell (Eatoniella depressa)

flat-toothed pyramid-shell (Turbonilla scalpidens)

flaunting sea-slug (Doto ostenta)

flea mussel (Xenostrobus pulex)

flea-like trough-shell (Mactra pusilla)

Flinders’ false rice-shell (Pisinna flindersi)

Flinders’ margin-shell (Cystiscus flindersi)

Flinders’ rock-shell (Bedeva flindersi)

flowervase jewel-squid (Stigmatoteuthis hoylei)

fly-like margin-shell (Austroginella muscaria)

foolish turrid (Turrella morologus)

football octopus (Ocythoe tuberculata)

forced murchisonellid (Koloonella coacta)

Foster’s scallop (Delectopecten fosterianus)

fragile air-breather (Salinator fragilis)

fragile semele (Theora lata)

freckled cowrie (Notocypraea declivis)

French false rice-shell (Pisinna cyclostoma)

Fretter’s rissoella (Rissoella fretterae)

Freycinet’s margin-shell (Cystiscus freycineti)

Freycinet’s rice-shell (Onoba freycineti)

frilled pygmy octopus (Octopus superciliosus)

fringed squid (Discoteuthis laciniosa)

fruity chiton (Ischnochiton fruticosus)

furrowed false-tun (Oocorys sulcata)

furrowed top-shell (Botelloides sulcatus)

furtive turrid (Scrinium furtivum)


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