Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter h

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Hackett’s peanut-shell (Acteocina cf hacketti)

hairy ark-shell (Barbatia pistachia)

hairy mussel (Gregariella barbata)

hairy mussel (Trichomya hirsuta)

hairy rice-shell (Merelina hirta)

hairy rock-whelk (Monoplex parthenopeum)

half-grained helmet (Semicassis semigranosa)

Halligan’s false-creeper (Paraseila halligani)

Hall’s margin-shell (Cystiscus halli)

harpularia turrid (Crassispira harpularia)

Harrietta’s glass-shell (Circulus harriettae)

Harrisson’s notch-limpet (Puncturella harrisoni)

Harrisson’s pyramid-shell (Puposyrnola harrissoni)

Hartley’s sea-lemon (Jorunna hartleyi)

Hartley’s sea-slug (Facelina hartleyi)

Haswell’s margin-shell (Serrata haswelli)

Hayashi’s bubble-shell (Pseudophiline hayashii)

heaped turrid (Inquisitor acervatus)

heart-shaped squid (Idioteuthis cordiformis)

heavy nut-shell (Saccella crassa)

heavy spoon-shell (Poromya illevis)

Hedgpeth’s sea-slug (Polycera hedgpethi)

Hedley’s cuttlefish (Sepia hedleyi)

Hedley’s liotia (Munditia hedleyi)

Hedley’s margin-shell (Serrata hedleyi)

Hedley’s shelf-limpet (Sigapatella hedleyi)

Hedley’s sinistral-creeper (Magnosinister hedleyi)

Hedley’s top-shell (Calliostoma hedleyi)

hemileuron tusk-shell (Paradentalium hemileuron)

Hendreck’s sea-slug (Melanochlamys handrecki)

Hercules’ club mud-creeper (Pyrazus ebeninus)

hidden-toothed pyramid-shell (Odostomia occultidens)

high-lipped margin-shell (Mesoginella altilabra)

high-spired ribbed-mitre (Austromitra scalariformis)

hilaira lucine (Nevenulora hilaira)

Hill’s sea-slug (Pleurobranchus hilli)

Hisseyian kelp-shell (Gibbula hisseyiana)

Hoggart’s false rice-shell (Pisinna costata)

hollowed false-cockle (Purpurocardia cavatica)

hollowed false-creeper (Ataxocerithium applenum)

honeycomb scallop (Chlamydella favus)

hooked false-cockle (Hamacuna hamata)

hooked turrid (Filodrillia mucronata)

hope turrid (Asperdaphne esparanza)

Horikoshi’s tusk-shell (Fissidentalium horikoshii)

horned urchin-snail (Curveulima cornuta)

Hoyle’s squid (Abraliopsis hoylei)

Huon hydrobia (Tatea huonensis)

husk long-armed squid (Chiroteuthis calyx)

Hutchings’ false eaton-shell (Eatonina hutchingsae)


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