Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter i

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

icarus creeper (Cacozeliana icarus)

IMBER sp 3 cranch-squid (Galiteuthis IMBER sp 3)

IMBER sp F long-armed squid (Chiroteuthis IMBER sp F)

IMBER sp stC cranch-squid (Galiteuthis IMBER sp stC)

imitating file-shell (Limaria imitans)

immaculate turrid (Paracuneus immaculatus)

imperforate rissoella (Rissoella imperforata)

imperial sea-slug (Plocamopherus imperialis)

impoverished dog-whelk (Nassarius pauperatus)

impressive mussel (Solamen spectabilis)

Ince’s sand-snail (Conuber incei)

incised notch-limpet (Emarginella incisura)

incised turrid (Nepotilla bathentoma)

inconspicuous margin-shell (Mesoginella inconspicua)

incrusted turrid (Guraleus incrustus)

indignant sea-slug (Melanochlamys queritor)

indiscrete margin-shell (Cystiscus indiscretus)

indiscrete urchin-snail (Curveulima indiscreta)

inflated globe-shell (Zemysina globularis)

inflexed sea-butterfly (Cavolinia inflexa)

inscribed false-top-shell (Zalipais inscripta)

irawaddy-like false rice-shell (Microdryas iravadioides)

Iredale’s fleshy-chiton (Cryptoplax iredalei)

Iredale’s orbitestellid (Orbitestella iredalei)

Iredale’s rice-shell (Rissoina iredalei)

Iredale’s screw-shell (Gazameda iredalei)

irridescent venus (Irus interstriatus)

irritable rock-whelk (Sassia petulans)

ivory false-top-shell (Crosseola concinna)

ivory murex (Phyllocoma eburnea)

ivory whelk (Cominella eburnea)


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