Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter k

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

kapala top-shell (Falsimargarita kapala)

Kapala’s scallop (Cyclopecten kapalae)

keeled chiton (Ischnochiton carinulatus)

keeled top-shell (Clanculus limbatus)

kelp chiton (Acanthochitona macrocystialis)

Kengraham’s whelk (Buccipagoda kengrahami)

Kenyon’s sunset-shell (Gari kenyoniana)

Kershaw’s assiminea (Cryptassiminea kershawi)

Kershaw’s false rice-shell (Pisinna kershawi)

Kesteven’s notch-limpet (Vacerrena kesteveni)

KI species 01 rice-shell (Merelina KI sp 01)

Kiener’s auger (Duplicaria kieneri)

Kilcunda false-top-shell (Liotella kilcundae)

Kilcunda urchin-snail (Leiostraca kilcundae)

Kimber’s chiton (Acanthochitona kimberi)

King Island argalista (Argalista kingensis)

King Island kelp-shell (Alcyna kingensis)

King Island sea-elephant (Pterotrachea kingicola)

King Island thickshell-clam (Eucrassatella kingicola)

King Island turrid (Antiguraleus kingensis)

King Island whelk (Tasmeuthria kingicola)

King Island winkle (Laevilitorina kingensis)

king scallop (Pecten fumatus)

King’s callista (Callista kingii)

Kitchen’s pyramid-shell (Turbonilla kitcheni)

knifebone cuttlefish (Sepia cultrata)

knobbly paper-nautilus (Argonauta nodosus)

knobbly rock-shell (Phycothais reticulata)

kryptopleurakia aclidid (Scalaronoba kryptopleurakia MS NAME)

kulonba sea-slug (Doriprismatica kulonba)

Tas sp 01 whelk (Thalassoplanes TAS sp 01)


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