Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter l

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

labrotoma false rice-shell (Pisinna labrotoma)

lacerated screw-shell (Colpospira runcinata)

laddered truncatella (Truncatella scalarina)

Lallemantian turrid (Guraleus lallemantianus)

laminated trophon (Gemixystus laminatus)

large urchin-snail (Melanella augur)

large-webbed jewel-squid (Histioteuthis macrohista)

lateral-striped limpet (Patelloida latistrigata)

latticed false-top-shell (Crossea cancellata)

latticed rice-shell (Merelina cancellata)

latticed turrid (Exomilus cancellatus)

latticed turrid (Exomilus cylindricus)

Lauretan’s auger (Terebra lauretanae)

Laws’ sea-lemon (Aphelodoris lawsae)

Layard’s rice-shell (Lironoba layardi)

leafy bonnet-limpet (Antisabia foliacea)

leafy false-top-shell (Liotella petalifera)

leafy trophon (Enixotrophon plicilaminatus)

leafy turrid (Nepotilla lamellosa)

least lucine (Epicodakia consettiana)

least margin-shell (Cystiscus minutissimus)

Legrand’s dove-shell (Zafra legrandi)

Legrand’s fossarina (Fossarina legrandi)

Legrand’s notch-limpet (Zeidora tasmanica)

Legrands ribbed-mitre (Austromitra legrandi)

Legrand’s top-shell (Calliostoma legrandi)

Legrand’s turrid (Asperdaphne legrandi)

Legrand’s urchin-snail (Eulima legrandi)

Lehmann’s kelp-shell (Prothalotia lehmanni)

Lehmann’s top-shell (Notogibbula lehmanni)

lemony sea-slug (Berthellina citrina)

lengthened chiton (Ischnochiton elongatus)

Lesser flying-squid (Todaropsis eblanae)

lesser wentletrap (Epitonium minorum)

Lesueur’s chiton (Acanthochitona sueurii)

Lesueur’s sea-butterfly (Limacina lesueurii)

Lesueur’s squid (Ancistrocheirus lesueuri)

Letourneuxian turrid (Turrella letourneuxiana)

likeable false-cockle (Purpurocardia amabilis)

limpet-like sea-slug (Onchidella nigricans)

lined bubble-shell (Bullina lineata)

lined chiton (Ischnochiton lineolatus)

lined keyhole-limpet (Diodora lineata)

lined pearly-mussel (Modiolus lineus)

lined top-shell (Leiopyrga lineolaris)

lined whelk (Cominella lineolata)

linen rice-shell (Rissoina lintea)

Linkovsky’s arm-squid (Brachioteuthis linkovskyi)

lipped elachisinid (Dolicrossea labiata)

lipped helmet (Semicassis labiata)

lipped rice-shell (Merelina cheilostoma)

lipped rock-whelk (Turritriton labiosus)

Lischkean coral-snail (Babelomurex lischkeanus)

little bean venus (Venerupis anomala)

little bubble-shell (Haminoea maugeansis)

little dog-whelk (Nassarius nigellus)

little file-shell (Limea parvula)

little smeagol (Smeagol parvulus)

little violet-snail (Janthina exigua)

little whelk (Pollia bednalli)

Lodder’s coral-snail (Scalenostoma lodderae)

Lodder’s glass-shell (Lodderia lodderae)

Lodder’s margin-shell (Dentimargo lodderae)

Lodder’s notch-limpet (Zeidora lodderae)

Lodder’s urchin-snail (Eulima lodderae)

long seagrass-chiton (Stenochiton longicymba)

lucid glass-shell (Teinostoma lucidum)

luculent necklace-shell (Natica luculenta)

luminous bay-squid (Uroteuthis noctiluca)

luminous flying-squid (Eucleoteuthis luminosa)

lumpy sea-lemon (Hoplodoris nodulosa)

lutarius turrid (Exomilus lutarius)

lyre cranch-squid (Bathothauma lyromma)


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