Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter m

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Maccoys aclidid (Austrorissopsis maccoyi)

Maccoy’s spindle-cowrie (Pellasimnia maccoyi)

Macleay’s sea-slug (Baeolidia macleayi)

Macpherson’s sea-slug (Phyllodesmium macphersonae)

Macpherson’s turrid (Mitromorpha macphersonae)

Magellanic rock-whelk (Fusitriton retiolus)

magpie volute-mitre (Volutomitra obscura)

Maltese-cross limpet (Patelloida insignis)

mandarin whelk (Penion mandarinus)

mangrove air-breather (Ophicardelus ornatus)

many-angled watering-pot (Dianadema multangularis)

many-eyed sea-slug (Crimora multidigitalis)

many-grooved dove-shell (Aesopus plurisulcatus)

many-grooved rice-shell (Onoba multilirata)

many-leafed trophon (Gemixystus polyphillius)

many-ribbed dove-shell (Retizafra multicostata)

many-ribbed turrid (Mitromorpha multicostata)

many-spotted sea-slug (Goniobranchus multimaculosus)

Maori octopus (Macroctopus maorum)

Maori saucer-scallop (Propeamussium maorium)

mapae sea-slug (Ancula mapae)

marbled sea-lemon (Alloiodoris marmorata)

Margarita’s sea-slug (Ercolania margaritae)

margined olive (Amalda marginata)

margin-like turrid (Marita compta)

Maria’s pyramid-shell (Turbonilla mariae)

Maria’s winkle (Laevilitorina mariae)

marked chiton (Bassethullia glypta)

MARROW sp nov ribbed-mitre (Austromitra MARROW sp nov)

martyr wentletrap (Cirsotrema martyr)

mask pyramid-shell (Hinemoa ligata)

Matthews’ chiton (Plaxiphora matthewsi)

Matthewsian chiton (Leptochiton matthewsianus)

Mauge family’s sea-slug (Dendrodoris maugeana)

Maugean sea-slug (Melibe maugeana)

Mauger’s top-shell (Clanculus maugeri)

Mauge’s sea-slug (Onchidoris maugeansis)

Mawle’s beautiful chiton (Callistochiton mawlei)

Mawle’s chiton (Ischnochiton mawlei)

May’s beautiful chiton (Callochiton mayi)

May’s cap-limpet (Cocculinella mayi)

May’s chiton (Ischnochiton mayi)

May’s dog-cockle (Glycymeris mayi)

May’s limpet (Notoacmea mayi)

May’s liotia (Munditia mayana)

May’s lucine (Myrtea mayi)

May’s margin-shell (Dentimargo mayii)

May’s nutlet-shell (Nucula mayi)

May’s orbitestellid (Orbitestella mayi)

May’s pyramid-shell (Chrysallida mayii)

May’s top-shell (Ethminolia probabilis)

May’s turrid (Paramontana mayana)

measled sea-slug (Eubranchus rubeolus)

melancholy cranch-squid (Sandalops melancholicus)

meshed turrid (Pseudodaphnella nodorete)

Mestayer’s whelk (Cumia mestayerae)

Metcalfe’s pyramid-shell (Odostomia metcalfei)

metella ark-shell (Destacar metella)

Michael’s sea-slug (Hallaxa michaeli)

microscopic aclidid (Aclis microscopica)

microscopic false-top-shell (Cirsonella microscopica)

microscopic margin-shell (Balanetta microscopica)

microscopic turrid (Nepotilla microscopica)

mid-point sea-slug (Berthella medietas)

milk-stone venus (Venerupis galactites)

milky brittlestar-snail (Stilapex lactarius)

milky lepton (Mysella lactea)

milky lucine (Pseudolucinisca lacteola)

milky nutmeg-shell (Sydaphera lactea)

milky turrid (Filodrillia lacteola)

milky-mouthed dove-shell (Pseudamycla miltostoma)

millet nut-shell (Ledella miliacea)

mimetic rock-whelk (Sassia mimetica)

mimic turrid (Nepotilla mimica)

minute graphidid (Coenaculum minutulum)

minute murchisonellid (Koloonella micra)

minute turrid (Nepotilla minuta)

mitre-like turrid (Guraleus mitralis)

mitre-shaped volute (Lyria mitraeformis)

Mitsui’s sea-slug (Diaphorodoris mitsuii)

mixed limpet (Lottia mixta)

mixta margin-shell (Hydroginella mixta)

mobile dog-whelk (Nassarius mobilis)

modest sunset-shell (Gari modesta)

modest tellin (Abranda modestina)

Mörch’s wentletrap (Plastiscala morchi)

most-grainy turrid (Turrella granulosissima)

most-oblique condyl-clam (Propecuna obliquissima)

most-pointed urchin-snail (Eulima acutissima)

mountainous pyramid-shell (Miralda montuosa)

mown rice-shell (Onoba demessa)

mud ark-shell (Anadara trapezia)

Murat Bay rice-shell (Lucidestea muratensis)

Murray’s file-shell (Escalima murrayi)

mussel drill (Bedeva paivae)

myodora-like thracia (Thracia myodoroides)


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