Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter n

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

narrow nutmeg-shell (Pepta stricta)

narrow turrid (Mitromorpha angusta)

narrowed thracia (Thraciopsis angustata)

narrower tusk-shell (Gadila angustior)

native blue mussel (Mytilus planulatus)

necklace murchisonellid (Koloonella moniliformis)

needle-like pyramid-shell (Turbonilla macleayana)

nenea turrid (Splendrillia nenia)

Neon flying-squid (Ommastrephes bartramii)

Nesis’s clubhook-squid (Notonykia nesisi)

nesting mussel (Musculus impactus)

nest-shaped urchin-snail (Melanella cunaeformis)

New Holland cuttlefish (Sepia novaehollandiae)

New Holland spindle-shell (Fusinus novaehollandiae)

New South Wales vertisphaera (Vertisphaera cambrica)

New Zealand neilo (Neilo australis)

New Zealand saddle-oyster (Monia zelandica)

New Zealand screw-shell (Maoricolpus roseus)

New Zealand venus (Venerupis largillierti)

Newcomb’s sea-slug (Facelina newcombi)

neztalia shipworm (Bankia neztalia)

niceteria top-shell (Carinastele niceterium)

nipple urchin-snail (Melanella mamilla)

nippled false-creeper (Specula mammilla)

nippled sinistral-creeper (Obesula mamillata)

nippled volute (Ericusa papillosa)

noble nutmeg-shell (Microsveltia patricia)

noble spoon-shell (Cuspidaria erma)

nodded siphon-shell (Williamia radiata nutata)

nodose coral-snail (Coralliophila nodosa)

non-southern condyl-clam (Condylocardia notoaustralis)

notched acteon (Acteon retusus)

Novar rice-shell (Alvania novarensis)

nymph olive (Cupidoliva nympha)


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