Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter o

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

obelisk rastodentid (Rastodens obeliscus)

oblique cockle (Acrosterigma cygnorum)

oblique nutlet-shell (Ennucula obliqua)

oblique sinistral-creeper (Inella obliqua)

oblong keyhole-limpet (Amblychilepas oblonga)

oblong olive (Amalda oblonga)

obtuse olive (Amalda obtusa)

obtuse sinistral-creeper (Inella obtusa)

obtuse urchin-snail (Melanella obtusa)

ochraceous margin-shell (Alaginella ochracea)

octona top-shell (Leiopyrga octona)

octopleuron tusk-shell (Paradentalium octopleuron)

odd-toothed ark-shell (Bathyarca perversidens)

oily top-shell (Archiminolia oleacea)

olivaceous false rice-shell (Pisinna olivacea)

olive margin-shell (Mesoginella olivella)

omicron keyhole-limpet (Amblychilepas omicron)

open fossarina (Fossarina patula)

opulent creeper (Glyptozaria opulenta)

orange-edged limpet (Cellana solida)

orange-red pyramid-shell (Syrnola aurantiaca)

ordinate turrid (Filodrillia ordinata)

ornate sea-slug (Austraeolis ornata)

ornate slit-shell (Scissurella ornata)

ornate turrid (Filodrillia ornata)

orukta chiton (Chiton oruktus)

oval trough-shell (Mactrotoma antecedens)

ovate lepton (Mysella ovata)

ovate lepton (Parvikellia ovata)

overlooked margin-shell (Austroginella praetermissa)


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