Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter p

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Leach’s cranch-squid (Leachia pacifica)

Pacific bean-cowrie (Pedicularia pacifica)

Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas)

Pacific slit-shell (Sinezona pacifica)

pagoda turrid (Eucithara pagoda)

painted kelp-shell (Cantharidella picturata)

painted micromussel (Lissarca picta)

painted turrid (Guraleus pictus)

painted-lady pheasant-shell (Phasianella australis)

pala nut-shell (Ledella pala)

palari octopus (Eledone palari)

pale dove-shell (Aesopus pallidulus)

pale octopus (Octopus pallidus)

pale sea-slug (Polybranchia pallens)

pale-purple sea-slug (Dendrodoris albopurpura)

pallid sinistral-creeper (Bouchetriphora pallida)

paltry eaton-shell (Eatoniella exigua)

paltry peanut-shell (Austrocylichna exigua)

paltry sea-slug (Noalda exigua)

paltry semele (Abra exigua)

pandora-like myadora (Myadora pandoriformis)

pan-pipes murex (Siphonochelus syringianus)

paper bubble-shell (Diaphana tasmanica)

Parkinson’s rock-whelk (Sassia parkinsonia)

parmophoid notch-limpet (Tugali parmophoidea)

Pauluccia’s mussel (Musculus nanus)

pea margin-shell (Ovaginella pisum)

pear helmet (Semicassis pyrum)

pearly brooch-shell (Neotrigonia margaritacea)

pearly firefly-squid (Pyroteuthis margaritifera)

pearly tellin (Tellinides margaritinus)

peculiar sea-slug (Doriopsilla peculiaris)

pelagic sea-slug (Scyllaea pelagica)

pellucid condyl-clam (Warrana pellucida)

pellucid graphidid (Graphis pellucida)

penelevis limopsis (Limopsis penelevis)

pentagonal turrid (Exomilus pentagonalis)

people’s top-shell (Clanculus plebejus)

peppered cowrie (Notocypraea piperita)

perished tusk-shell (Cadulus occiduus)

peroblique lucine (Epicodakia perobliqua)

Peron’s atlantid (Atlanta peronii)

Peron’s carrier-shell (Xenophora peroniana peroniana)

Peron’s thracia (Thraciopsis peroniana)

Peron’s venus (Katelysia peronii)

perplexed sea-slug (Thorunna perplexa)

perplexing turrid (Asperdaphne perplexa)

persephone octopus (Opisthoteuthis persephone)

Petterd’s fossarina (Fossarina petterdi)

Petterd’s limpet (Notoacmea petterdi)

Petterd’s pyramid-shell (Odostomia petterdi)

Petterd’s trophon (Benthoxystus petterdi)

Petterd’s urchin-snail (Eulima petterdi)

Pfeffer’s cranch-squid (Helicocranchia pfefferi)

pharetra micromussel (Cosa pharetra)

Philip Island top-shell (Spectamen philippense)

Philipiner’s turrid (Epidirona philipineri)

Philipp’s top-shell (Clanculus philippii)

Pictet’s long-armed squid (Chiroteuthis picteti)

pie sea-slug (Doto pita)

pierced lepton (Melliteryx acupuncta)

pigmented chiton (Ischnochiton lentiginosus)

Pilsbry’s chiton (Acanthochitona pilsbryi)

Pilsbry’s seagrass-chiton (Stenochiton pilsbryanus)

pink-tipped kelp-shell (Phasianotrochus rutilus)

pink-tipped rock-whelk (Cymatiella eburnea)

pinnate sea-slug (Fiona pinnata)

pitted keyhole-limpet (Cosmetalepas concatenata)

placid venus (Placamen placidum)

plain chiton (Eudoxochiton inornatus)

plaited dove-shell (Retizafra plexa)

planorbid sea-butterfly (Heliconoides inflatus)

plated acteon (Obrussena bracteata)

platform murchisonellid (Murchisonella anabathron)

platonic margin-shell (Gibberula agapeta)

ploughed rock-whelk (Monoplex exaratum)

ploughed spoon-shell (Cuspidaria exarata)

ploughed top-shell (Minolops arata)

plump cowrie (Notocypraea subcarnea)

pluto octopus (Opisthoteuthis pluto)

Point Nepean false-top-shell (Brookula nepeanensis)

Point Puer rastodentid (Rastodens puer)

pointed dove-shell (Mitrella menkeana)

pointed kelp-shell (Phasianotrochus apicinus)

pointed peanut-shell (Acteocina apicina)

pointed turrid (Guraleus cuspis)

pointed-tipped urchin-snail (Hypermastus mucronatus)

polished tusk-shell (Laevidentalium lubricatum)

Ponder’s sundial-shell (Heliacus ponderi)

porcellain false-top-shell (Putilla porcellana)

Port Jackson trough-shell (Mactra jacksonensis)

Port Jackson turrid (Guraleus jacksonensis)

Port Kembla margin-shell (Dentimargo kemblensis)

Port Lincoln dove-shell (Mitrella lincolnensis)

Port Lincoln thracia (Thracia lincolnensis)

Port Philip murex (Typhis phillipensis)

Portsea pyramid-shell (Linopyrga portseaensis)

Preissian top-shell (Notogibbula preissiana)

pretty chiton (Notoplax speciosa)

pretty kelp-shell (Prothalotia pulcherrima)

pretty murex (Phyllocoma speciosa)

pretty turrid (Marita bella)

pre-worked rice-shell (Attenuata praetornatilis)

Pritzker’s slipper-limpet (Bostrycapulus pritzkeri)

projecting condyl-clam (Condylocuna projecta)

projecting sea-slug (Aegires exeches)

protolined dextral-creeper (Metaxia protolineata)

Pulleinean scallop (Talochlamys pulleineana)

punctured limpet (Naccula punctata)

puniceolineate eaton-shell (Eatoniella puniceolinea)

punishing sea-slug (Flabellina poenicia)

purple sunset-shell (Gari livida)

purple volute-mitre (Peculator porphyria)

purple-mouthed rock-shell (Bedeva vinosa)

purplish lasaea (Lasaea purpurata)

pygmy canoe-shell (Retusa pygmaea)

pygmy date-shell (Solemya velesiana)

pygmy margin-shell (Mesoginella pygmaeoides)

pyramid rice-shell (Amphithalamus pyramis)

pyramid sea-butterfly (Clio pyramidata)

pyramidal false rice-shell (Pseudestea pyramidata)

pyrrhus dog-whelk (Nassarius pyrrhus)


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