Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter r

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

radiant dog-cockle (Glycymeris radians)

radiant mussel (Rhomboidella radians)

radiate lepton (Borniola radiata)

rainbow kelp-shell (Phasianotrochus irisodontes)

Raoul’s false-cockle (Bathycardita raouli)

rayed keyhole-limpet (Amblychilepas javanicensis)

razor-like nut-shell (Propeleda ensicula)

reaper cuttlefish (Sepia mestus)

recent mussel (Solamen recens)

rectangular condyl-clam (Condylocardia rectangularis)

recurved ribbed-mitre (Austromitra retrocurvata)

recurved sea-butterfly (Clio recurva)

recurved trophon (Gemixystus recurvatus)

reddish micromussel (Lissarca rubricata)

reddish micromussel (Philobrya rubra)

reddish rock-whelk (Charonia lampas rubicunda)

reddish trough-shell (Austromactra rufescens)

reddish-rayed abalone (Haliotis coccoradiata)

red-lined chiton (Notoplax rubrostrata)

red-lined sea-slug (Flabellina rubrolineata)

red-lipped hydrobia (Tatea rufilabris)

red-spotted sea-slug (Doriopsilla miniata)

red-zoned turrid (Paramontana rufozonata)

Reeve’s sundial-shell (Adelphotectonica reevei)

reflected false-top-shell (Cirsonella reflecta)

reflective glass-shell (Pseudoliotia micans)

Reinhardt’s cranch-squid (Liocranchia reinhardti)

related sea-slug (Caldukia affinis)

related turrid (Bathytoma agnata)

remote slit-shell (Incisura remota)

resident sea-slug (Cerberilla incola)

reticent condyl-clam (Warrana cessens)

reversed jewel-squid (Histioteuthis reversa)

revolving chiton (Lorica volvox)

rhomboid micromussel (Lissarca rhomboidalis)

Rhone trophon (Gemixystus rhodanos)

Rhyll rice-shell (Rissoina rhyllensis)

ribbed chiton (Notoplax costata)

ribbed rice-shell (Onoba supracostata)

ribbed top-shell (Austrocochlea constricta)

ribbed turrid (Apaturris costifera)

ribbed-apex false-creeper (Socienna apicicosta)

ribbed-centred worm-shell (Dendropoma nucleocostatum)

ridged false-top-shell (Cirsonella carinata)

ridged lucine (Codakia rugifera)

ridged venus (Katelysia rhytiphora)

ringed false-top-shell (Liotella annulata)

ringed sea-slug (Goniobranchus annulatus)

ringed turrid (Vexitomina torquata)

Roadnight’s volute (Livonia roadnightae)

rocky turrid (Austrodrillia saxea)

rose-rayed arc-mussel (Gaimardia rostellata)

rose-rayed limpet (Asteracmea illibrata)

Rossquick’s sea-lemon (Aphelodoris rossquicki)

rosy argalista (Argalista rosea)

rosy atlantid (Atlanta rosea)

rosy false-cockle (Centrocardita rosulenta)

rosy pheasant-shell (Tricolia rosea)

rough cranch-squid (Cranchia scabra)

rough notch-limpet (Montfortula rugosa)

rough octopus-squid (Octopoteuthis rugosa)

rough top-shell (Herpetopoma scabriusculum)

rounded lepton (Kellia rotunda)

Royan myadora (Myadora royana)

Roys’ rice-shell (Rissoina royana)

ruddy crypt-dweller (Kyrina rubiginosa)

ruddy rice-shell (Onoba rubicunda)

ruddy top-shell (Astele rubiginosa)

Rudolph’s trophon (Litozamia rudolphi)

rugose clubhook-squid (Onykia robsoni)

Rüppell’s octopus-squid (Octopoteuthis sicula)


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