Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter s

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Lichtenstein’s squid (Ancistroteuthis lichtensteinii)

sad auger (Euterebra tristis)

saddle myochama (Myochama anomioides)

saffron tusk-shell (Calliodentalium crocinum)

Saint Aloysius’ top-shell (Clanculus aloysii)

sandy top-shell (Charisma arenacea)

sandy verticordia (Thracidora arenosa)

Saul’s shipworm (Nausitora saulii)

scale-toothed dumpling-squid (Neorossia leptodons)

scalloped micromussel (Philobrya crenatulifera)

scaly ark-shell (Acar squamosa)

scaly boring-venus (Irus crenatus)

scaly lepton (Borniola lepida)

scaly limpet (Scutellastra peronii)

scaly star-shell (Bellastraea squamifera)

scaly tusk-shell (Laevidentalium leptosceles)

scar turrid (Austropusilla hilum)

scarred notch-limpet (Tugali cicatricosa)

Schomburgks ribbed-mitre (Austromitra schomburgki)

Schouten Island margin-shell (Mesoginella schoutanica)

Schouten Island necklace-shell (Tasmatica schoutanica)

Schouten Island rice-shell (Attenuata schoutanica)

Schouten Island turrid (Epidirona schoutanica)

Schouten Island urchin-snail (Sabinella schoutanica)

Schouten Island whelk (Cumia schoutanica)

Schouten turrid (Marita schoutenensis)

scita ribbed-mitre (Austromitra scita)

scorched auger (Duplicaria ustulata)

scraping-iron turrid (Vexitomina radulaeformis)

scratched necklace-shell (Naticarius subcostatus)

screwshell-like dextral-creeper (Seilarex turritelliformis)

seaweed mussel (Musculus alganus)

secret false eaton-shell (Eatonina condita)

seed lepton (Arthritica semen)

segmented trophon (Trophonopsis segmentata)

semiconvex dove-shell (Mitrella semiconvexa)

semigirdled false rice-shell (Badepigrus semicinctus)

semiradiated lepton (Montacuta semiradiata)

semisculpted ringicula (Ringicula semisculpta)

semi-smooth false-creeper (Zaclys semilaevis)

serrated sea-slug (Phyllodesmium serratum)

Serventy’s dumpling-squid (Heteroteuthis serventyi)

sevenstar flying-squid (Martialia hyadesi)

severed caecid (Caecum amputatum)

shagreened scallop (Semipallium aktinos)

Shepherd’s eaton-shell (Eatoniella shepherdi)

shining false rice-shell (Pisinna nitida)

shining lepton (Montacuta nitens)

shining rice-shell (Lucidestea nitens)

shining scallop (Veprichlamys perillustris)

Shoreham’s necklace-shell (Tectonatica shorehami)

short aclidid (Austrorissopsis consobrina)

short bubble-shell (Liloa brevis)

short myadora (Myadora brevis)

short top-shell (Austrocochlea brevis)

shortened chiton (Ischnochiton contractus)

short-tailed sea-slug (Ceratosoma brevicaudatum)

shrubby sea-slug (Thorunna arbuta)

sickle-shaped chiton (Ischnochiton falcatus)

silky pyramid-shell (Colsyrnola sericea)

similar rice-shell (Powellisetia simillima)

similar tusk-shell (Cadulus simillimus)

simple nutmeg-shell (Pepta simplex)

simple pyramid-shell (Megastomia simplex)

simple trophon (Enatimene simplex)

single-grooved rice-shell (Lironoba unilirata)

sinistral top-shell (Calliostoma incertum)

sisters’ trinchesia sea-slug (Trinchesia sororum)

six-ribbed rock-whelk (Cymatiella sexcostata)

slender lantern-shell (Laternula gracilis)

slender pyramid-shell (Syrnola angusta)

slender sea-slug (Embletonia gracilis)

slender thorny-oyster (Spondylus tenellus)

slender-grooved tellin (Semelangulus tenuiliratus)

slender-rayed limopsis (Oblimopa tenuiradiata)

sloping cap-shell (Capulus devexus)

sloping mitre (Mitra declivis)

small air-breather (Marinula parva)

small limpet (Naccula parva)

small margin-shell (Pugnus parvus)

small sea-hare (Aplysia parvula)

smallest false-top-shell (Lodderena minima)

Smith’s basket-shell (Corbula smithiana)

Smith’s dove-shell (Zafra smithi)

Smiths’ screw-shell (Colpospira smithiana)

smoky venus (Eumarcia fumigata)

smooth chiton (Callochiton crocinus)

smooth mitre (Mitra glabra)

smooth rice-shell (Pusillina mediolaevis)

smooth-hooked squid (Filippovia knipovitchi)

smooth-toothed triangle (Anapella cycladea)

snakeskin chiton (Sypharochiton pelliserpentis)

snowy rice-shell (Rissoina nivea)

snowy sinistral-creeper (Isotriphora nivea)

soboles limopsis (Limopsis soboles)

solid air-breather (Phallomedusa solida)

solid dove-shell (Aesopus solidus)

solid lepton (Scintillula solida)

sooty mitre (Mitra carbonaria)

sounding-lead trophon (Ollaphon molorthus)

southern air-breather (Phallomedusa austrina)

southern blue-ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena maculosa)

southern bonnet-limpet (Sabia australis)

southern bottletail-squid (Sepiadarium austrinum)

southern calamari (Sepioteuthis australis)

southern chiton (Ischnochiton australis)

southern crypt-dweller (Hiatella australis)

southern date-shell (Solemya australis)

southern dove-shell (Mitrella austrina)

southern dumpling-squid (Euprymna tasmanica)

southern ear-cowrie (Lamellaria australis)

southern false-olive (Zemira australis)

southern file-shell (Limea austrina)

southern gaper (Panopea australis)

southern gouldia (Gouldiopa australis)

southern keeled octopus (Octopus berrima)

southern lasaea (Lasaea australis)

southern liotia (Austroliotia australis)

southern mitre (Turriplicifer australe)

southern mud-creeper (Batillaria australis)

southern myadora (Myadora antipodum)

southern pygmy-squid (Idiosepius notoides)

southern pyramid-shell (Agatha australis)

southern razor-shell (Solen vaginoides)

southern ribbed-cowrie (Ellatrivia merces)

southern rice-shell (Lironoba australis)

southern ringicula (Ringicula australis)

southern sand octopus (Octopus kaurna)

southern screw-shell (Colpospira australis)

southern sea-slug (Baeolidia australis)

southern sea-slug (Runcina australis)

southern shipworm (Bankia australis)

southern slit-shell (Anatoma australis)

southern spindle-shell (Fusinus australis)

southern sponge-finger (Vulsella ovata)

southern trough-shell (Mactra australis)

southern turrid (Guraleus australis)

southern volute-mitre (Microvoluta australis)

southern wentletrap (Opalia australis)

southern white-spot octopus (Octopus bunurong)

southern worm-shell (Tenagodus australis)

Sowerby’s volute (Ericusa sowerbyi)

sp nov file-shell (Acesta sp nov)

spear murchisonellid (Koloonella hasta)

species of shadow-squid (Tremoctopus unplaced)

speckled top-shell (Herpetopoma aspersum)

Spengler’s rock-whelk (Cabestana spengleri)

spherical globe-shell (Zemysina sphaericula)

Spicer’s tulip-shell (Dolicholatirus spiceri)

spiky dove-shell (Exomilopsis spica)

spiky sinistral-creeper (Teretriphora spica)

spindle-shaped olive (Amalda petterdi)

spiny liotia (Cyclostrema spinosa)

spiral sea-butterfly (Limacina helicina)

spirally-chorded sea-slug (Burnaia helicochorda)

spireless peanut-shell (Adamnestia arachis)

splashed false-cockle (Purpurocardia bimaculata)

Spoel’s squid (Chiroteuthis spoeli)

sponge sea-slug (Verconia haliclona)

spoon-shaped nut-shell (Poroleda spathula)

spotted alaba (Alaba monile)

spotted necklace-shell (Notocochlis gualtieriana)

spotted sea-slug (Pleurobranchaea maculata)

squared liotia (Munditia subquadrata)

square-mouthed false-creeper (Ataxocerithium serotinum)

staged nutmeg-shell (Zeadmete pergradata)

staged volute-mitre (Microvoluta stadialis)

staining sea-slug (Goniobranchus tinctorius)

stepped venus (Katelysia scalarina)

stopped false-creeper (Prolixodens cessicus)

Stow’s limpet (Asteracmea stowae)

Stow’s siphon-shell (Pugillaria stowae)

straight turrid (Austrocarina recta)

Strange’s file-shell (Limatula strangei)

Strange’s lepton (Scintilla strangei)

Strange’s margin-shell (Mesoginella strangei)

Strange’s mitre (Domiporta strangei)

Strange’s rice-shell (Alvania strangei)

Strange’s watering-pot (Humphreyia strangei)

streaky coxiella (Coxiella striata)

streaky fleshy-chiton (Cryptoplax striata)

strengthened urchin-snail (Sabinella munita)

stringy lepton (Borniola filosa)

striped chiton (Ischnochiton virgatus)

striped conniwink (Bembicium nanum)

striped top-shell (Austrocochlea porcata)

strong wentletrap (Cirsotrema validum)

Studdert’s assiminea (Conassiminea studderti)

stylish amathina (Leucotina casta)

subdiluted tellin (Cadella subdiluta)

subitus turrid (Antiguraleus subitus)

subradiate condyl-clam (Cunanax subradiata)

sulphurous sea-slug (Diversidoris sulphurea)

sundial top-shell (Fluxinella trochiformis)

superb notch-limpet (Emarginula superba)

surgerea false-top-shell (Microcarina surgerea)

sutured diala (Diala suturalis)

swan-like sea-slug (Armina cygnea)

swan-neck caecid (Parastrophia cygnicollis)

sweet turrid (Filodrillia dulcis)

sweet-spot sea-slug (Berthella serenitas)

swollen bubble-shell (Nipponatys tumidus)

swollen canoe-shell (Retusa protumida)

swollen false rice-shell (Pisinna tumida)

swollen pheasant-shell (Phasianella ventricosa)

swollen rice-shell (Onoba pertumida)

swollen seastar-snail (Apicalia inflata)

swollen turrid (Marita tumida)

Sydney rock-oyster (Saccostrea glomerata)

Sydney sea-hare (Aplysia sydneyensis)

TAS sp 01 false-creeper (Cerithiopsidae unplaced STEPHENS sp G)


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