Species list by common name - alphabetical, letter w

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Walvis Ridge squid (Walvisteuthis virilis)

wand sea-butterfly (Creseis virgula)

wand tusk-shell (Episiphon virgula)

warted rock-whelk (Cymatiella verrucosa)

warty sea-lemon (Thordisa verrucosa)

Waterhouse’s rock-whelk (Cabestana tabulata)

waved turrid (Etrema kymatoessa)

wavy nutmeg-shell (Sydaphera undulata)

wavy spindle-shell (Fusinus undulatus)

wavy spoon-shell (Poromya undosa)

wavy top-shell (Clanculus undatus)

wavy turban (Lunella undulata)

wavy venus (Gomphina undulosa)

wavy volute (Amoria undulata)

weak wentletrap (Plastiscala invalida)

weasel margin-shell (Serrata mustelina)

wedding-cake venus (Bassina disjecta)

wedge-shaped lepton (Mysella donaciformis)

wedge-shaped wedge-shell (Atactodea cuneata)

Weld’s false-top-shell (Cirsonella weldii)

Welds ribbed-mitre (Austromitra weldii)

Weld’s worm-shell (Tenagodus weldii)

Wellington sea-lemon (Doris wellingtonensis)

well-polished rice-shell (Onoba perpolita)

western black nerite (Nerita atramentosa)

Whan’s margin-shell (Balanetta baylii)

wheat olive (Belloliva triticea)

wheaten file-shell (Limatula siligo)

whelk-like assiminea (Cryptassiminea buccinoides)

white notch-limpet (Emarginula candida)

white rock-clam (Cleidothaerus albidus)

white sea-slug (Gymnodoris alba)

white sinistral-creeper (Eutriphora cana)

white sunset-shell (Hiatula alba)

white tellin (Tellinota albinella)

white trough-shell (Mactra pura)

white turrid (Mitromorpha alba)

white-banded sinistral-creeper (Obesula albovittata)

white-based dove-shell (Mitrella tenuis)

white-mouthed dove-shell (Mitrella leucostoma)

white-mouthed false-creeper (Seila albosutura)

white-navelled top-shell (Clanculus leucomphalus)

whitened auger (Oxymeris albida)

whitened chiton (Plaxiphora albida)

whitened myadora (Myadora albida)

whitened sea-lemon (Trippa albata)

white-ringed turrid (Apispiralia albocincta)

white-sided horse-mussel (Gibbomodiola albicosta)

white-zoned olive (Belloliva leucozona)

wide-furrowed spoon-shell (Cuspidaria latesulcata)

wide-mouthed false rice-shell (Pisinna megastoma)

Wilfred’s rissoella (Rissoella wilfredi)

Wilson rice-shell (Attenuata wilsonensis)

Wilson’s coral-snail (Coralliophila wilsoni)

Wilson’s ear-cowrie (Mysticoncha wilsonae)

Wilson’s roburnella sea-slug (Roburnella wilsoni)

winding screw-shell (Colpospira sinuata)

windowed dove-shell (Gatliffena fenestrata)

windowed scallop (Mesopeplum fenestratum)

windowed top-shell (Herpetopoma fenestratum)

windowed turrid (Nepotilla fenestrata)

wine-press cap-shell (Icuncula torcularis)

wollumbi screw-shell (Colpospira wollumbi)

wondrous jewel-squid (Histioteuthis miranda)

Woods’ turrid (Splendrillia woodsi)

woven trophon (Gemixystus fimbriatus)


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