Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter a

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

abalone, blacklip (Haliotis rubra)

abalone, Emma’s (Haliotis scalaris emmae)

abalone, greenlip (Haliotis laevigata)

abalone, reddish-rayed (Haliotis coccoradiata)

aclidid, kryptopleurakia (Scalaronoba kryptopleurakia MS NAME)

aclidid, Maccoys (Austrorissopsis maccoyi)

aclidid, microscopic (Aclis microscopica)

aclidid, short (Austrorissopsis consobrina)

acteon, notched (Acteon retusus)

acteon, plated (Obrussena bracteata)

acteon, TAS sp 01 (Acteon TAS sp 01)

acteon, tragulate (Pupa tragulata)

air-breather, cryptic (Salinator tecta)

air-breather, delicate (Marinula xanthostoma)

air-breather, European (Myosotella myosotis)

air-breather, fragile (Salinator fragilis)

air-breather, mangrove (Ophicardelus ornatus)

air-breather, Quoy’s (Pleuroloba quoyi)

air-breather, small (Marinula parva)

air-breather, solid (Phallomedusa solida)

air-breather, southern (Phallomedusa austrina)

air-breather, transparent (Leuconopsis pellucida)

alaba, beautiful (Alaba pulchra)

alaba, spotted (Alaba monile)

alaba, translucent (Styliferina translucida)

amathina, stylish (Leucotina casta)

angel-wing, Australian (Barnea australasiae)

angel-wing, tongue-shaped (Barnea obturamentum)

antimargarita, TAS sp 01 antimargarita (Antimargarita TAS sp 01)

aplacophoran, clubbed (Notomenia clavigera)

aplacophoran, fat-tailed (Falcidens lipuros)

aplacophoran, TAS sp 01 (Neomeniamorpha unplaced TAS sp 01)

aplacophoran, TAS sp 02 (Neomeniamorpha unplaced TAS sp 02)

aplacophoran, Tasmanian (Tegulaherpia tasmanica)

aplacophoran, unplaced Eleutheromenia (Eleutheromenia unplaced)

aplacophoran, x-marked (Falcidens chiastos)

arc-mussel, rose-rayed (Gaimardia rostellata)

arc-mussel, Tasmanian (Gaimardia tasmanica)

argalista, King Island (Argalista kingensis)

argalista, rosy (Argalista rosea)

ark-shell, Botany Bay (Acar botanica)

ark-shell, hairy (Barbatia pistachia)

ark-shell, metella (Destacar metella)

ark-shell, mud (Anadara trapezia)

ark-shell, odd-toothed (Bathyarca perversidens)

ark-shell, scaly (Acar squamosa)

arm-squid, common (Brachioteuthis riisei)

arm-squid, Linkovsky’s (Brachioteuthis linkovskyi)

assiminea, Julie’s (Suterilla julieae)

assiminea, Kershaw’s (Cryptassiminea kershawi)

assiminea, Studdert’s (Conassiminea studderti)

assiminea, Tasmanian (Cryptassiminea tasmanica)

assiminea, whelk-like (Cryptassiminea buccinoides)

ataphrid, translucent (Acremodontina translucida)

atlantid, Peron’s (Atlanta peronii)

atlantid, rosy (Atlanta rosea)

auger, attendant (Euterebra assecla)

auger, Brazier’s (Hastula brazieri)

auger, Jacksonian (Terebra jacksoniana)

auger, Kiener’s (Duplicaria kieneri)

auger, Lauretan’s (Terebra lauretanae)

auger, sad (Euterebra tristis)

auger, scorched (Duplicaria ustulata)

auger, whitened (Oxymeris albida)

australwink, banded (Austrolittorina unifasciata)

australwink, checkered (Afrolittorina praetermissa)

cap-shell, violet (Capulus violaceus)


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