Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter b

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

bag-mussel, Asian (Arcuatula senhousia)

baler, false (Livonia mammilla)

basket-shell, European (Corbula gibba)

basket-shell, gowned (Corbula tunicata)

basket-shell, Smith’s (Corbula smithiana)

bay-squid, luminous (Uroteuthis noctiluca)

beaked-mussel, common (Austromytilus rostratus)

beaked-mussel, eroded (Brachidontes erosus)

bean-cowrie, Pacific (Pedicularia pacifica)

bean-shell, Bernard’s (Perrierina bernardi)

bean-shell, common (Cyamium communis)

bean-shell, trough-like (Reloncavia mactroides)

blanket-octopus, slender (Tremoctopus gracilis)

bonnet-limpet, devoted (Malluvium devotum)

bonnet-limpet, erma (Antisabia erma)

bonnet-limpet, leafy (Antisabia foliacea)

bonnet-limpet, southern (Sabia australis)

boring-venus, cardita-like (Irus carditoides)

boring-venus, Cuming’s (Irus cumingii)

boring-venus, scaly (Irus crenatus)

boring-venus, Tasmanian (Notopaphia grisea)

bottletail-squid, southern (Sepiadarium austrinum)

bottletail-squid, striped (Sepioloidea lineolata)

brittlestar-snail, milky (Stilapex lactarius)

brooch-shell, gem (Neotrigonia gemma)

brooch-shell, pearly (Neotrigonia margaritacea)

bubble-shell, Angas’ (Philine angasi)

bubble-shell, Beachport (Philine beachportensis)

bubble-shell, bell-like (Cylichnatys campanula)

bubble-shell, Botany Bay (Bulla quoyii)

bubble-shell, Brazier’s (Diaphana brazieri)

bubble-shell, BURN sp 01 colpodaspis (Colpodaspis BURN sp 01)

bubble-shell, BURN sp 01 philine (Philine BURN sp 01)

bubble-shell, BURN sp 02 colpodaspis (Colpodaspis BURN sp 02)

bubble-shell, BURN sp 03 philine (Philine BURN sp 03)

bubble-shell, Cape Pillar (Philine columnaria)

bubble-shell, ear-like (Philine auriformis)

bubble-shell, Fischer’s (Ascobulla fischeri)

bubble-shell, Hayashi’s (Pseudophiline hayashii)

bubble-shell, lined (Bullina lineata)

bubble-shell, little (Haminoea maugeansis)

bubble-shell, paper (Diaphana tasmanica)

bubble-shell, short (Liloa brevis)

bubble-shell, swollen (Nipponatys tumidus)

bubble-shell, tapered (Philine teres)

bubble-shell, TAS sp 01 (Atys TAS sp 01)

butterfly-shell, common (Electroma papilionacea)


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