Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter c

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

caecid, severed (Caecum amputatum)

caecid, swan-neck (Parastrophia cygnicollis)

calamari, southern (Sepioteuthis australis)

callista, broken-banded (Callista disrupta)

callista, King’s (Callista kingii)

callista, Tasmanian (Callista diemenensis)

canoe-shell, amphizosta (Retusa amphizosta)

canoe-shell, Atkinson’s (Retusa atkinsoni)

canoe-shell, beaked (Volvulella rostrata)

canoe-shell, bowl (Retusa pelyx)

canoe-shell, dart (Volvulella tragula)

canoe-shell, engraved (Notodiaphana sculpta)

canoe-shell, pygmy (Retusa pygmaea)

canoe-shell, swollen (Retusa protumida)

cantrainea, TAS sp 01 (Cantrainea TAS sp 01)

cantrainea, unexpected (Cantrainea inexpectata)

cap-limpet, May’s (Cocculinella mayi)

cap-limpet, Tasmanian (Cocculinella tasmanica)

cap-shell, cousin (Icuncula consobrina)

cap-shell, Daniel’s (Capulus danieli)

cap-shell, dark (Sirius badius)

cap-shell, sloping (Capulus devexus)

cap-shell, wine-press (Icuncula torcularis)

cap-shell, zodiac (Icuncula zodiaca)

carrier-shell, Peron’s (Xenophora peroniana peroniana)

cartrut-shell, common (Dicathais orbita)

castor-bean-shell, granulated (Maculotriton serriale)

chiroteuthid-squid, Grimaldi’s (Grimalditeuthis bonplandii)

chiton, addenda (Notoplax addenda)

chiton, ancient (Callistochiton antiquus)

chiton, Angas’ (Loricella angasi)

chiton, Atlantic (Placiphorella atlantica)

chiton, beautiful-zoned (Chiton calliozonus)

chiton, Bednall’s (Acanthochitona bednalli)

chiton, Cape Pillar (Leptochiton columnarius)

chiton, collusor (Leptochiton collusor)

chiton, Cox’s (Acanthochitona coxi)

chiton, dark brown (Leptochiton badius)

chiton, decayed (Ischnochiton cariosus)

chiton, deepwater (Loricella profundior)

chiton, diaphorous (Chiton diaphorus)

chiton, elongate (Callochiton elongatus)

chiton, emerald (Ischnochiton smaragdinus)

chiton, fruity (Ischnochiton fruticosus)

chiton, Gabriel’s (Subterenochiton gabrieli)

chiton, Gatliff’s (Acanthochitona gatliffi)

chiton, grainy-streaked (Acanthochitona granostriata)

chiton, Gray’s (Choriplax grayi)

chiton, green (Chiton glaucus)

chiton, greenish (Ischnochiton subviridis)

chiton, grooved (Leptochiton liratus)

chiton, juicy (Chiton jugosus)

chiton, keeled (Ischnochiton carinulatus)

chiton, kelp (Acanthochitona macrocystialis)

chiton, Kimber’s (Acanthochitona kimberi)

chiton, lengthened (Ischnochiton elongatus)

chiton, Lesueur’s (Acanthochitona sueurii)

chiton, lined (Ischnochiton lineolatus)

chiton, marked (Bassethullia glypta)

chiton, Matthews’ (Plaxiphora matthewsi)

chiton, Matthewsian (Leptochiton matthewsianus)

chiton, Mawle’s (Ischnochiton mawlei)

chiton, Mawle’s beautiful (Callistochiton mawlei)

chiton, May’s (Ischnochiton mayi)

chiton, May’s beautiful (Callochiton mayi)

chiton, orukta (Chiton oruktus)

chiton, pigmented (Ischnochiton lentiginosus)

chiton, Pilsbry’s (Acanthochitona pilsbryi)

chiton, plain (Eudoxochiton inornatus)

chiton, pretty (Notoplax speciosa)

chiton, red-lined (Notoplax rubrostrata)

chiton, revolving (Lorica volvox)

chiton, ribbed (Notoplax costata)

chiton, shortened (Ischnochiton contractus)

chiton, sickle-shaped (Ischnochiton falcatus)

chiton, smooth (Callochiton crocinus)

chiton, snakeskin (Sypharochiton pelliserpentis)

chiton, southern (Ischnochiton australis)

chiton, striped (Ischnochiton virgatus)

chiton, tapered (Acanthochitona retrojecta)

chiton, Tasmanian (Notoplax mayi)

chiton, three-ribbed (Chiton tricostalis)

chiton, Torr’s (Ischnochiton torri)

chiton, variable (Craspedoplax variabilis)

chiton, variably-coloured (Ischnochiton versicolor)

chiton, variegated (Ischnochiton variegatus)

chiton, Verco’s (Chiton verconis)

chiton, whitened (Plaxiphora albida)

clubhook-squid, African (Notonykia africanae)

clubhook-squid, Antarctic (Kondakovia longimana)

clubhook-squid, Banks’s (Onychoteuthis banksii)

clubhook-squid, greaters (Onykia ingens)

clubhook-squid, Nesis’s (Notonykia nesisi)

clubhook-squid, rugose (Onykia robsoni)

clubhook-squid, smooth-hooked (Filippovia knipovitchi)

clusterwink, TAS sp 01 (Halotapada TAS sp 01)

cockle, oblique (Acrosterigma cygnorum)

cockle, thetis (Pratulum thetidis)

cockle, thin-ribbed (Fulvia tenuicostata)

condyl-clam, Atkinson’s (Ovacuna atkinsoni)

condyl-clam, boat (Cuna navicula)

condyl-clam, combed (Condylocardia pectinata)

condyl-clam, comet (Condylocardia cometa)

condyl-clam, comma (Warrana comma)

condyl-clam, compressed (Cunanax compressa)

condyl-clam, concentric (Cuna concentrica)

condyl-clam, file-like (Condylocardia limaeformis)

condyl-clam, most-oblique (Propecuna obliquissima)

condyl-clam, non-southern (Condylocardia notoaustralis)

condyl-clam, pellucid (Warrana pellucida)

condyl-clam, projecting (Condylocuna projecta)

condyl-clam, rectangular (Condylocardia rectangularis)

condyl-clam, reticent (Warrana cessens)

condyl-clam, subradiate (Cunanax subradiata)

condyl-clam, thick-toothed (Cunanax crassidentata)

condyl-clam, toothless (Warrana edentata)

condyl-clam, triangle (Cuna delta)

condyl-clam, trifoliate (Austrocardiella trifoliata)

cone, anemone (Conus anemone)

cone, bright (Conus clarus)

cone, fiery (Conasprella rutila)

conniwink, banded (Bembicium vittatum)

conniwink, black-mouth (Bembicium melanostoma)

conniwink, estuarine (Bembicium auratum)

conniwink, striped (Bembicium nanum)

coral-snail, Lischkean (Babelomurex lischkeanus)

coral-snail, Lodder’s (Scalenostoma lodderae)

coral-snail, nodose (Coralliophila nodosa)

coral-snail, Wilson’s (Coralliophila wilsoni)

couch-shell, exemplary (Pulvinites exempla)

cowrie, brown (Notocypraea angustata)

cowrie, Compton’s (Notocypraea comptonii)

cowrie, freckled (Notocypraea declivis)

cowrie, peppered (Notocypraea piperita)

cowrie, plump (Notocypraea subcarnea)

cowrie, TAS sp 01 (Notocypraea TAS sp 01)

cowrie, TAS sp 02 (Notocypraea TAS sp 02)

cowrie, umbilicated (Umbilia hesitata)

coxiella, streaky (Coxiella striata)

cranch-squid, IMBER sp 3 (Galiteuthis IMBER sp 3)

cranch-squid, IMBER sp stC (Galiteuthis IMBER sp stC)

cranch-squid, Leach’s (Leachia pacifica)

cranch-squid, lyre (Bathothauma lyromma)

cranch-squid, Pfeffer’s (Helicocranchia pfefferi)

cranch-squid, Reinhardt’s (Liocranchia reinhardti)

cranch-squid, rough (Cranchia scabra)

cranch-squid, stalk-eyed (Liguriella podophthalma)

cranch-squid, unplaced (Megalocranchia unplaced)

creeper, grainy (Cacozeliana granarium)

creeper, icarus (Cacozeliana icarus)

creeper, opulent (Glyptozaria columnaria)

creeper, opulent (Glyptozaria opulenta)

crypt-dweller, divergent (Petricola lapicida)

crypt-dweller, ruddy (Kyrina rubiginosa)

crypt-dweller, southern (Hiatella australis)

cuttlefish, giant (Sepia apama)

cuttlefish, Hedley’s (Sepia hedleyi)

cuttlefish, knifebone (Sepia cultrata)

cuttlefish, New Holland (Sepia novaehollandiae)

cuttlefish, reaper (Sepia mestus)

cuttlefish, slender (Sepia braggi)


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