Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter d

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

date-shell, pygmy (Solemya velesiana)

date-shell, southern (Solemya australis)

deepsea-squid, bathyal (Bathyteuthis abyssicola)

dextral-creeper, protolined (Metaxia protolineata)

dextral-creeper, screwshell-like (Seilarex turritelliformis)

diala, big-topped (Diala megapicalis)

diala, sutured (Diala suturalis)

dog-cockle, common (Glycymeris striatularis)

dog-cockle, dirty (Tucetona sordida)

dog-cockle, fan-like (Tucetona flabellata)

dog-cockle, Geale’s (Tucetona gealei)

dog-cockle, Gray’s (Glycymeris grayana)

dog-cockle, May’s (Glycymeris mayi)

dog-cockle, radiant (Glycymeris radians)

dog-whelk, Burchard’s (Tritia burchardi)

dog-whelk, compact (Phrontis compacta)

dog-whelk, deepwater (Tritia ephamilla)

dog-whelk, impoverished (Nassarius pauperatus)

dog-whelk, Jonas’s (Nassarius jonasii)

dog-whelk, little (Nassarius nigellus)

dog-whelk, mobile (Nassarius mobilis)

dog-whelk, pyrrhus (Nassarius pyrrhus)

dosinia, blue-tinged (Dosinia caerulea)

dosinia, engraved (Dosinia sculpta)

dosinia, grata (Dosinia grata)

dosinia, Victorian (Dosinia victoriae)

dosinia, yellowish (Dosinia crocea)

dove-shell, Atkinson’s (Anachis atkinsoni)

dove-shell, bald (Retizafra calva)

dove-shell, Beachport (Anachis beachportensis)

dove-shell, Beddome’s (Zella beddomei)

dove-shell, Brazier’s (Parviterebra brazieri)

dove-shell, Cape Jaffa (Aesopus jaffaensis)

dove-shell, Cape Pillar (Zafra columnaria)

dove-shell, cassandra (Aesopus cassandra)

dove-shell, dermestoid (Pseudamycla dermestoidea)

dove-shell, Gatliff’s (Aesopus gatliffi)

dove-shell, gleaming (Pyreneola fulgida)

dove-shell, Legrand’s (Zafra legrandi)

dove-shell, many-grooved (Aesopus plurisulcatus)

dove-shell, many-ribbed (Retizafra multicostata)

dove-shell, milky-mouthed (Pseudamycla miltostoma)

dove-shell, pale (Aesopus pallidulus)

dove-shell, plaited (Retizafra plexa)

dove-shell, pointed (Mitrella menkeana)

dove-shell, Port Lincoln (Mitrella lincolnensis)

dove-shell, semiconvex (Mitrella semiconvexa)

dove-shell, Smith’s (Zafra smithi)

dove-shell, solid (Aesopus solidus)

dove-shell, southern (Mitrella austrina)

dove-shell, spiky (Exomilopsis spica)

dove-shell, TAS sp 01 (Aesopus TAS sp 01)

dove-shell, TAS sp 01 (Zafra TAS sp 01)

dove-shell, Taylor’s (Mitrella tayloriana)

dove-shell, three-lined (Parviterebra trilineata)

dove-shell, white-based (Mitrella tenuis)

dove-shell, white-mouthed (Mitrella leucostoma)

dove-shell, windowed (Gatliffena fenestrata)

drill, mussel (Bedeva paivae)

dumpling-squid, austral (Austrorossia australis)

dumpling-squid, scale-toothed (Neorossia leptodons)

dumpling-squid, Serventy’s (Heteroteuthis dagamensis)

dumpling-squid, southern (Euprymna tasmanica)

dumpling-squid, unplaced (Iridoteuthis unplaced)


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