Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter f

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

false eaton-shell, blood-stained (Eatonina sanguinolenta)

false eaton-shell, chestnut (Skenella castanea)

false eaton-shell, gregarious (Pseudopisinna gregaria)

false eaton-shell, Hutchings’ (Eatonina hutchingsae)

false eaton-shell, secret (Eatonina condita)

false eaton-shell, tawny-columned (Eatonina fulvicolumella)

false eaton-shell, Voorwinde’s (Skenella voorwindei)

false rice-shell, approximate (Pisinna approxima)

false rice-shell, bicoloured (Pisinna bicolor)

false rice-shell, boarded (Anabathron contabulatum)

false rice-shell, Cape Pillar (Pisinna columnaria)

false rice-shell, chrysalis-like (Badepigrus pupoideus)

false rice-shell, circumlabra (Pisinna circumlabra)

false rice-shell, dark brown (Badepigrus badius)

false rice-shell, doubtful (Pisinna dubitabilis)

false rice-shell, exposed (Pisinna oblata)

false rice-shell, Flinders’ (Pisinna flindersi)

false rice-shell, French (Pisinna cyclostoma)

false rice-shell, gentle (Anabathron lene)

false rice-shell, Hoggart’s (Pisinna costata)

false rice-shell, irawaddy-like (Microdryas iravadioides)

false rice-shell, Jan Juc (Microdryas janjucensis)

false rice-shell, Kershaw’s (Pisinna kershawi)

false rice-shell, labrotoma (Pisinna labrotoma)

false rice-shell, olivaceous (Pisinna olivacea)

false rice-shell, pyramidal (Pseudestea pyramidata)

false rice-shell, semigirdled (Badepigrus semicinctus)

false rice-shell, shining (Pisinna nitida)

false rice-shell, swollen (Pisinna tumida)

false rice-shell, Tasmanian (Pisinna tasmanica)

false rice-shell, varix-bearing (Pisinna varicifera relata)

false rice-shell, wide-mouthed (Pisinna megastoma)

false rice-shell, yellowish (Anabathron luteofuscum)

false-cockle, bald (Vimentum dilectum)

false-cockle, Cape Pillar (Purpurocardia columnaria)

false-cockle, elegant (Carditellopsis elegantula)

false-cockle, excavated (Cardita aviculina)

false-cockle, hollowed (Purpurocardia cavatica)

false-cockle, hooked (Hamacuna hamata)

false-cockle, Jaffa (Carditella jaffaensis)

false-cockle, likeable (Purpurocardia amabilis)

false-cockle, Quoy’s (Purpurocardia purpurata)

false-cockle, Raoul’s (Bathycardita raouli)

false-cockle, rosy (Centrocardita rosulenta)

false-cockle, splashed (Purpurocardia bimaculata)

false-creeper, Angas’ (Socienna angasi)

false-creeper, cylindrical (Socienna cylindrica)

false-creeper, Dannevig’s (Prolixodens dannevigi)

false-creeper, dark (Prolixodens infracolor)

false-creeper, engraved (Socienna trisculpta)

false-creeper, epallaxa (Trituba epallaxa)

false-creeper, five-stacked (Tubercliopsis quinquepilia)

false-creeper, Halligan’s (Paraseila halligani)

false-creeper, hollowed (Ataxocerithium applenum)

false-creeper, nippled (Specula mammilla)

false-creeper, queen (Specula regina)

false-creeper, ribbed-apex (Socienna apicicosta)

false-creeper, semi-smooth (Zaclys semilaevis)

false-creeper, seven-stacked (Tubercliopsis septapilia)

false-creeper, square-mouthed (Ataxocerithium serotinum)

false-creeper, stopped (Prolixodens cessicus)

false-creeper, TAS sp 01 (Ataxocerithium TAS sp 01)

false-creeper, TAS sp 01 (Cerithiopsidae unplaced STEPHENS sp G)

false-creeper, TAS sp 01 (Cerithiopsinae unplaced TAS sp 01)

false-creeper, TAS sp 01 (Seilinae unplaced TAS sp 01)

false-creeper, Tas sp 01 (Socienna TAS sp 01)

false-creeper, turbonilla-like (Specula turbonilloides)

false-creeper, unmarked (Seila insignis)

false-creeper, white-mouthed (Seila albosutura)

false-creeper, yellow (Seila crocea)

false-limpet, bald (Phenacolepas calva)

false-olive, southern (Zemira australis)

false-top-shell, Angel’s (Brookula angeli)

false-top-shell, beautiful (Liotella pulcherrima)

false-top-shell, Cape Jaffa (Eudaronia jaffaensis)

false-top-shell, compact (Liotella compacta)

false-top-shell, densely-ribbed (Brookula densilaminata)

false-top-shell, disjunct (Liocarinia disjuncta)

false-top-shell, engraved (Brookula crebresculpta)

false-top-shell, finesia (Brookula finesia)

false-top-shell, inscribed (Zalipais inscripta)

false-top-shell, ivory (Crosseola concinna)

false-top-shell, Johnston’s (Liotella johnstoni)

false-top-shell, Kilcunda (Liotella kilcundae)

false-top-shell, latticed (Crossea cancellata)

false-top-shell, leafy (Liotella petalifera)

false-top-shell, microscopic (Cirsonella microscopica)

false-top-shell, Point Nepean (Brookula nepeanensis)

false-top-shell, porcellain (Putilla porcellana)

false-top-shell, reflected (Cirsonella reflecta)

false-top-shell, ridged (Cirsonella carinata)

false-top-shell, ringed (Liotella annulata)

false-top-shell, smallest (Lodderena minima)

false-top-shell, surgerea (Microcarina surgerea)

false-top-shell, tabular (Lissotesta contabulata)

false-top-shell, TAS sp 01 (Liotella TAS sp 01)

false-top-shell, tiny (Lissotesta micra)

false-top-shell, Weld’s (Cirsonella weldii)

false-tun, furrowed (Oocorys sulcata)

fig-shell, good (Thalassocyon bonus)

file-shell, cloud (Lima nimbifer)

file-shell, fattened (Acesta saginata)

file-shell, imitating (Limaria imitans)

file-shell, little (Limea parvula)

file-shell, Murray’s (Escalima murrayi)

file-shell, southern (Limea austrina)

file-shell, sp nov (Acesta sp nov)

file-shell, Strange’s (Limatula strangei)

file-shell, wheaten (Limatula siligo)

firefly-squid, crowned (Lycoteuthis lorigera)

firefly-squid, pearly (Pyroteuthis margaritifera)

fleshy-chiton, Iredale’s (Cryptoplax iredalei)

fleshy-chiton, streaky (Cryptoplax striata)

flying-squid, Angolan (Todarodes angolensis)

flying-squid, Antarctic (Todarodes filippovae)

flying-squid, Gould’s (Nototodarus gouldi)

flying-squid, Lesser (Todaropsis eblanae)

flying-squid, luminous (Eucleoteuthis luminosa)

flying-squid, Neon (Ommastrephes bartramii)

flying-squid, sevenstar (Martialia hyadesi)

fossarina, Legrand’s (Fossarina legrandi)

fossarina, open (Fossarina patula)

fossarina, Petterd’s (Fossarina petterdi)


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