Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter l

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

lamellaria, titan (Lamellaria ophione)

lantern-shell, Angas’ (Offadesma angasi)

lantern-shell, elongated (Laternula creccina)

lantern-shell, slender (Laternula gracilis)

lantern-shell, tapered (Laternula attenuata)

lantern-shell, Tasmanian (Laternula tasmanica)

larinopsis, top-shaped (Larinopsis turbinatus)

lasaea, Colman’s (Lasaea colmani)

lasaea, purplish (Lasaea purpurata)

lasaea, southern (Lasaea australis)

lepton, Angas’ (Mysella angasiana)

lepton, angular (Montacutinae HUBER genus M6 trigonale)

lepton, concentric (Mysella concentrica)

lepton, cryptozoic (Varotoga cryptozoica)

lepton, Dromana (Coracuta dromanaensis)

lepton, flanged (Basterotia subalata)

lepton, glassy (Coriareus vitreus)

lepton, glassy (Mysella vitrea)

lepton, milky (Mysella lactea)

lepton, ovate (Mysella ovata)

lepton, ovate (Parvikellia ovata)

lepton, pierced (Melliteryx acupuncta)

lepton, radiate (Borniola radiata)

lepton, rounded (Kellia rotunda)

lepton, scaly (Borniola lepida)

lepton, seed (Arthritica semen)

lepton, semiradiated (Montacuta semiradiata)

lepton, shining (Montacuta nitens)

lepton, solid (Scintillula solida)

lepton, Strange’s (Scintilla strangei)

lepton, stringy (Borniola filosa)

lepton, wedge-shaped (Mysella donaciformis)

limopsis, Bass (Limopsis bassi)

limopsis, penelevis (Limopsis penelevis)

limopsis, slender-rayed (Oblimopa tenuiradiata)

limopsis, soboles (Limopsis soboles)

limopsis, Tenison’s (Limopsis tenisoni)

limpet, Chapman’s (Scutellastra chapmani)

limpet, corroding (Notoacmea corrodenda)

limpet, delicate (Eoacmaea calamus)

limpet, fine-ridged (Asteracmea crebristriata)

limpet, flame (Notoacmea flammea)

limpet, lateral-striped (Patelloida latistrigata)

limpet, Maltese-cross (Patelloida insignis)

limpet, May’s (Notoacmea mayi)

limpet, mixed (Lottia mixta)

limpet, orange-edged (Cellana solida)

limpet, Petterd’s (Notoacmea petterdi)

limpet, punctured (Naccula punctata)

limpet, rose-rayed (Asteracmea illibrata)

limpet, scaly (Scutellastra peronii)

limpet, small (Naccula parva)

limpet, Stow’s (Asteracmea stowae)

limpet, tall (Notoacmea alta)

limpet, tall-ribbed (Patelloida alticostata)

limpet, Tasmanian (Propilidium tasmanicum)

limpet, variegated (Cellana tramoserica)

limpet, Victorian (Patelloida victoriana)

liotia, Botany Bay (Austroliotia botanica)

liotia, close-lined (Austroliotia densilineata)

liotia, Hedley’s (Munditia hedleyi)

liotia, May’s (Munditia mayana)

liotia, southern (Austroliotia australis)

liotia, spiny (Cyclostrema spinosa)

liotia, squared (Munditia subquadrata)

liotia, Tasmanian (Munditia tasmanica)

litiopa, bladdersnail (Litiopa limnophysa)

long-armed squid, big (Chiroteuthis mega)

long-armed squid, emperor (Chiroteuthis imperator)

long-armed squid, husk (Chiroteuthis calyx)

long-armed squid, IMBER sp F (Chiroteuthis IMBER sp F)

long-armed squid, Pictet’s (Chiroteuthis picteti)

long-armed squid, Spoel’s (Chiroteuthis spoeli)

long-armed squid, Verany’s (Chiroteuthis veranii)

lucine, Botany Bay (Myrtea botanica)

lucine, hilaira (Nevenulora hilaira)

lucine, least (Epicodakia consettiana)

lucine, May’s (Myrtea mayi)

lucine, milky (Pseudolucinisca lacteola)

lucine, peroblique (Epicodakia perobliqua)

lucine, ridged (Codakia rugifera)

lucine, TAS sp 01 (Lucinidae unplaced TAS sp 01)

lucine, Tate’s (Ctena tatei)

lucine, thick-grooved (Cardiolucina crassilirata)

lucine, v-marked (Divalucina cumingi)

lucine, Yoshida’s (Lucinoma yoshidai)

lung-limpet, conical (Trimusculus conicus)


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