Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter m

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

margarites, TAS sp 01 margarites (Margarites TAS sp 01)

margin-shell, Allport’s (Dentimargo allporti)

margin-shell, alternating (Cystiscus alternans)

margin-shell, Angas’ (Cystiscus angasi)

margin-shell, ant-like (Austroginella formicula)

margin-shell, beautiful (Gibberula pulchella)

margin-shell, Brazier’s (Alaginella brazieri)

margin-shell, bulbous (Gibberula subbulbosa)

margin-shell, Cape Jaffa (Dentimargo jaffa)

margin-shell, Cape Pillar (Hydroginella columnaria)

margin-shell, Cape Thouin (Cystiscus thouinensis)

margin-shell, cheek (Cystiscus bucca)

margin-shell, connecting (Cystiscus connectans)

margin-shell, cousin (Mesoginella consobrina)

margin-shell, crater (Cystiscus cratericula)

margin-shell, cymbal (Cystiscus cymbalum)

margin-shell, doubled-up (Alaginella geminata)

margin-shell, droplet (Mesoginella stilla)

margin-shell, eared (Cystiscus subauriculatus)

margin-shell, edged (Alaginella malina)

margin-shell, egg (Ovaginella ovulum)

margin-shell, Elliott’s (Granulina elliottae)

margin-shell, fading-girdle (Mesoginella caducocincta)

margin-shell, fat (Cystiscus obesulus)

margin-shell, Flinders’ (Cystiscus flindersi)

margin-shell, fly-like (Austroginella muscaria)

margin-shell, Freycinet’s (Cystiscus freycineti)

margin-shell, Gabriel’s (Dentimargo gabrieli)

margin-shell, Gatliff’s (Alaginella gatliffi)

margin-shell, Georgian (Austroginella georgiana)

margin-shell, Hall’s (Cystiscus halli)

margin-shell, Haswell’s (Serrata haswelli)

margin-shell, Hedley’s (Serrata hedleyi)

margin-shell, high-lipped (Mesoginella altilabra)

margin-shell, inconspicuous (Mesoginella inconspicua)

margin-shell, indiscrete (Cystiscus indiscretus)

margin-shell, Johnston’s (Austroginella johnstoni)

margin-shell, least (Cystiscus minutissimus)

margin-shell, Lodder’s (Dentimargo lodderae)

margin-shell, May’s (Dentimargo mayii)

margin-shell, microscopic (Balanetta microscopica)

margin-shell, mixta (Hydroginella mixta)

margin-shell, ochraceous (Alaginella ochracea)

margin-shell, olive (Mesoginella olivella)

margin-shell, overlooked (Austroginella praetermissa)

margin-shell, pea (Ovaginella pisum)

margin-shell, platonic (Gibberula agapeta)

margin-shell, Port Kembla (Dentimargo kemblensis)

margin-shell, pygmy (Mesoginella pygmaeoides)

margin-shell, Schouten Island (Mesoginella schoutanica)

margin-shell, small (Pugnus parvus)

margin-shell, Strange’s (Mesoginella strangei)

margin-shell, Tasmanian (Austroginella tasmanica)

margin-shell, three-toothed (Hydroginella tridentata)

margin-shell, tiny (Volvarina diminuta)

margin-shell, Tomlinian (Cystiscus tomlinianus)

margin-shell, toothy (Dentimargo dentiens)

margin-shell, top-shaped (Mesoginella turbinata)

margin-shell, translucent (Austroginella translucida)

margin-shell, two-plaited (Gibberula diplostreptus)

margin-shell, uncertain (Cystiscus incertus)

margin-shell, Verco’s (Alaginella vercoi)

margin-shell, Victorian (Mesoginella victoriae)

margin-shell, Vincentian (Serrata vincentiana)

margin-shell, weasel (Serrata mustelina)

margin-shell, Whan’s (Balanetta baylii)

mathildid, decorated (Mathilda decorata)

micromussel, basket (Cosa fimbriata)

micromussel, combed (Cosa pectinata)

micromussel, cuboid (Cratis cuboides)

micromussel, eared (Cosa auriculata)

micromussel, painted (Lissarca picta)

micromussel, pharetra (Cosa pharetra)

micromussel, reddish (Lissarca rubricata)

micromussel, reddish (Philobrya rubra)

micromussel, rhomboid (Lissarca rhomboidalis)

micromussel, scalloped (Philobrya crenatulifera)

micromussel, Tate’s (Cosa tatei)

microthyca, unplaced (Microthyca TAS sp 01)

mitre, dark brown (Mitra badia)

mitre, sloping (Mitra declivis)

mitre, smooth (Mitra glabra)

mitre, sooty (Mitra carbonaria)

mitre, southern (Turriplicifer australe)

mitre, Strange’s (Domiporta strangei)

monk-shell, common (Plesiotrochus monachus)

mud-creeper, common (Zeacumantus diemenensis)

mud-creeper, estuarine (Zeacumantus plumbeus)

mud-creeper, Hercules’ club (Pyrazus ebeninus)

mud-creeper, southern (Batillaria australis)

mud-lucine, common (Wallucina assimilis)

mud-oyster, common (Ostrea angasi)

murchisonellid, forced (Koloonella coacta)

murchisonellid, minute (Koloonella micra)

murchisonellid, necklace (Koloonella moniliformis)

murchisonellid, platform (Murchisonella anabathron)

murchisonellid, spear (Koloonella hasta)

murchisonellid, TAS sp 01 (Koloonella TAS sp 01)

murchisonellid, turret (Koloonella turrita)

murex, Angas’ (Prototyphis angasi)

murex, Brazier’s (Favartia brazieri)

murex, denuded (Chicoreus denudatus)

murex, Duffus’s (Pterochelus duffusi)

murex, Goldstein’s (Dermomurex goldsteini)

murex, ivory (Phyllocoma eburnea)

murex, pan-pipes (Siphonochelus syringianus)

murex, Port Philip (Typhis phillipensis)

murex, pretty (Phyllocoma speciosa)

murex, three-cornered (Pterochelus triformis)

murex, umbilicated (Rolandiella umbilicata)

murex, Yates’ (Monstrotyphis yatesi)

mussel, axe-head (Xenostrobus securis)

mussel, bean (Dacrydium fabale)

mussel, boat (Exosiperna scapha)

mussel, Cuming’s (Musculus cumingianus)

mussel, flea (Xenostrobus pulex)

mussel, hairy (Gregariella barbata)

mussel, hairy (Trichomya hirsuta)

mussel, impressive (Solamen spectabilis)

mussel, Mediterranean blue (Mytilus galloprovincialis)

mussel, native blue (Mytilus planulatus)

mussel, nesting (Musculus impactus)

mussel, Pauluccia’s (Musculus nanus)

mussel, radiant (Rhomboidella radians)

mussel, recent (Solamen recens)

mussel, seaweed (Musculus alganus)

mussel, TAS sp 01 (Mytilidae unplaced TAS sp 01)

mussel, variable (Xenostrobus inconstans)

myadora, complex (Myadora complexa)

myadora, elongate (Myadoropsis elongata)

myadora, pandora-like (Myadora pandoriformis)

myadora, Royan (Myadora royana)

myadora, short (Myadora brevis)

myadora, southern (Myadora antipodum)

myadora, Tasmanian (Myadora rotundata)

myadora, whitened (Myadora albida)

myllita, Deshayes’ (Myllita deshayesii)

myllita, eared (Myllita auriculata)

myllita, Tasmanian (Myllita tasmanica)

myochama, saddle (Myochama anomioides)

myochama, Tasmanian (Myochama tasmanica)


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