Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter n

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

necklace-shell, arrowed (Tanea sagittata)

necklace-shell, dappled (Tasmatica sticta)

necklace-shell, luculent (Natica luculenta)

necklace-shell, Schouten Island (Tasmatica schoutanica)

necklace-shell, scratched (Naticarius subcostatus)

necklace-shell, Shoreham’s (Tectonatica shorehami)

necklace-shell, spotted (Notocochlis gualtieriana)

neilo, New Zealand (Neilo australis)

neolepton, Chapman’s (Puyseguria chapmani)

neolepton, flat-grooved (Neolepton planiliratum)

nerite, eastern black (Nerita melanotragus)

nerite, western black (Nerita atramentosa)

notch-limpet, curvy (Emarginula curvamen)

notch-limpet, esteemed (Emarginula dilecta)

notch-limpet, garland (Rimulanax corolla)

notch-limpet, giant (Montfortia subemarginata)

notch-limpet, Harrisson’s (Puncturella harrisoni)

notch-limpet, incised (Emarginella incisura)

notch-limpet, Kesteven’s (Vacerrena kesteveni)

notch-limpet, Legrand’s (Zeidora tasmanica)

notch-limpet, Lodder’s (Zeidora lodderae)

notch-limpet, parmophoid (Tugali parmophoidea)

notch-limpet, rough (Montfortula rugosa)

notch-limpet, scarred (Tugali cicatricosa)

notch-limpet, superb (Emarginula superba)

notch-limpet, white (Emarginula candida)

nucinellid, concentric (Huxleyia concentrica)

nutlet-shell, Beachport (Nucula beachportensis)

nutlet-shell, Brongersma’s (Austronucula brongersmai)

nutlet-shell, covra (Pronucula covra)

nutlet-shell, May’s (Nucula mayi)

nutlet-shell, oblique (Ennucula obliqua)

nutlet-shell, tiny (Nucula pusilla)

nutmeg-shell, excavated (Nevia spirata)

nutmeg-shell, grainy (Sydaphera granosa)

nutmeg-shell, grooved (Merica purpuriformis)

nutmeg-shell, milky (Sydaphera lactea)

nutmeg-shell, narrow (Pepta stricta)

nutmeg-shell, noble (Microsveltia patricia)

nutmeg-shell, simple (Pepta simplex)

nutmeg-shell, staged (Zeadmete pergradata)

nutmeg-shell, TAS sp 01 (Iphinopsis TAS sp 01)

nutmeg-shell, troubled (Sydaphera anxifer)

nutmeg-shell, wavy (Sydaphera undulata)

nut-shell, Dohrn’s (Nuculana dohrni)

nut-shell, heavy (Saccella crassa)

nut-shell, millet (Ledella miliacea)

nut-shell, pala (Ledella pala)

nut-shell, razor-like (Propeleda ensicula)

nut-shell, spoon-shaped (Poroleda spathula)

nut-shell, typical (Lamellileda typica)


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