Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter o

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

octopus, antarctic (Graneledone antarctica)

octopus, club pygmy (Octopus warringa)

octopus, football (Ocythoe tuberculata)

octopus, frilled pygmy (Octopus superciliosus)

octopus, gloomy (Octopus tetricus)

octopus, Maori (Macroctopus maorum)

octopus, palari (Eledone palari)

octopus, pale (Octopus pallidus)

octopus, persephone (Opisthoteuthis persephone)

octopus, pluto (Opisthoteuthis pluto)

octopus, southern blue-ringed (Hapalochlaena maculosa)

octopus, southern keeled (Octopus berrima)

octopus, southern sand (Octopus kaurna)

octopus, southern white-spot (Octopus bunurong)

octopus, telescope (Amphitretus pelagicus)

octopus, unplaced Benthoctopus (Benthoctopus unplaced)

octopus, velvet (Grimpella thaumastocheir)

octopus-squid, rough (Octopoteuthis rugosa)

octopus-squid, Rüppell’s (Octopoteuthis sicula)

octopus-squid, Taning’s (Taningia danae)

olive, Edith’s (Amalda edithae)

olive, margined (Amalda marginata)

olive, nymph (Cupidoliva nympha)

olive, oblong (Amalda oblonga)

olive, obtuse (Amalda obtusa)

olive, spindle-shaped (Amalda petterdi)

olive, wheat (Belloliva triticea)

olive, white-zoned (Belloliva leucozona)

orbitestellid, Bastow’s (Orbitestella bastowi)

orbitestellid, bluish (Microdiscula charopa)

orbitestellid, decorated (Orbitestella decorata)

orbitestellid, Iredale’s (Orbitestella iredalei)

orbitestellid, May’s (Orbitestella mayi)

otter-shell, common (Lutraria rhynchaena)

oyster, Pacific (Crassostrea gigas)


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