Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter p

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

paper-nautilus, common (Argonauta argo)

paper-nautilus, knobbly (Argonauta nodosus)

parilimya, Tasmanian (Panacca tasmanica)

peanut-shell, attractive (Scaphander illecebrosus)

peanut-shell, BURN sp 01 (Acteocina BURN sp 01)

peanut-shell, BURN sp 03 (Acteocina BURN sp 03)

peanut-shell, BURN sp 04 (Acteocina BURN sp 04)

peanut-shell, BURN sp 07 (Acteocina BURN sp 07)

peanut-shell, Hackett’s (Acteocina cf hacketti)

peanut-shell, paltry (Austrocylichna exigua)

peanut-shell, pointed (Acteocina apicina)

peanut-shell, spireless (Adamnestia arachis)

peanut-shell, tapered (Acteocina exserta)

peanut-shell, tapered (Acteocina TAS sp 01)

peanut-shell, thetis (Cylichna thetidis)

pearl-oyster, black-lip (Pinctada margaritifera)

pearl-oyster, bruised (Pinctada sugillata)

pearly-mussel, Beddome’s (Amygdalum striatum)

pearly-mussel, lined (Modiolus lineus)

pelycidion, TAS sp 01 (Pelycidion TAS sp 01)

pelycidion, Tasmanian (Pelycidion meizonarchei)

pen-shell, Tasmanian (‘Atrina’ tasmanica)

pheasant-shell, Angas’s (Phasianella angasi)

pheasant-shell, painted-lady (Phasianella australis)

pheasant-shell, rosy (Tricolia rosea)

pheasant-shell, swollen (Phasianella ventricosa)

pheasant-shell, tiny (Gabrielona pisinna)

pheasant-shell, variable (Hiloa variabilis)

pipi, common (Donax deltoides)

pygmy-squid, southern (Idiosepius notoides)

pyramid-shell, Angas’ (Syrnola angasi)

pyramid-shell, buliminoid (Rugadentia buliminoides)

pyramid-shell, capiticava (Pseudorissoina capiticava)

pyramid-shell, common (Puposyrnola tasmanica)

pyramid-shell, convex (Syrnola convexa)

pyramid-shell, depressed (Pseudoskenella depressa)

pyramid-shell, dusky (Turbonilla fusca)

pyramid-shell, dyed (Syrnola tincta)

pyramid-shell, etched (Miralda suprasculpta)

pyramid-shell, flat-toothed (Turbonilla scalpidens)

pyramid-shell, Harrisson’s (Puposyrnola harrissoni)

pyramid-shell, hidden-toothed (Odostomia occultidens)

pyramid-shell, Kitchen’s (Turbonilla kitcheni)

pyramid-shell, Maria’s (Turbonilla mariae)

pyramid-shell, mask (Hinemoa ligata)

pyramid-shell, May’s (Chrysallida mayii)

pyramid-shell, Metcalfe’s (Odostomia metcalfei)

pyramid-shell, mountainous (Miralda montuosa)

pyramid-shell, needle-like (Turbonilla macleayana)

pyramid-shell, orange-red (Syrnola aurantiaca)

pyramid-shell, Petterd’s (Odostomia petterdi)

pyramid-shell, Portsea (Linopyrga portseaensis)

pyramid-shell, silky (Colsyrnola sericea)

pyramid-shell, simple (Megastomia simplex)

pyramid-shell, slender (Syrnola angusta)

pyramid-shell, southern (Agatha australis)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 01 (Odostomiinae unplaced TAS sp 01)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 01 (Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 01)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 01 (Syrnola TAS sp 01)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 01 (Turbonilla TAS sp 01)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 01 Chrysallida (Chrysallida TAS sp 01)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 02 (Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 02)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 02 (Syrnola TAS sp 02)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 02 (Turbonilla TAS sp 02)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 03 (Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 03)

pyramid-shell, TAS sp 04 (Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 04)

pyramid-shell, Tasman (Pseudorissoina tasmanica)

pyramid-shell, Tasmanian (Odostomia tasmanica)

pyramid-shell, Tasmanian (Turbonilla tasmanica)

pyramid-shell, thick-ribbed (Odostomia crassicostata)

pyramid-shell, thorn (Cingulina spina)

pyramid-shell, tiara (Turbonilla tiara)

pyramid-shell, tiny (Odostomia micra)

pyramid-shell, tiny (Pseudorissoina perexigua)

pyramid-shell, transparent (Cinctiuga diaphana)

pyramid-shell, two-banded (Syrnola bifasciata)

pyramid-shell, unwoven (Odostomia deplexa)

pyramid-shell, varix-bearing (Turbonilla varicifera)


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