Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter r

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

ramshorn-squid, common (Spirula spirula)

rastodentid, obelisk (Rastodens obeliscus)

rastodentid, Point Puer (Rastodens puer)

razor-shell, southern (Solen vaginoides)

ribbed-cowrie, globose (Cleotrivia globosa)

ribbed-cowrie, southern (Ellatrivia merces)

ribbed-mitre, analog (Austromitra analogica)

ribbed-mitre, banded (Austromitra vincta)

ribbed-mitre, beautiful (Austromitra bellapicta)

ribbed-mitre, Bucklands (Austromitra bucklandi)

ribbed-mitre, cinnamon (Austromitra cinnamomea)

ribbed-mitre, colourless (Austromitra acromialis)

ribbed-mitre, high-spired (Austromitra scalariformis)

ribbed-mitre, Legrands (Austromitra legrandi)

ribbed-mitre, MARROW sp nov (Austromitra MARROW sp nov)

ribbed-mitre, recurved (Austromitra retrocurvata)

ribbed-mitre, Schomburgks (Austromitra schomburgki)

ribbed-mitre, scita (Austromitra scita)

ribbed-mitre, TAS sp 01 (Austromitra TAS sp 01)

ribbed-mitre, Tasmanian (Austromitra tasmanica)

ribbed-mitre, Tates (Austromitra tatei)

ribbed-mitre, Teresias (Austromitra teresiae)

ribbed-mitre, tiny (Austromitra pumilio)

ribbed-mitre, Welds (Austromitra weldii)

rice-shell, Agnew’s (Onoba agnewi)

rice-shell, Angas’ (Rissoina angasii)

rice-shell, angular (Pusillina angulata)

rice-shell, Arch (Attenuata archensis)

rice-shell, Atkinson’s (Lucidestea atkinsoni)

rice-shell, Australian (Onoba australiae)

rice-shell, banded (Alvania fasciata)

rice-shell, banded (Rissoina fasciata)

rice-shell, belted (Alvania filocincta)

rice-shell, differing (Pusillina discrepans)

rice-shell, elegant (Zebinella elegantula)

rice-shell, engraved (Alvania sculptilis)

rice-shell, engraved (Amphithalamus incidatus)

rice-shell, etched (Alvania suprasculpta)

rice-shell, fat (Amphithalamus ‘obesus’)

rice-shell, FI sp 01 (Simulamerelina FI sp 01)

rice-shell, Freycinet’s (Onoba freycineti)

rice-shell, Gertrude’s (Rissoina gertrudis)

rice-shell, hairy (Merelina hirta)

rice-shell, Iredale’s (Rissoina iredalei)

rice-shell, Jackson’s (Amphithalamus jacksoni)

rice-shell, KI species 01 (Merelina KI sp 01)

rice-shell, latticed (Merelina cancellata)

rice-shell, Layard’s (Lironoba layardi)

rice-shell, linen (Rissoina lintea)

rice-shell, lipped (Merelina cheilostoma)

rice-shell, many-grooved (Onoba multilirata)

rice-shell, mown (Onoba demessa)

rice-shell, Murat Bay (Lucidestea muratensis)

rice-shell, Novar (Alvania novarensis)

rice-shell, pre-worked (Attenuata praetornatilis)

rice-shell, pyramid (Amphithalamus pyramis)

rice-shell, Rhyll (Rissoina rhyllensis)

rice-shell, ribbed (Onoba supracostata)

rice-shell, Roys’ (Rissoina royana)

rice-shell, ruddy (Onoba rubicunda)

rice-shell, Schouten Island (Attenuata schoutanica)

rice-shell, shining (Lucidestea nitens)

rice-shell, similar (Powellisetia simillima)

rice-shell, single-grooved (Lironoba unilirata)

rice-shell, smooth (Pusillina mediolaevis)

rice-shell, snowy (Rissoina nivea)

rice-shell, southern (Lironoba australis)

rice-shell, Strange’s (Alvania strangei)

rice-shell, swollen (Onoba pertumida)

rice-shell, TAS sp 01 (Amphithalamus TAS sp 01)

rice-shell, TAS sp 01 (Attenuata TAS sp 01)

rice-shell, TAS sp 01 (Powellisetia TAS sp 01)

rice-shell, TAS sp 02 (Attenuata TAS sp 02)

rice-shell, Thouin (Alvania thouinensis)

rice-shell, tiara (Onoba tiara)

rice-shell, triangular (Amphithalamus triangulus)

rice-shell, Vincent (Rissoina vincentiana)

rice-shell, well-polished (Onoba perpolita)

rice-shell, Wilson (Attenuata wilsonensis)

ringicula, semisculpted (Ringicula semisculpta)

ringicula, southern (Ringicula australis)

rissoella, confused (Rissoella confusa robertsoni)

rissoella, false (Rissoella fallax)

rissoella, Fretter’s (Rissoella fretterae)

rissoella, imperforate (Rissoella imperforata)

rissoella, tiny (Rissoella micra)

rissoella, Wilfred’s (Rissoella wilfredi)

rock-clam, white (Cleidothaerus albidus)

rock-oyster, Sydney (Saccostrea glomerata)

rock-shell, Bailey’s (Bedeva baileyana)

rock-shell, Flinders’ (Bedeva flindersi)

rock-shell, knobbly (Phycothais reticulata)

rock-shell, purple-mouthed (Bedeva vinosa)

rock-shell, triton-like (Agnewia tritoniformis)

rock-whelk, Australasian (Ranella australasia)

rock-whelk, Bassian (Sassia bassi)

rock-whelk, Cape Pillar (Cymatiella columnaria)

rock-whelk, curved (Sassia kampyla)

rock-whelk, distorted (Sassia subdistorta)

rock-whelk, epitrema (Sassia epitrema)

rock-whelk, hairy (Monoplex parthenopeum)

rock-whelk, irritable (Sassia petulans)

rock-whelk, lipped (Turritriton labiosus)

rock-whelk, Magellanic (Fusitriton retiolus)

rock-whelk, mimetic (Sassia mimetica)

rock-whelk, Parkinson’s (Sassia parkinsonia)

rock-whelk, pink-tipped (Cymatiella eburnea)

rock-whelk, ploughed (Monoplex exaratum)

rock-whelk, reddish (Charonia lampas rubicunda)

rock-whelk, six-ribbed (Cymatiella sexcostata)

rock-whelk, Spengler’s (Cabestana spengleri)

rock-whelk, warted (Cymatiella verrucosa)

rock-whelk, Waterhouse’s (Cabestana tabulata)

turrid, ribbed (Antiguraleus costatus)


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