Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter v

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

vanikoro, Angas’ (Naricava angasi)

vanikoro, angled (Naricava angulata)

vanikoro, Vincentian (Naricava vincentiana)

venus, banded (Tawera lagopus)

venus, broad-hinged (Sunetta vaginalis)

venus, cockle-like (Chioneryx cardioides)

venus, faintly-frilled (Bassina pachyphylla)

venus, feathered (Tawera gallinula)

venus, irridescent (Irus interstriatus)

venus, little bean (Venerupis anomala)

venus, milk-stone (Venerupis galactites)

venus, New Zealand (Venerupis largillierti)

venus, Peron’s (Katelysia peronii)

venus, placid (Placamen placidum)

venus, ridged (Katelysia rhytiphora)

venus, smoky (Eumarcia fumigata)

venus, stepped (Katelysia scalarina)

venus, wavy (Gomphina undulosa)

venus, wedding-cake (Bassina disjecta)

verticordia, accessa (Haliris accessa)

verticordia, ericia (Spinosipella deshayesiana)

verticordia, sandy (Thracidora arenosa)

verticordia, Tasmanian (Verticordia tasmanica)

vertisphaera, New South Wales (Vertisphaera cambrica)

violet-snail, common (Janthina janthina)

violet-snail, globose (Janthina globosa)

violet-snail, little (Janthina exigua)

volute, mitre-shaped (Lyria mitraeformis)

volute, nippled (Ericusa papillosa)

volute, Roadnight’s (Livonia roadnightae)

volute, Sowerby’s (Ericusa sowerbyi)

volute, wavy (Amoria undulata)

volute-mitre, admirable (Microvoluta miranda)

volute-mitre, magpie (Volutomitra obscura)

volute-mitre, purple (Peculator porphyria)

volute-mitre, southern (Microvoluta australis)

volute-mitre, staged (Microvoluta stadialis)

volute-mitre, TAS sp 01 (Volutomitra TAS sp 01)

volute-mitre, TAS sp 02 (Volutomitra TAS sp 02)

volute-mitre, TAS sp 03 (Volutomitra TAS sp 03)

volute-mitre, TAS sp 04 (Volutomitra TAS sp 04)


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