Species list by common group-name - alphabetical, letter w

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

watering-pot, many-angled (Dianadema multangularis)

watering-pot, Strange’s (Humphreyia strangei)

wedge-shell, elongate (Paphies angusta)

wedge-shell, eryx (Atactodea erycinaea)

wedge-shell, wedge-shaped (Atactodea cuneata)

wentletrap, bellicose (Epitonium bellicosum)

wentletrap, delicate (Epitonium tenellum)

wentletrap, dorysa (Narvaliscala dorysa)

wentletrap, grainy (Opalia granosa)

wentletrap, great (Plastiscala magna)

wentletrap, Jukes’ (Epitonium jukesianum)

wentletrap, lesser (Epitonium minorum)

wentletrap, martyr (Cirsotrema martyr)

wentletrap, Mörch’s (Plastiscala morchi)

wentletrap, southern (Opalia australis)

wentletrap, strong (Cirsotrema validum)

wentletrap, TAS sp 01 (Cirsotrema TAS sp 01)

wentletrap, TAS sp 01 (Claviscala TAS sp 01)

wentletrap, translucent (Cirsotrema translucidum)

wentletrap, turreted (Epitonium coretum)

wentletrap, weak (Plastiscala invalida)

whelk, Bednall’s (Cumia bednalli)

whelk, Clarke’s (Tasmeuthria clarkei)

whelk, ferny (Cominella filicea)

whelk, great (Penion maximus)

whelk, greater (Fax grandior)

whelk, ivory (Cominella eburnea)

whelk, Kengraham’s (Buccipagoda kengrahami)

whelk, King Island (Tasmeuthria kingicola)

whelk, lined (Cominella lineolata)

whelk, little (Pollia bednalli)

whelk, mandarin (Penion mandarinus)

whelk, Mestayer’s (Cumia mestayerae)

whelk, Schouten Island (Cumia schoutanica)

whelk, TAS sp 01 (Fax TAS sp 01)

whelk, TAS sp 01 (Glaphyrina TAS sp 01)

whelk, Tas sp 01 (Thalassoplanes TAS sp 01)

whelk, Tasmanian (Cominella tasmanica)

whelk, thin-ribbed (Fax tenuicostatus)

winkle, Bruny (Laevilitorina bruniensis)

winkle, King Island (Laevilitorina kingensis)

winkle, Maria’s (Laevilitorina mariae)

worm-shell, captured (Petaloconchus caperatus)

worm-shell, common (Thylacodes sipho)

worm-shell, grainy-centred (Stephopoma nucleogranosum)

worm-shell, ribbed-centred (Dendropoma nucleocostatum)

worm-shell, southern (Tenagodus australis)

worm-shell, Weld’s (Tenagodus weldii)


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