Species list - alphabetical, letter a

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Abra exigua (paltry semele)

Abraliopsis gilchristi (Gilchrist’s squid)

Abraliopsis hoylei (Hoyle’s squid)

Abraliopsis tui (tui squid)

Abranda modestina (modest tellin)

Acanthochitona bednalli (Bednall’s chiton)

Acanthochitona coxi (Cox’s chiton)

Acanthochitona gatliffi (Gatliff’s chiton)

Acanthochitona granostriata (grainy-streaked chiton)

Acanthochitona kimberi (Kimber’s chiton)

Acanthochitona macrocystialis (kelp chiton)

Acanthochitona pilsbryi (Pilsbry’s chiton)

Acanthochitona retrojecta (tapered chiton)

Acanthochitona sueurii (Lesueur’s chiton)

Acanthodoris metulifera (cone-bearing sea-slug)

Acar botanica (Botany Bay ark-shell)

Acar squamosa (scaly ark-shell)

Acesta saginata (fattened file-shell)

Acesta sp nov (sp nov file-shell)

Aclis microscopica (microscopic aclidid)

Aclophoropsis festiva (festive sinistral-creeper)

Aclophoropsis maculosa (blotched sinistral-creeper)

Acremodontina translucida (translucent ataphrid)

Acrosterigma cygnorum (oblique cockle)

Acteocina apicina (pointed peanut-shell)

Acteocina BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 peanut-shell)

Acteocina BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 peanut-shell)

Acteocina BURN sp 04 (BURN sp 04 peanut-shell)

Acteocina BURN sp 07 (BURN sp 07 peanut-shell)

Acteocina cf hacketti (Hackett’s peanut-shell)

Acteocina exserta (tapered peanut-shell)

Acteocina TAS sp 01 (tapered peanut-shell)

Acteon retusus (notched acteon)

Acteon TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 acteon)

Adamnestia arachis (spireless peanut-shell)

Adelphotectonica reevei (Reeve’s sundial-shell)

Aegires exeches (projecting sea-slug)

Aeolidiella drusilla (drusilla sea-slug)

Aesopus cassandra (cassandra dove-shell)

Aesopus gatliffi (Gatliff’s dove-shell)

Aesopus jaffaensis (Cape Jaffa dove-shell)

Aesopus pallidulus (pale dove-shell)

Aesopus plurisulcatus (many-grooved dove-shell)

Aesopus solidus (solid dove-shell)

Aesopus TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 dove-shell)

Afrolittorina praetermissa (checkered australwink)

Agatha australis (southern pyramid-shell)

Agnewia tritoniformis (triton-like rock-shell)

Alaba monile (spotted alaba)

Alaba pulchra (beautiful alaba)

Alaginella brazieri (Brazier’s margin-shell)

Alaginella gatliffi (Gatliff’s margin-shell)

Alaginella geminata (doubled-up margin-shell)

Alaginella malina (edged margin-shell)

Alaginella ochracea (ochraceous margin-shell)

Alaginella vercoi (Verco’s margin-shell)

Alcyna kingensis (King Island kelp-shell)

Alloiodoris marmorata (marbled sea-lemon)

Alvania fasciata (banded rice-shell)

Alvania filocincta (belted rice-shell)

Alvania novarensis (Novar rice-shell)

Alvania sculptilis (engraved rice-shell)

Alvania strangei (Strange’s rice-shell)

Alvania suprasculpta (etched rice-shell)

Alvania thouinensis (Thouin rice-shell)

Amalda edithae (Edith’s olive)

Amalda marginata (margined olive)

Amalda oblonga (oblong olive)

Amalda obtusa (obtuse olive)

Amalda petterdi (spindle-shaped olive)

Amblychilepas crucis (crossed keyhole-limpet)

Amblychilepas javanicensis (rayed keyhole-limpet)

Amblychilepas nigrita (black keyhole-limpet)

Amblychilepas oblonga (oblong keyhole-limpet)

Amblychilepas omicron (omicron keyhole-limpet)

Amoria undulata (wavy volute)

Amphithalamus incidatus (engraved rice-shell)

Amphithalamus jacksoni (Jackson’s rice-shell)

Amphithalamus ‘obesus’ (fat rice-shell)

Amphithalamus pyramis (pyramid rice-shell)

Amphithalamus TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 rice-shell)

Amphithalamus triangulus (triangular rice-shell)

Amphitretus pelagicus (telescope octopus)

Amygdalum striatum (Beddome’s pearly-mussel)

Anabathron contabulatum (boarded false rice-shell)

Anabathron lene (gentle false rice-shell)

Anabathron luteofuscum (yellowish false rice-shell)

Anachis atkinsoni (Atkinson’s dove-shell)

Anachis beachportensis (Beachport dove-shell)

Anadara trapezia (mud ark-shell)

Anapella cycladea (smooth-toothed triangle)

Anatoma australis (southern slit-shell)

Anatoma gunteri (Gunter’s slit-shell)

Anatoma tobeyoides (tobeyoid slit-shell)

Anatrophon sarmentosus (vine-shoot trophon)

Ancistrocheirus lesueuri (Lesueur’s squid)

Ancistroteuthis lichtensteinii (Lichtenstein’s squid)

Ancula mapae (mapae sea-slug)

Anomia trigonopsis (angled jingle-shell)

Antiguraleus costatus (ribbed turrid)

Antiguraleus kingensis (King Island turrid)

Antiguraleus subitus (subitus turrid)

Antimargarita TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 antimargarita antimargarita)

Antisabia erma (erma bonnet-limpet)

Antisabia foliacea (leafy bonnet-limpet)

Apaturris costifera (ribbed turrid)

Aphelodoris berghi (Bergh’s sea-lemon)

Aphelodoris greeni (Green’s sea-lemon)

Aphelodoris juliae (Julia’s sea-lemon)

Aphelodoris lawsae (Laws’ sea-lemon)

Aphelodoris rossquicki (Rossquick’s sea-lemon)

Aphelodoris varia (variable sea-lemon)

Apicalia brazieri (Brazier’s seastar-snail)

Apicalia inflata (swollen seastar-snail)

Apicalia tryoni (Tryon’s urchin-snail)

Apispiralia albocincta (white-ringed turrid)

Aplysia argus (eyed sea-hare)

Aplysia extraordinaria (extraordinary sea-hare)

Aplysia juliana (Julian sea-hare)

Aplysia parvula (small sea-hare)

Aplysia sydneyensis (Sydney sea-hare)

Archiminolia oleacea (oily top-shell)

Architeuthis dux (giant squid)

Arcuatula senhousia (Asian bag-mussel)

Argalista kingensis (King Island argalista)

Argalista rosea (rosy argalista)

Argobuccinum pustulosum (flag triton)

Argonauta argo (common paper-nautilus)

Argonauta nodosus (knobbly paper-nautilus)

Armina BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 armina sea-slug)

Armina cygnea (swan-like sea-slug)

Arthritica semen (seed lepton)

Ascobulla fischeri (Fischer’s bubble-shell)

Ascorhis tasmanica (Tasmanian hydrobia)

Asperdaphne bastowi (Bastow’s turrid)

Asperdaphne bela (beautiful turrid)

Asperdaphne desalesii (Desales’ turrid)

Asperdaphne esparanza (hope turrid)

Asperdaphne legrandi (Legrand’s turrid)

Asperdaphne perplexa (perplexing turrid)

Asperdaphne sculptilior (engraver turrid)

Asperdaphne sculptilis (engraved turrid)

Asperdaphne TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Asperdaphne tasmanica (Tasman turrid)

Astele armillata (jewelled top-shell)

Astele rubiginosa (ruddy top-shell)

Astele subcarinata (giant top-shell)

Asteracmea crebristriata (fine-ridged limpet)

Asteracmea illibrata (rose-rayed limpet)

Asteracmea stowae (Stow’s limpet)

Atactodea cuneata (wedge-shaped wedge-shell)

Atactodea erycinaea (eryx wedge-shell)

Ataxocerithium applenum (hollowed false-creeper)

Ataxocerithium serotinum (square-mouthed false-creeper)

Ataxocerithium TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 false-creeper)

Atlanta peronii (Peron’s atlantid)

Atlanta rosea (rosy atlantid)

Attenuata archensis (Arch rice-shell)

Attenuata praetornatilis (pre-worked rice-shell)

Attenuata schoutanica (Schouten Island rice-shell)

Attenuata TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 rice-shell)

Attenuata TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 rice-shell)

Attenuata wilsonensis (Wilson rice-shell)

Atys TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 bubble-shell)

Austraeolis ornata (ornate sea-slug)

Australaria australasia (Australian tulip-shell)

Austrocardiella trifoliata (trifoliate condyl-clam)

Austrocarina recta (straight turrid)

Austrocochlea brevis (short top-shell)

Austrocochlea constricta (ribbed top-shell)

Austrocochlea porcata (striped top-shell)

Austrocylichna exigua (paltry peanut-shell)

Austrodrillia angasi (Angas’ turrid)

Austrodrillia beraudiana (Beraud’s turrid)

Austrodrillia saxea (rocky turrid)

Austroginella formicula (ant-like margin-shell)

Austroginella georgiana (Georgian margin-shell)

Austroginella johnstoni (Johnston’s margin-shell)

Austroginella muscaria (fly-like margin-shell)

Austroginella praetermissa (overlooked margin-shell)

Austroginella tasmanica (Tasmanian margin-shell)

Austroginella translucida (translucent margin-shell)

Austroharpa exquisita (exquisite harp-shell)

Austroliotia australis (southern liotia)

Austroliotia botanica (Botany Bay liotia)

Austroliotia densilineata (close-lined liotia)

Austrolittorina unifasciata (banded australwink)

Austromactra contraria (contrary trough-shell)

Austromactra rufescens (reddish trough-shell)

Austromitra acromialis (colourless ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra analogica (analog ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra bellapicta (beautiful ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra bucklandi (Bucklands ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra cinnamomea (cinnamon ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra legrandi (Legrands ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra MARROW sp nov (MARROW sp nov ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra pumilio (tiny ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra retrocurvata (recurved ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra scalariformis (high-spired ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra schomburgki (Schomburgks ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra scita (scita ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra tasmanica (Tasmanian ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra tatei (Tates ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra teresiae (Teresias ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra vincta (banded ribbed-mitre)

Austromitra weldii (Welds ribbed-mitre)

Austromytilus rostratus (common beaked-mussel)

Austronucula brongersmai (Brongersma’s nutlet-shell)

Austropusilla hilum (scar turrid)

Austrorissopsis consobrina (short aclidid)

Austrorissopsis maccoyi (Maccoys aclidid)

Austrorossia australis (austral dumpling-squid)


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