Species list - alphabetical, letter b

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Babelomurex lischkeanus (Lischkean coral-snail)

Badepigrus badius (dark brown false rice-shell)

Badepigrus pupoideus (chrysalis-like false rice-shell)

Badepigrus semicinctus (semigirdled false rice-shell)

Baeolidia australis (southern sea-slug)

Baeolidia macleayi (Macleay’s sea-slug)

Balanetta baylii (Whan’s margin-shell)

Balanetta microscopica (microscopic margin-shell)

Bankia australis (southern shipworm)

Bankia neztalia (neztalia shipworm)

Bankivia fasciata (banded kelp-shell)

Barbatia pistachia (hairy ark-shell)

Barnea australasiae (Australian angel-wing)

Barnea obturamentum (tongue-shaped angel-wing)

Bassethullia glypta (marked chiton)

Bassina disjecta (wedding-cake venus)

Bassina pachyphylla (faintly-frilled venus)

Basterotia subalata (flanged lepton)

Bathothauma lyromma (lyre cranch-squid)

Bathyarca perversidens (odd-toothed ark-shell)

Bathycardita raouli (Raoul’s false-cockle)

Bathyteuthis abyssicola (bathyal deepsea-squid)

Bathytoma agnata (related turrid)

Batillaria australis (southern mud-creeper)

Bedeva baileyana (Bailey’s rock-shell)

Bedeva flindersi (Flinders’ rock-shell)

Bedeva paivae (mussel drill)

Bedeva vinosa (purple-mouthed rock-shell)

Belaturricula unplaced (unplaced Belaturricula turrid)

Bellastraea aurea (golden star-shell)

Bellastraea squamifera (scaly star-shell)

Belloliva leucozona (white-zoned olive)

Belloliva triticea (wheat olive)

Bembicium auratum (estuarine conniwink)

Bembicium melanostoma (black-mouth conniwink)

Bembicium nanum (striped conniwink)

Bembicium vittatum (banded conniwink)

Benthoctopus unplaced (unplaced Benthoctopus octopus)

Benthofascis biconica (biconical turrid)

Benthoxystus columnarius (Cape Pillar trophon)

Benthoxystus petterdi (Petterd’s trophon)

Berthelinia australis (common sea-slug)

Berthelinia babai (Baba’s sea-slug)

Berthelinia typica (typical sea-slug)

Berthella medietas (mid-point sea-slug)

Berthella serenitas (sweet-spot sea-slug)

Berthellina citrina (lemony sea-slug)

Borniola filosa (stringy lepton)

Borniola lepida (scaly lepton)

Borniola radiata (radiate lepton)

Bostrycapulus pritzkeri (Pritzker’s slipper-limpet)

Botelloides bassianus (Bassian top-shell)

Botelloides sulcatus (furrowed top-shell)

Bouchetriphora pallida (pallid sinistral-creeper)

Brachidontes erosus (eroded beaked-mussel)

Brachioteuthis linkovskyi (Linkovsky’s arm-squid)

Brachioteuthis riisei (common arm-squid)

Brookula angeli (Angel’s false-top-shell)

Brookula crebresculpta (engraved false-top-shell)

Brookula densilaminata (densely-ribbed false-top-shell)

Brookula finesia (finesia false-top-shell)

Brookula nepeanensis (Point Nepean false-top-shell)

Buccipagoda kengrahami (Kengraham’s whelk)

Bulla quoyii (Botany Bay bubble-shell)

Bullina lineata (lined bubble-shell)

Burnaia helicochorda (spirally-chorded sea-slug)


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