Species list - alphabetical, letter d

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Dacrydium fabale (bean mussel)

Danilia telebathia (telebathia top-shell)

Daphnella botanica (Botany Bay turrid)

Daphnella TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Delectopecten fosterianus (Foster’s scallop)

Dendrodoris albopurpura (pale-purple sea-slug)

Dendrodoris arborescens (arborescent sea-slug)

Dendrodoris maugeana (Mauge family’s sea-slug)

Dendrodoris nigra (black sea-slug)

Dendronotus BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 dendronotus sea-slug)

Dendropoma nucleocostatum (ribbed-centred worm-shell)

Dentimargo allporti (Allport’s margin-shell)

Dentimargo dentiens (toothy margin-shell)

Dentimargo gabrieli (Gabriel’s margin-shell)

Dentimargo jaffa (Cape Jaffa margin-shell)

Dentimargo kemblensis (Port Kembla margin-shell)

Dentimargo lodderae (Lodder’s margin-shell)

Dentimargo mayii (May’s margin-shell)

Dermatobranchus rubidus (beautiful sea-slug)

Dermomurex goldsteini (Goldstein’s murex)

Destacar metella (metella ark-shell)

Diacria trispinosa (three-spined sea-butterfly)

Diala megapicalis (big-topped diala)

Diala suturalis (sutured diala)

Dianadema multangularis (many-angled watering-pot)

Diaphana brazieri (Brazier’s bubble-shell)

Diaphana tasmanica (paper bubble-shell)

Diaphorodoris BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 diaphorodoris sea-slug)

Diaphorodoris mitsuii (Mitsui’s sea-slug)

Dicathais orbita (common cartrut-shell)

Diloma concameratum (tessellated top-shell)

Diodora lineata (lined keyhole-limpet)

Discodoris BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 discodoris sea-lemon)

Discoteuthis laciniosa (fringed squid)

Divalucina cumingi (v-marked lucine)

Diversidoris sulphurea (sulphurous sea-slug)

Dolicholatirus spiceri (Spicer’s tulip-shell)

Dolicholatirus thesaurus (treasure tulip-shell)

Dolicrossea labiata (lipped elachisinid)

Domiporta strangei (Strange’s mitre)

Donax deltoides (common pipi)

Doriopsilla BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 doriopsilla sea-slug)

Doriopsilla carneola (carnelian sea-slug)

Doriopsilla miniata (red-spotted sea-slug)

Doriopsilla peculiaris (peculiar sea-slug)

Doriprismatica kulonba (kulonba sea-slug)

Doris cameroni (Cameron’s sea-lemon)

Doris chrysoderma (golden-skinned sea-lemon)

Doris wellingtonensis (Wellington sea-lemon)

Dosinia caerulea (blue-tinged dosinia)

Dosinia crocea (yellowish dosinia)

Dosinia grata (grata dosinia)

Dosinia sculpta (engraved dosinia)

Dosinia victoriae (Victorian dosinia)

Doto BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 doto sea-slug)

Doto BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 doto sea-slug)

Doto BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 doto sea-slug)

Doto ostenta (flaunting sea-slug)

Doto pita (pie sea-slug)

Duplicaria kieneri (Kiener’s auger)

Duplicaria ustulata (scorched auger)


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