Species list - alphabetical, letter e

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Eatoniella atrella (dark eaton-shell)

Eatoniella atropurpurea (dark-purple eaton-shell)

Eatoniella depressa (flattened eaton-shell)

Eatoniella exigua (paltry eaton-shell)

Eatoniella fulva (tawny eaton-shell)

Eatoniella galbinia (yellowish eaton-shell)

Eatoniella melanochroma (blackish eaton-shell)

Eatoniella pellucida (transparent eaton-shell)

Eatoniella puniceolinea (puniceolineate eaton-shell)

Eatoniella shepherdi (Shepherd’s eaton-shell)

Eatonina condita (secret false eaton-shell)

Eatonina fulvicolumella (tawny-columned false eaton-shell)

Eatonina hutchingsae (Hutchings’ false eaton-shell)

Eatonina sanguinolenta (blood-stained false eaton-shell)

Elachisinidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 elachisinid)

Electroma papilionacea (common butterfly-shell)

Eledone palari (palari octopus)

Eleutheromenia unplaced (unplaced Eleutheromenia aplacophoran)

Ellatrivia merces (southern ribbed-cowrie)

Emarginella incisura (incised notch-limpet)

Emarginula candida (white notch-limpet)

Emarginula curvamen (curvy notch-limpet)

Emarginula dilecta (esteemed notch-limpet)

Emarginula superba (superb notch-limpet)

Embletonia gracilis (slender sea-slug)

Emozamia licina (upcurved emozamia)

Enatimene simplex (simple trophon)

Enixotrophon araios (araios trophon)

Enixotrophon carduelis (thistlehead trophon)

Enixotrophon latus (broad trophon)

Enixotrophon plicilaminatus (leafy trophon)

Enixotrophon venustus (charming trophon)

Enixotrophon veronicae (Veronica’s trophon)

Ennucula obliqua (oblique nutlet-shell)

Enoploteuthis galaxias (galaxy squid)

Eoacmaea calamus (delicate limpet)

Epicodakia consettiana (least lucine)

Epicodakia perobliqua (peroblique lucine)

Epidirella xanthophaes (yellowed turrid)

Epidirona gabensis (Gabo Island turrid)

Epidirona jaffaensis (Jaffa turrid)

Epidirona philipineri (Philipiner’s turrid)

Epidirona quoyi (Quoy’s turrid)

Epidirona schoutanica (Schouten Island turrid)

Epidirona torquata (collared turrid)

Epigrus columnarius (Cape Pillar epigrus)

Epigrus cylindraceus (cylindrical epigrus)

Episiphon bordaensis (Cape Borda episiphon tusk-shell)

Episiphon virgula (wand tusk-shell)

Epitonium bellicosum (bellicose wentletrap)

Epitonium coretum (turreted wentletrap)

Epitonium jukesianum (Jukes’ wentletrap)

Epitonium minorum (lesser wentletrap)

Epitonium tenellum (delicate wentletrap)

Equichlamys bifrons (queen scallop)

Ercolania boodleae (Boodlea’s sea-slug)

Ercolania margaritae (Margarita’s sea-slug)

Ericusa papillosa (nippled volute)

Ericusa sowerbyi (Sowerby’s volute)

Escalima murrayi (Murray’s file-shell)

Ethminolia probabilis (May’s top-shell)

Ethminolia vitiliginea (blotchy top-shell)

Etrema bicolor (bicoloured turrid)

Etrema denseplicata (densely-ribbed turrid)

Etrema kymatoessa (waved turrid)

Eubranchus BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 eubranchus sea-slug)

Eubranchus BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 eubranchus sea-slug)

Eubranchus BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 eubranchus sea-slug)

Eubranchus BURN sp 08 (BURN sp 08 eubranchus sea-slug)

Eubranchus rubeolus (measled sea-slug)

Eucithara pagoda (pagoda turrid)

Eucleoteuthis luminosa (luminous flying-squid)

Eucrassatella kingicola (King Island thickshell-clam)

Eudaronia jaffaensis (Cape Jaffa false-top-shell)

Eudoxochiton inornatus (plain chiton)

Eulima acutissima (most-pointed urchin-snail)

Eulima legrandi (Legrand’s urchin-snail)

Eulima lodderae (Lodder’s urchin-snail)

Eulima petterdi (Petterd’s urchin-snail)

Eulima tenisoni (Tenison’s urchin-snail)

Eumarcia fumigata (smoky venus)

Eunaticina umbilicata (umbilicated sand-snail)

Euprymna tasmanica (southern dumpling-squid)

Euterebra assecla (attendant auger)

Euterebra tristis (sad auger)

Eutriphora armillata (collared sinistral-creeper)

Eutriphora cana (white sinistral-creeper)

Eutriphora pseudocana (false-white sinistral-creeper)

Eutriphora tricolor (tricoloured sinistral-creeper)

Exomilopsis spica (spiky dove-shell)

Exomilus cancellatus (latticed turrid)

Exomilus cylindricus (latticed turrid)

Exomilus dyscritos (ambiguous turrid)

Exomilus lutarius (lutarius turrid)

Exomilus pentagonalis (pentagonal turrid)

Exomilus telescopialis (telescopic turrid)

Exosiperna scapha (boat mussel)


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