Species list - alphabetical, letter f

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Facelina BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 facelina sea-slug)

Facelina hartleyi (Hartley’s sea-slug)

Facelina newcombi (Newcomb’s sea-slug)

Falcidens chiastos (x-marked aplacophoran)

Falcidens lipuros (fat-tailed aplacophoran)

Falsimargarita kapala (kapala top-shell)

Fascinus typicus (typical tulip-shell)

Favartia brazieri (Brazier’s murex)

Fax grandior (greater whelk)

Fax TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 whelk)

Fax tenuicostatus (thin-ribbed whelk)

Filippovia knipovitchi (smooth-hooked clubhook-squid)

Filodrillia columnaria (Cape Pillar turrid)

Filodrillia delicatula (delicate turrid)

Filodrillia dulcis (sweet turrid)

Filodrillia lacteola (milky turrid)

Filodrillia mucronata (hooked turrid)

Filodrillia ordinata (ordinate turrid)

Filodrillia ornata (ornate turrid)

Filodrillia tricarinata (three-keeled turrid)

Fiona pinnata (pinnate sea-slug)

Firoloida desmarestia (Desmarest’s sea-elephant)

Fissidentalium horikoshii (Horikoshi’s tusk-shell)

Fissidentalium verconis (Verco’s tusk-shell)

Flabellina BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 flabellina sea-slug)

Flabellina BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 flabellina sea-slug)

Flabellina poenicia (punishing sea-slug)

Flabellina rubrolineata (red-lined sea-slug)

Fluxinella trochiformis (sundial top-shell)

Fossarina legrandi (Legrand’s fossarina)

Fossarina patula (open fossarina)

Fossarina petterdi (Petterd’s fossarina)

Fossarina TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 topshell)

Friginatica beddomei (Beddome’s sand-snail)

Fulvia tenuicostata (thin-ribbed cockle)

Fusinus annae (Anna’s spindle-shell)

Fusinus australis (southern spindle-shell)

Fusinus novaehollandiae (New Holland spindle-shell)

Fusinus undulatus (wavy spindle-shell)

Fusitriton retiolus (Magellanic rock-whelk)

Fustiaria caesura (blue-grey-tailed tusk-shell)


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