Species list - alphabetical, letter g

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Gabrielona pisinna (tiny pheasant-shell)

Gadila angustior (narrower tusk-shell)

Gadila bordaensis (Cape Borda gadila tusk-shell)

Gadila spreta (common tusk-shell)

Gaimardia rostellata (rose-rayed arc-mussel)

Gaimardia tasmanica (Tasmanian arc-mussel)

Galiteuthis IMBER sp 3 (IMBER sp 3 cranch-squid)

Galiteuthis IMBER sp stC (IMBER sp stC cranch-squid)

Gari kenyoniana (Kenyon’s sunset-shell)

Gari livida (purple sunset-shell)

Gari modesta (modest sunset-shell)

Gastrochaena cuneiformis (cuneiform gastrochaena)

Gastropteron BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 gastropteron sea-slug)

Gatliffena fenestrata (windowed dove-shell)

Gazameda gunnii (Gunn’s screw-shell)

Gazameda iredalei (Iredale’s screw-shell)

Gazameda tasmanica (Tasmanian screw-shell)

Gemixystus fimbriatus (woven trophon)

Gemixystus laminatus (laminated trophon)

Gemixystus polyphillius (many-leafed trophon)

Gemixystus recurvatus (recurved trophon)

Gemixystus rhodanos (Rhone trophon)

Gibberula agapeta (platonic margin-shell)

Gibberula diplostreptus (two-plaited margin-shell)

Gibberula pulchella (beautiful margin-shell)

Gibberula subbulbosa (bulbous margin-shell)

Gibbomodiola albicosta (white-sided horse-mussel)

Gibbula hisseyiana (Hisseyian kelp-shell)

Glaphyrina TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 whelk)

Glaucus atlanticus (blue sea-slug)

Glaucus bennettae (Bennett’s blue sea-slug)

Glycymeris grayana (Gray’s dog-cockle)

Glycymeris mayi (May’s dog-cockle)

Glycymeris radians (radiant dog-cockle)

Glycymeris striatularis (common dog-cockle)

Glyptozaria columnaria (opulent creeper)

Glyptozaria opulenta (opulent creeper)

Gomphina undulosa (wavy venus)

Gonatus antarcticus (Antarctic squid)

Goniobranchus annulatus (ringed sea-slug)

Goniobranchus epicurius (comrade sea-slug)

Goniobranchus multimaculosus (many-spotted sea-slug)

Goniobranchus tasmaniensis (Tasmanian sea-slug)

Goniobranchus tinctorius (staining sea-slug)

Gouldiopa australis (southern gouldia)

Granata imbricata (tiled top-shell)

Graneledone antarctica (antarctic octopus)

Granulina elliottae (Elliott’s margin-shell)

Graphis pellucida (pellucid graphidid)

Graptacme unplaced (unplaced Graptacme tusk-shell)

Gregariella barbata (hairy mussel)

Grimalditeuthis bonplandii (Grimaldi’s chiroteuthid-squid)

Grimpella thaumastocheir (velvet octopus)

Guraleus alucinans (dreaming turrid)

Guraleus australis (southern turrid)

Guraleus brazieri (Brazier’s turrid)

Guraleus cuspis (pointed turrid)

Guraleus delicatulus (delicate turrid)

Guraleus fallaciosus (deceptive turrid)

Guraleus flaccidus (flaccid turrid)

Guraleus incrustus (incrusted turrid)

Guraleus jacksonensis (Port Jackson turrid)

Guraleus lallemantianus (Lallemantian turrid)

Guraleus mitralis (mitre-like turrid)

Guraleus nanus (tiny turrid)

Guraleus pictus (painted turrid)

Guraleus TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Guraleus TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 turrid)

Guraleus TAS sp 03 (TAS sp 03 turrid)

Guraleus tasmanicus (Tasmanian turrid)

Guraleus tasmantis tritomus (three-part Tasman turrid)

Guraleus tasmantis (Tasman turrid)

Gymnobela TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Gymnodoris alba (white sea-slug)

Gymnodoris arnoldi (Arnold’s sea-slug)


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