Species list - alphabetical, letter h

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Haliotis coccoradiata (reddish-rayed abalone)

Haliotis laevigata (greenlip abalone)

Haliotis rubra (blacklip abalone)

Haliotis scalaris emmae (Emma’s abalone)

Haliris accessa (accessa verticordia)

Hallaxa michaeli (Michael’s sea-slug)

Halotapada TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 clusterwink)

Hamacuna hamata (hooked false-cockle)

Haminoea maugeansis (little bubble-shell)

Hapalochlaena maculosa (southern blue-ringed octopus)

Hastula brazieri (Brazier’s auger)

Hebeulima columnaria (Cape Pillar urchin-snail)

Hedleytriphora basimacula (blotched-based sinistral-creeper)

Hedleytriphora fasciata (banded sinistral-creeper)

Hedleytriphora innotabilis (dull sinistral-creeper)

Hedleytriphora scitula (beautiful sinistral-creeper)

Heliacus ponderi (Ponder’s sundial-shell)

Helicocranchia pfefferi (Pfeffer’s cranch-squid)

Heliconoides inflatus (planorbid sea-butterfly)

Hemiliostraca joshuana (Joshuan urchin-snail)

Herpetopoma aspersum (speckled top-shell)

Herpetopoma fenestratum (windowed top-shell)

Herpetopoma scabriusculum (rough top-shell)

Herpetopoma vixumbilicatum (umbilicated top-shell)

Heterocithara bilineata (double-lined turrid)

Heterodoris antipodes (antipodean sea-slug)

Heteroteuthis dagamensis (Serventy’s dumpling-squid)

Hiatella australis (southern crypt-dweller)

Hiatula alba (white sunset-shell)

Hiatula biradiata (double-rayed sunset-shell)

Hiloa variabilis (variable pheasant-shell)

Hinemoa ligata (mask pyramid-shell)

Histioteuthis atlantica (Atlantic jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis bonnellii (Bonnelli’s jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis macrohista (large-webbed jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis (turkey jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis miranda (wondrous jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis reversa (reversed jewel-squid)

Histioteuthis Type A (Type A jewel-squid)

Hoplodoris nodulosa (lumpy sea-lemon)

Horaiclavidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Humphreyia strangei (Strange’s watering-pot)

Huxleyia concentrica (concentric nucinellid)

Hydrococcus brazieri (Brazier’s hydrococcus)

Hydroginella columnaria (Cape Pillar margin-shell)

Hydroginella mixta (mixta margin-shell)

Hydroginella tridentata (three-toothed margin-shell)

Hypermastus coxi (Cox’s urchin-snail)

Hypermastus mucronatus (pointed-tipped urchin-snail)


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