Species list - alphabetical, letter i

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Icuncula consobrina (cousin cap-shell)

Icuncula torcularis (wine-press cap-shell)

Icuncula zodiaca (zodiac cap-shell)

Idiosepius notoides (southern pygmy-squid)

Idioteuthis cordiformis (heart-shaped squid)

Incisura remota (remote slit-shell)

Inella obliqua (oblique sinistral-creeper)

Inella obtusa (obtuse sinistral-creeper)

Inella spina (thorn sinistral-creeper)

Inquisitor acervatus (heaped turrid)

Iphinopsis TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 nutmeg-shell)

Iridoteuthis unplaced (unplaced dumpling-squid)

Irus carditoides (cardita-like boring-venus)

Irus crenatus (scaly boring-venus)

Irus cumingii (Cuming’s boring-venus)

Irus interstriatus (irridescent venus)

Ischnochiton australis (southern chiton)

Ischnochiton carinulatus (keeled chiton)

Ischnochiton cariosus (decayed chiton)

Ischnochiton contractus (shortened chiton)

Ischnochiton elongatus (lengthened chiton)

Ischnochiton falcatus (sickle-shaped chiton)

Ischnochiton fruticosus (fruity chiton)

Ischnochiton lentiginosus (pigmented chiton)

Ischnochiton lineolatus (lined chiton)

Ischnochiton mawlei (Mawle’s chiton)

Ischnochiton mayi (May’s chiton)

Ischnochiton smaragdinus (emerald chiton)

Ischnochiton subviridis (greenish chiton)

Ischnochiton torri (Torr’s chiton)

Ischnochiton variegatus (variegated chiton)

Ischnochiton versicolor (variably-coloured chiton)

Ischnochiton virgatus (striped chiton)

Isotriphora amethystina (amethyst sinistral-creeper)

Isotriphora disjuncta (disjunct sinistral-creeper)

Isotriphora nivea (snowy sinistral-creeper)

Isotriphora simulata (fake sinistral-creeper)

Isotriphora tasmanica (Tasmanian sinistral-creeper)

Isotriphora vercoi (Verco’s sinistral-creeper)


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