Species list - alphabetical, letter l

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Laevidentaliidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 tusk-shell)

Laevidentaliidae unplaced TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 tusk-shell)

Laevidentalium erectum (erect tusk-shell)

Laevidentalium largicrescens (gently-curved tusk-shell)

Laevidentalium leptosceles (scaly tusk-shell)

Laevidentalium lubricatum (polished tusk-shell)

Laevidentalium zeidleri (Zeidler’s tusk-shell)

Laevilitorina bruniensis (Bruny winkle)

Laevilitorina kingensis (King Island winkle)

Laevilitorina mariae (Maria’s winkle)

Lamellaria australis (southern ear-cowrie)

Lamellaria ophione (titan lamellaria)

Lamellileda typica (typical nut-shell)

Larinopsis turbinatus (top-shaped larinopsis)

Lasaea australis (southern lasaea)

Lasaea colmani (Colman’s lasaea)

Lasaea purpurata (purplish lasaea)

Laternula attenuata (tapered lantern-shell)

Laternula creccina (elongated lantern-shell)

Laternula gracilis (slender lantern-shell)

Laternula tasmanica (Tasmanian lantern-shell)

Leachia pacifica (Leach’s cranch-squid)

Ledella miliacea (millet nut-shell)

Ledella pala (pala nut-shell)

Leiopyrga lineolaris (lined top-shell)

Leiopyrga octona (octona top-shell)

Leiostraca kilcundae (Kilcunda urchin-snail)

Lepidoteuthis grimaldii (soft-scaled squid)

Leptochiton badius (dark brown chiton)

Leptochiton collusor (collusor chiton)

Leptochiton columnarius (Cape Pillar chiton)

Leptochiton liratus (grooved chiton)

Leptochiton matthewsianus (Matthewsian chiton)

Leuconopsis pellucida (transparent air-breather)

Leucosyrinx TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Leucotina casta (stylish amathina)

Liguriella podophthalma (stalk-eyed cranch-squid)

Liloa brevis (short bubble-shell)

Lima nimbifer (cloud file-shell)

Limacina helicina (spiral sea-butterfly)

Limacina lesueurii (Lesueur’s sea-butterfly)

Limacina trochiformis (top-shaped sea-butterfly)

Limaria imitans (imitating file-shell)

Limatula siligo (wheaten file-shell)

Limatula strangei (Strange’s file-shell)

Limea austrina (southern file-shell)

Limea parvula (little file-shell)

Limopsis bassi (Bass limopsis)

Limopsis penelevis (penelevis limopsis)

Limopsis soboles (soboles limopsis)

Limopsis tenisoni (Tenison’s limopsis)

Linopyrga portseaensis (Portsea pyramid-shell)

Liocarinia disjuncta (disjunct false-top-shell)

Liocranchia reinhardti (Reinhardt’s cranch-squid)

Liotella annulata (ringed false-top-shell)

Liotella compacta (compact false-top-shell)

Liotella johnstoni (Johnston’s false-top-shell)

Liotella kilcundae (Kilcunda false-top-shell)

Liotella petalifera (leafy false-top-shell)

Liotella pulcherrima (beautiful false-top-shell)

Liotella TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 false-top-shell)

Lironoba australis (southern rice-shell)

Lironoba layardi (Layard’s rice-shell)

Lironoba unilirata (single-grooved rice-shell)

Lissarca picta (painted micromussel)

Lissarca rhomboidalis (rhomboid micromussel)

Lissarca rubricata (reddish micromussel)

Lissotesta contabulata (tabular false-top-shell)

Lissotesta micra (tiny false-top-shell)

Litiopa limnophysa (bladdersnail litiopa)

Litozamia brazieri (Brazier’s trophon)

Litozamia rudolphi (Rudolph’s trophon)

Livonia mammilla (false baler)

Livonia roadnightae (Roadnight’s volute)

Lodderena minima (smallest false-top-shell)

Lodderia lodderae (Lodder’s glass-shell)

Lophodoris BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 lophodoris sea-slug)

Lorica volvox (revolving chiton)

Loricella angasi (Angas’ chiton)

Loricella profundior (deepwater chiton)

Lottia mixta (mixed limpet)

Lucerapex casearia (dairy turrid)

Lucidestea atkinsoni (Atkinson’s rice-shell)

Lucidestea muratensis (Murat Bay rice-shell)

Lucidestea nitens (shining rice-shell)

Lucinidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 lucine)

Lucinoma yoshidai (Yoshida’s lucine)

Lunella undulata (wavy turban)

Lutraria rhynchaena (common otter-shell)

Lycoteuthis lorigera (crowned firefly-squid)

Lyria mitraeformis (mitre-shaped volute)


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