Species list - alphabetical, letter m

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Macomona deltoidalis (triangular tellin)

Macroctopus maorum (Maori octopus)

Macroschisma productum (elongated keyhole-limpet)

Macroschisma tasmaniae (Tasmanian keyhole-limpet)

Macteola anomala (anomalous turrid)

Mactra australis (southern trough-shell)

Mactra jacksonensis (Port Jackson trough-shell)

Mactra pura (white trough-shell)

Mactra pusilla (flea-like trough-shell)

Mactrotoma antecedens (oval trough-shell)

Maculotriton serriale (granulated castor-bean-shell)

Madrella BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 madrella sea-slug)

Madrella sanguinea (blood-red sea-slug)

Magnosinister hedleyi (Hedley’s sinistral-creeper)

Malluvium devotum (devoted bonnet-limpet)

Maoricolpus roseus (New Zealand screw-shell)

Maoricrypta immersa (common slipper-limpet)

Margarites TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 margarites margarites)

Marinula parva (small air-breather)

Marinula xanthostoma (delicate air-breather)

Marionia platyctenea (flat-combed sea-slug)

Marita bella (pretty turrid)

Marita compta (margin-like turrid)

Marita schoutenensis (Schouten turrid)

Marita tumida (swollen turrid)

Martialia hyadesi (sevenstar flying-squid)

Mastigoteuthis CLARKE sp A (CLARKE sp A Mastigoteuthis squid)

Mastigoteuthis CLARKE sp B (CLARKE sp B Mastigoteuthis squid)

Mastigoteuthis unplaced (unplaced Mastigoteuthis squid)

Mathilda decorata (decorated mathildid)

Maurea eltanini (Eltanin’s top-shell)

Megalocranchia unplaced (unplaced cranch-squid)

Megastomia simplex (simple pyramid-shell)

Melanella augur (large urchin-snail)

Melanella cunaeformis (nest-shaped urchin-snail)

Melanella mamilla (nipple urchin-snail)

Melanella obtusa (obtuse urchin-snail)

Melanochlamys handrecki (Hendreck’s sea-slug)

Melanochlamys queritor (indignant sea-slug)

Melibe australis (austral sea-slug)

Melibe BURN sp 02 (BURN sp 02 sea-slug)

Melibe maugeana (Maugean sea-slug)

Melliteryx acupuncta (pierced lepton)

Merelina cancellata (latticed rice-shell)

Merelina cheilostoma (lipped rice-shell)

Merelina hirta (hairy rice-shell)

Merelina KI sp 01 (KI species 01 rice-shell)

Merica purpuriformis (grooved nutmeg-shell)

Mesoginella altilabra (high-lipped margin-shell)

Mesoginella caducocincta (fading-girdle margin-shell)

Mesoginella consobrina (cousin margin-shell)

Mesoginella inconspicua (inconspicuous margin-shell)

Mesoginella olivella (olive margin-shell)

Mesoginella pygmaeoides (pygmy margin-shell)

Mesoginella schoutanica (Schouten Island margin-shell)

Mesoginella stilla (droplet margin-shell)

Mesoginella strangei (Strange’s margin-shell)

Mesoginella turbinata (top-shaped margin-shell)

Mesoginella victoriae (Victorian margin-shell)

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (colossal squid)

Mesopeplum fenestratum (windowed scallop)

Metaxia protolineata (protolined dextral-creeper)

Mexichromis macropus (bigfoot sea-slug)

Microcarina surgerea (surgerea false-top-shell)

Microcolus dunkeri (Dunker’s tulip-shell)

Microdiscula charopa (bluish orbitestellid)

Microdryas iravadioides (irawaddy-like false rice-shell)

Microdryas janjucensis (Jan Juc false rice-shell)

Microgenia edwini (Edwin’s turrid)

Microstagon adamsi (Adams’ globe-shell)

Microsveltia patricia (noble nutmeg-shell)

Microthyca TAS sp 01 (unplaced microthyca)

Microvoluta australis (southern volute-mitre)

Microvoluta miranda (admirable volute-mitre)

Microvoluta stadialis (staged volute-mitre)

Mimachlamys asperrima (doughboy scallop)

Minolops arata (ploughed top-shell)

Miralda montuosa (mountainous pyramid-shell)

Miralda suprasculpta (etched pyramid-shell)

Mitra badia (dark brown mitre)

Mitra carbonaria (sooty mitre)

Mitra declivis (sloping mitre)

Mitra glabra (smooth mitre)

Mitrella austrina (southern dove-shell)

Mitrella leucostoma (white-mouthed dove-shell)

Mitrella lincolnensis (Port Lincoln dove-shell)

Mitrella menkeana (pointed dove-shell)

Mitrella semiconvexa (semiconvex dove-shell)

Mitrella tayloriana (Taylor’s dove-shell)

Mitrella tenuis (white-based dove-shell)

Mitromorpha alba (white turrid)

Mitromorpha angusta (narrow turrid)

Mitromorpha bassiana (Bassian turrid)

Mitromorpha columnaria (columnar turrid)

Mitromorpha incerta (uncertain turrid)

Mitromorpha macphersonae (Macpherson’s turrid)

Mitromorpha multicostata (many-ribbed turrid)

Modiolatus victoriae (Victorian horse-mussel)

Modiolus areolatus (bearded horse-mussel)

Modiolus lineus (lined pearly-mussel)

Monia zelandica (New Zealand saddle-oyster)

Monophorus angasi (Angas’ sinistral-creeper)

Monophorus nigrofuscus (blackish sinistral-creeper)

Monoplex exaratum (ploughed rock-whelk)

Monoplex parthenopeum (hairy rock-whelk)

Monstrotyphis yatesi (Yates’ murex)

Montacuta nitens (shining lepton)

Montacuta semiradiata (semiradiated lepton)

Montacutinae HUBER genus M6 trigonale (angular lepton)

Montfortia subemarginata (giant notch-limpet)

Montfortula rugosa (rough notch-limpet)

Munditia hedleyi (Hedley’s liotia)

Munditia mayana (May’s liotia)

Munditia subquadrata (squared liotia)

Munditia tasmanica (Tasmanian liotia)

Murchisonella anabathron (platform murchisonellid)

Musculus alganus (seaweed mussel)

Musculus cumingianus (Cuming’s mussel)

Musculus impactus (nesting mussel)

Musculus nanus (Pauluccia’s mussel)

Myadora albida (whitened myadora)

Myadora antipodum (southern myadora)

Myadora brevis (short myadora)

Myadora complexa (complex myadora)

Myadora pandoriformis (pandora-like myadora)

Myadora rotundata (Tasmanian myadora)

Myadora royana (Royan myadora)

Myadoropsis elongata (elongate myadora)

Myllita auriculata (eared myllita)

Myllita deshayesii (Deshayes’ myllita)

Myllita tasmanica (Tasmanian myllita)

Myochama anomioides (saddle myochama)

Myochama tasmanica (Tasmanian myochama)

Myosotella myosotis (European air-breather)

Myrtea botanica (Botany Bay lucine)

Myrtea mayi (May’s lucine)

Mysella angasiana (Angas’ lepton)

Mysella concentrica (concentric lepton)

Mysella donaciformis (wedge-shaped lepton)

Mysella lactea (milky lepton)

Mysella ovata (ovate lepton)

Mysella vitrea (glassy lepton)

Mysticoncha wilsonae (Wilson’s ear-cowrie)

Mytilidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 mussel)

Mytilus galloprovincialis (Mediterranean blue mussel)

Mytilus planulatus (native blue mussel)


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