Species list - alphabetical, letter n

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Naccula parva (small limpet)

Naccula punctata (punctured limpet)

Nanula galbina (yellowish top-shell)

Nanula tasmanica (Tasmanian top-shell)

Naricava angasi (Angas’ vanikoro)

Naricava angulata (angled vanikoro)

Naricava vincentiana (Vincentian vanikoro)

Narvaliscala dorysa (dorysa wentletrap)

Nassarius jonasii (Jonas’s dog-whelk)

Nassarius mobilis (mobile dog-whelk)

Nassarius nigellus (little dog-whelk)

Nassarius pauperatus (impoverished dog-whelk)

Nassarius pyrrhus (pyrrhus dog-whelk)

Natica luculenta (luculent necklace-shell)

Naticarius subcostatus (scratched necklace-shell)

Nausitora saulii (Saul’s shipworm)

Neilo australis (New Zealand neilo)

Neolepton planiliratum (flat-grooved neolepton)

Neomeniamorpha unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 aplacophoran)

Neomeniamorpha unplaced TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 aplacophoran)

Neorossia leptodons (scale-toothed dumpling-squid)

Neotrigonia gemma (gem brooch-shell)

Neotrigonia margaritacea (pearly brooch-shell)

Nepotilla aculeata (thorny turrid)

Nepotilla bathentoma (incised turrid)

Nepotilla diaphana (transparent turrid)

Nepotilla excavata (excavated turrid)

Nepotilla fenestrata (windowed turrid)

Nepotilla lamellosa (leafy turrid)

Nepotilla microscopica (microscopic turrid)

Nepotilla mimica (mimic turrid)

Nepotilla minuta (minute turrid)

Nepotilla TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Nepotilla triseriata (three-rowed turrid)

Nerita atramentosa (western black nerite)

Nerita melanotragus (eastern black nerite)

Nevenulora hilaira (hilaira lucine)

Neverita aulacoglossa (common sand-snail)

Nevia spirata (excavated nutmeg-shell)

Nipponatys tumidus (swollen bubble-shell)

Noalda exigua (paltry sea-slug)

Notoacmea alta (tall limpet)

Notoacmea corrodenda (corroding limpet)

Notoacmea flammea (flame limpet)

Notoacmea mayi (May’s limpet)

Notoacmea petterdi (Petterd’s limpet)

Notochlamys hexactes (Tasmanian scallop)

Notocochlis gualtieriana (spotted necklace-shell)

Notocypraea angustata (brown cowrie)

Notocypraea comptonii (Compton’s cowrie)

Notocypraea declivis (freckled cowrie)

Notocypraea piperita (peppered cowrie)

Notocypraea subcarnea (plump cowrie)

Notocypraea TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 cowrie)

Notocypraea TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 cowrie)

Notodiaphana sculpta (engraved canoe-shell)

Notogibbula bicarinata (Cox’s top-shell)

Notogibbula lehmanni (Lehmann’s top-shell)

Notogibbula preissiana (Preissian top-shell)

Notomenia clavigera (clubbed aplacophoran)

Notonykia africanae (African clubhook-squid)

Notonykia nesisi (Nesis’s clubhook-squid)

Notopaphia grisea (Tasmanian boring-venus)

Notoplax addenda (addenda chiton)

Notoplax costata (ribbed chiton)

Notoplax mayi (Tasmanian chiton)

Notoplax rubrostrata (red-lined chiton)

Notoplax speciosa (pretty chiton)

Nototeuthis dimegacotyle (big-suckered squid)

Nototodarus gouldi (Gould’s flying-squid)

Nototriphora regina (queen sinistral-creeper)

Nototriphora vestita (clothed sinistral-creeper)

Nozeba topaziaca (topaz iravadiid)

Nucula beachportensis (Beachport nutlet-shell)

Nucula mayi (May’s nutlet-shell)

Nucula pusilla (tiny nutlet-shell)

Nuculana dohrni (Dohrn’s nut-shell)


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