Species list - alphabetical, letter o

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Obesula albovittata (white-banded sinistral-creeper)

Obesula mamillata (nippled sinistral-creeper)

Obesula profundior (deepwater sinistral-creeper)

Oblimopa tenuiradiata (slender-rayed limopsis)

Obrussena bracteata (plated acteon)

Octopoteuthis rugosa (rough octopus-squid)

Octopoteuthis sicula (Rüppell’s octopus-squid)

Octopus berrima (southern keeled octopus)

Octopus bunurong (southern white-spot octopus)

Octopus kaurna (southern sand octopus)

Octopus pallidus (pale octopus)

Octopus superciliosus (frilled pygmy octopus)

Octopus tetricus (gloomy octopus)

Octopus warringa (club pygmy octopus)

Ocythoe tuberculata (football octopus)

Odostomia crassicostata (thick-ribbed pyramid-shell)

Odostomia deplexa (unwoven pyramid-shell)

Odostomia metcalfei (Metcalfe’s pyramid-shell)

Odostomia micra (tiny pyramid-shell)

Odostomia occultidens (hidden-toothed pyramid-shell)

Odostomia petterdi (Petterd’s pyramid-shell)

Odostomia tasmanica (Tasmanian pyramid-shell)

Odostomiinae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 pyramid-shell)

Offadesma angasi (Angas’ lantern-shell)

Okenia BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 okenia sea-slug)

Okenia BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 okenia sea-slug)

Okenia mija (daughter sea-slug)

Ollaphon molorthus (sounding-lead trophon)

Ommastrephes bartramii (Neon flying-squid)

Onchidella nigricans (limpet-like sea-slug)

Onchidoris maugeansis (Mauge’s sea-slug)

Onoba agnewi (Agnew’s rice-shell)

Onoba australiae (Australian rice-shell)

Onoba demessa (mown rice-shell)

Onoba freycineti (Freycinet’s rice-shell)

Onoba multilirata (many-grooved rice-shell)

Onoba perpolita (well-polished rice-shell)

Onoba pertumida (swollen rice-shell)

Onoba rubicunda (ruddy rice-shell)

Onoba supracostata (ribbed rice-shell)

Onoba tiara (tiara rice-shell)

Onychoteuthis banksii (Banks’s clubhook-squid)

Onykia ingens (greaters clubhook-squid)

Onykia robsoni (rugose clubhook-squid)

Oocorys sulcata (furrowed false-tun)

Opalia australis (southern wentletrap)

Opalia granosa (grainy wentletrap)

Ophicardelus ornatus (mangrove air-breather)

Opisthoteuthis persephone (persephone octopus)

Opisthoteuthis pluto (pluto octopus)

Orbitestella bastowi (Bastow’s orbitestellid)

Orbitestella decorata (decorated orbitestellid)

Orbitestella iredalei (Iredale’s orbitestellid)

Orbitestella mayi (May’s orbitestellid)

Ostrea angasi (common mud-oyster)

Ovacuna atkinsoni (Atkinson’s condyl-clam)

Ovaginella ovulum (egg margin-shell)

Ovaginella pisum (pea margin-shell)

Oxymeris albida (whitened auger)

Oxynoe viridis (bright-green sea-slug)


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