Species list - alphabetical, letter p

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Cerithiopsinae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 false-creeper)

Paliolla cooki (Cook’s sea-slug)

Panacca tasmanica (Tasmanian parilimya)

Panopea australis (southern gaper)

Paphies angusta (elongate wedge-shell)

Paracuneus immaculatus (immaculate turrid)

Paradentalium hemileuron (hemileuron tusk-shell)

Paradentalium octopleuron (octopleuron tusk-shell)

Paradoris dubia (doubtful sea-lemon)

Paraguraleus emina (eminent turrid)

Paramontana mayana (May’s turrid)

Paramontana rufozonata (red-zoned turrid)

Paraseila halligani (Halligan’s false-creeper)

Parastrophia cygnicollis (swan-neck caecid)

Parvamussium cristatellum (crested saucer-scallop)

Parvamussium thetidis (thetis saucer-scallop)

Parvikellia ovata (ovate lepton)

Parviterebra brazieri (Brazier’s dove-shell)

Parviterebra trilineata (three-lined dove-shell)

Patelloida alticostata (tall-ribbed limpet)

Patelloida insignis (Maltese-cross limpet)

Patelloida latistrigata (lateral-striped limpet)

Patelloida victoriana (Victorian limpet)

Pecten fumatus (king scallop)

Peculator porphyria (purple volute-mitre)

Pedicularia pacifica (Pacific bean-cowrie)

Pellasimnia maccoyi (Maccoy’s spindle-cowrie)

Pelycidion meizonarchei (Tasmanian pelycidion)

Pelycidion TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 pelycidion)

Penion mandarinus (mandarin whelk)

Penion maximus (great whelk)

Pepta simplex (simple nutmeg-shell)

Pepta stricta (narrow nutmeg-shell)

Perrierina bernardi (Bernard’s bean-shell)

Petaloconchus caperatus (captured worm-shell)

Petricola lapicida (divergent crypt-dweller)

Phallomedusa austrina (southern air-breather)

Phallomedusa solida (solid air-breather)

Phasianella angasi (Angas’s pheasant-shell)

Phasianella australis (painted-lady pheasant-shell)

Phasianella ventricosa (swollen pheasant-shell)

Phasianotrochus apicinus (pointed kelp-shell)

Phasianotrochus bellulus (beautiful kelp-shell)

Phasianotrochus eximius (choice kelp-shell)

Phasianotrochus irisodontes (rainbow kelp-shell)

Phasianotrochus rutilus (pink-tipped kelp-shell)

Phenacolepas calva (bald false-limpet)

Philine angasi (Angas’ bubble-shell)

Philine auriformis (ear-like bubble-shell)

Philine beachportensis (Beachport bubble-shell)

Philine BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 philine bubble-shell)

Philine BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 philine bubble-shell)

Philine columnaria (Cape Pillar bubble-shell)

Philine teres (tapered bubble-shell)

Philinopsis taronga (Taronga sea-slug)

Philippia lutea (yellow sundial-shell)

Philobrya crenatulifera (scalloped micromussel)

Philobrya rubra (reddish micromussel)

Pholidoteuthis massyae (coffee-bean scaled-squid)

Phrontis compacta (compact dog-whelk)

Phycothais reticulata (knobbly rock-shell)

Phyllocoma eburnea (ivory murex)

Phyllocoma speciosa (pretty murex)

Phyllodesmium macphersonae (Macpherson’s sea-slug)

Phyllodesmium serratum (serrated sea-slug)

Pinctada margaritifera (black-lip pearl-oyster)

Pinctada sugillata (bruised pearl-oyster)

Pisinna approxima (approximate false rice-shell)

Pisinna bicolor (bicoloured false rice-shell)

Pisinna circumlabra (circumlabra false rice-shell)

Pisinna columnaria (Cape Pillar false rice-shell)

Pisinna costata (Hoggart’s false rice-shell)

Pisinna cyclostoma (French false rice-shell)

Pisinna dubitabilis (doubtful false rice-shell)

Pisinna flindersi (Flinders’ false rice-shell)

Pisinna kershawi (Kershaw’s false rice-shell)

Pisinna labrotoma (labrotoma false rice-shell)

Pisinna megastoma (wide-mouthed false rice-shell)

Pisinna nitida (shining false rice-shell)

Pisinna oblata (exposed false rice-shell)

Pisinna olivacea (olivaceous false rice-shell)

Pisinna tasmanica (Tasmanian false rice-shell)

Pisinna tumida (swollen false rice-shell)

Pisinna varicifera relata (varix-bearing false rice-shell)

Placamen placidum (placid venus)

Placida dendritica (dendritic sea-slug)

Placiphorella atlantica (Atlantic chiton)

Plastiscala invalida (weak wentletrap)

Plastiscala magna (great wentletrap)

Plastiscala morchi (Mörch’s wentletrap)

Plaxiphora albida (whitened chiton)

Plaxiphora matthewsi (Matthews’ chiton)

Plectodon brazieri (Brazier’s spoon-shell)

Plesiotrochus monachus (common monk-shell)

Pleurobranchaea BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 pleurobranchaea sea-slug)

Pleurobranchaea maculata (spotted sea-slug)

Pleurobranchus hilli (Hill’s sea-slug)

Pleuroloba quoyi (Quoy’s air-breather)

Plocamopherus imperialis (imperial sea-slug)

Polinices ayresi (Ayres’ sand-snail)

Polinices catenoides (chained sand-snail)

Polinices TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 sand-snail)

Pollia bednalli (little whelk)

Polybranchia pallens (pale sea-slug)

Polycera BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 polycera sea-slug)

Polycera BURN sp 08 (BURN sp 08 polycera sea-slug)

Polycera BURN sp 09 (BURN sp 09 polycera sea-slug)

Polycera capensis (Cape sea-slug)

Polycera hedgpethi (Hedgpeth’s sea-slug)

Polycera janjukia (Jan Juc sea-slug)

Polyschides gibbosus (bumpy tusk-shell)

Poroleda spathula (spoon-shaped nut-shell)

Poromya illevis (heavy spoon-shell)

Poromya undosa (wavy spoon-shell)

Powellisetia simillima (similar rice-shell)

Powellisetia TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 rice-shell)

Pratulum thetidis (thetis cockle)

Prolixodens cessicus (stopped false-creeper)

Prolixodens dannevigi (Dannevig’s false-creeper)

Prolixodens infracolor (dark false-creeper)

Pronucula covra (covra nutlet-shell)

Propeamussium maorium (Maori saucer-scallop)

Propebela TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Propecuna obliquissima (most-oblique condyl-clam)

Propeleda ensicula (razor-like nut-shell)

Propilidium tasmanicum (Tasmanian limpet)

Proterato lachryma (common teardrop)

Prothalotia lehmanni (Lehmann’s kelp-shell)

Prothalotia pulcherrima (pretty kelp-shell)

Prototyphis angasi (Angas’ murex)

Pseudamussium challengeri (Challenger scallop)

Pseudamycla dermestoidea (dermestoid dove-shell)

Pseudamycla miltostoma (milky-mouthed dove-shell)

Pseudarcopagia botanica (Botany Bay tellin)

Pseudarcopagia decora (Victorian tellin)

Pseudestea pyramidata (pyramidal false rice-shell)

Pseudodaphnella nodorete (meshed turrid)

Pseudoliotia micans (reflective glass-shell)

Pseudolucinisca lacteola (milky lucine)

Pseudomelatomidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 turrid)

Pseudoneaera tasmanica (Tasmanian spoon-shell)

Pseudophiline hayashii (Hayashi’s bubble-shell)

Pseudopisinna gregaria (gregarious false eaton-shell)

Pseudorissoina capiticava (capiticava pyramid-shell)

Pseudorissoina perexigua (tiny pyramid-shell)

Pseudorissoina tasmanica (Tasman pyramid-shell)

Pseudoskenella depressa (depressed pyramid-shell)

Pterochelus duffusi (Duffus’s murex)

Pterochelus triformis (three-cornered murex)

Pterotrachea kingicola (King Island sea-elephant)

Pterygioteuthis gemmata (gemmed enope-squid)

Pterygioteuthis giardi (Giard’s enope-squid)

Pugillaria stowae (Stow’s siphon-shell)

Pugnus parvus (small margin-shell)

Pulvinites exempla (exemplary couch-shell)

Puncturella harrisoni (Harrisson’s notch-limpet)

Pupa tragulata (tragulate acteon)

Puposyrnola harrissoni (Harrisson’s pyramid-shell)

Puposyrnola tasmanica (common pyramid-shell)

Purpurocardia amabilis (likeable false-cockle)

Purpurocardia bimaculata (splashed false-cockle)

Purpurocardia cavatica (hollowed false-cockle)

Purpurocardia columnaria (Cape Pillar false-cockle)

Purpurocardia purpurata (Quoy’s false-cockle)

Pusillina angulata (angular rice-shell)

Pusillina discrepans (differing rice-shell)

Pusillina mediolaevis (smooth rice-shell)

Putilla porcellana (porcellain false-top-shell)

Puyseguria chapmani (Chapman’s neolepton)

Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 pyramid-shell)

Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 pyramid-shell)

Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 03 (TAS sp 03 pyramid-shell)

Pyramidellidae unplaced TAS sp 04 (TAS sp 04 pyramid-shell)

Pyrazus ebeninus (Hercules’ club mud-creeper)

Pyreneola fulgida (gleaming dove-shell)

Pyroteuthis margaritifera (pearly firefly-squid)


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