Species list - alphabetical, letter r

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Raeta pulchella (beautiful trough-shell)

Ranella australasia (Australasian rock-whelk)

Rastodens obeliscus (obelisk rastodentid)

Rastodens puer (Point Puer rastodentid)

Reloncavia mactroides (trough-like bean-shell)

Retizafra calva (bald dove-shell)

Retizafra multicostata (many-ribbed dove-shell)

Retizafra plexa (plaited dove-shell)

Retusa amphizosta (amphizosta canoe-shell)

Retusa atkinsoni (Atkinson’s canoe-shell)

Retusa pelyx (bowl canoe-shell)

Retusa protumida (swollen canoe-shell)

Retusa pygmaea (pygmy canoe-shell)

Rhinoclama alta (tall spoon-shell)

Rhomboidella radians (radiant mussel)

Rhomboxiphus colmani (Colman’s tusk-shell)

Rimulanax corolla (garland notch-limpet)

Ringicula australis (southern ringicula)

Ringicula semisculpta (semisculpted ringicula)

Rissoella confusa robertsoni (confused rissoella)

Rissoella fallax (false rissoella)

Rissoella fretterae (Fretter’s rissoella)

Rissoella imperforata (imperforate rissoella)

Rissoella micra (tiny rissoella)

Rissoella wilfredi (Wilfred’s rissoella)

Rissoina angasii (Angas’ rice-shell)

Rissoina fasciata (banded rice-shell)

Rissoina gertrudis (Gertrude’s rice-shell)

Rissoina iredalei (Iredale’s rice-shell)

Rissoina lintea (linen rice-shell)

Rissoina nivea (snowy rice-shell)

Rissoina rhyllensis (Rhyll rice-shell)

Rissoina royana (Roys’ rice-shell)

Rissoina vincentiana (Vincent rice-shell)

Roburnella wilsoni (Wilson’s roburnella sea-slug)

Rolandiella umbilicata (umbilicated murex)

Rostanga calumus (fake sea-lemon)

Rostanga crawfordi (Crawford’s sea-lemon)

Rugadentia buliminoides (buliminoid pyramid-shell)

Runcina australis (southern sea-slug)


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