Species list - alphabetical, letter s

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Sabia australis (southern bonnet-limpet)

Sabinella munita (strengthened urchin-snail)

Sabinella schoutanica (Schouten Island urchin-snail)

Saccella crassa (heavy nut-shell)

Saccostrea glomerata (Sydney rock-oyster)

Sagaminopteron ornatum (bat-wing sea-slug)

Sagenotriphora ampulla (vessel sinistral-creeper)

Salaputium fulvidum (tawny thickshell-clam)

Salaputium micrum (tiny thickshell-clam)

Salinator fragilis (fragile air-breather)

Salinator tecta (cryptic air-breather)

Sandalops melancholicus (melancholy cranch-squid)

Sarepta tellinaeformis (tellin-shaped sarepta)

Sassia bassi (Bassian rock-whelk)

Sassia epitrema (epitrema rock-whelk)

Sassia kampyla (curved rock-whelk)

Sassia mimetica (mimetic rock-whelk)

Sassia parkinsonia (Parkinson’s rock-whelk)

Sassia petulans (irritable rock-whelk)

Sassia subdistorta (distorted rock-whelk)

Scalaronoba kryptopleurakia MS NAME (kryptopleurakia aclidid)

Scalenostoma lodderae (Lodder’s coral-snail)

Scaphander illecebrosus (attractive peanut-shell)

Scintilla strangei (Strange’s lepton)

Scintillula solida (solid lepton)

Scissurella cyprina (coppery slit-shell)

Scissurella ornata (ornate slit-shell)

Sclerodoris BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 sclerodoris sea-lemon)

Sclerodoris tarka (tarka sea-lemon)

Scrinium furtivum (furtive turrid)

Scrupus TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 glass-shell)

Scutellastra chapmani (Chapman’s limpet)

Scutellastra peronii (scaly limpet)

Scutus antipodes (common elephant-snail)

Scyllaea pelagica (pelagic sea-slug)

Seila albosutura (white-mouthed false-creeper)

Seila crocea (yellow false-creeper)

Seila insignis (unmarked false-creeper)

Seilarex turritelliformis (screwshell-like dextral-creeper)

Seilinae unplaced TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 false-creeper)

Selastele retiarium (gladiator top-shell)

Semelangulus tenuiliratus (slender-grooved tellin)

Semicassis adcocki (Adcock’s helmet)

Semicassis labiata (lipped helmet)

Semicassis pyrum (pear helmet)

Semicassis semigranosa (half-grained helmet)

Semicassis TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 helmet)

Semicassis thomsoni (Thomson’s helmet)

Semipallium aktinos (shagreened scallop)

Sepia apama (giant cuttlefish)

Sepia braggi (slender cuttlefish)

Sepia cultrata (knifebone cuttlefish)

Sepia hedleyi (Hedley’s cuttlefish)

Sepia mestus (reaper cuttlefish)

Sepia novaehollandiae (New Holland cuttlefish)

Sepiadarium austrinum (southern bottletail-squid)

Sepioloidea lineolata (striped bottletail-squid)

Sepioteuthis australis (southern calamari)

Serrata haswelli (Haswell’s margin-shell)

Serrata hedleyi (Hedley’s margin-shell)

Serrata mustelina (weasel margin-shell)

Serrata vincentiana (Vincentian margin-shell)

Sigapatella calyptraeformis (common shelf-limpet)

Sigapatella hedleyi (Hedley’s shelf-limpet)

Simulamerelina FI sp 01 (FI sp 01 rice-shell)

Sinezona beddomei (Beddome’s slit-shell)

Sinezona pacifica (Pacific slit-shell)

Sinum zonale (zoned sinum)

Siphonaria diemenensis (common siphon-shell)

Siphonaria funiculata (corded siphon-shell)

Siphonaria tasmanica (blue siphon-shell)

Siphonochelus syringianus (pan-pipes murex)

Siphopteron BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 siphopteron sea-slug)

Sirius badius (dark cap-shell)

Skenella castanea (chestnut false eaton-shell)

Skenella voorwindei (Voorwinde’s false eaton-shell)

Smeagol parvulus (little smeagol)

Socienna angasi (Angas’ false-creeper)

Socienna apicicosta (ribbed-apex false-creeper)

Socienna cylindrica (cylindrical false-creeper)

Socienna TAS sp 01 (Tas sp 01 false-creeper)

Socienna trisculpta (engraved false-creeper)

Solamen recens (recent mussel)

Solamen spectabilis (impressive mussel)

Solatisonax atkinsoni (Atkinson’s sundial-shell)

Solatisonax injussa (undesirable sundial-shell)

Solemya australis (southern date-shell)

Solemya velesiana (pygmy date-shell)

Solen vaginoides (southern razor-shell)

Spectamen philippense (Philip Island top-shell)

Specula mammilla (nippled false-creeper)

Specula regina (queen false-creeper)

Specula turbonilloides (turbonilla-like false-creeper)

Spinosipella deshayesiana (ericia verticordia)

Spirula spirula (common ramshorn-squid)

Spisula trigonella (triangular trough-shell)

Splendrillia gratiosa (agreeable turrid)

Splendrillia nenia (nenea turrid)

Splendrillia subviridis (greenish turrid)

Splendrillia TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 splendrillia turrid)

Splendrillia woodsi (Woods’ turrid)

Spondylus tenellus (slender thorny-oyster)

Stenochiton cymodocealis (common seagrass-chiton)

Stenochiton longicymba (long seagrass-chiton)

Stenochiton pilsbryanus (Pilsbry’s seagrass-chiton)

Stephopoma nucleogranosum (grainy-centred worm-shell)

Stigmatoteuthis hoylei (flowervase jewel-squid)

Stilapex lactarius (milky brittlestar-snail)

Stiliger smaragdinus (emerald sea-slug)

Stomatella impertusa (common ear-shell)

Styliferina translucida (translucent alaba)

Styliola subula (awl sea-butterfly)

Subterenochiton gabrieli (Gabriel’s chiton)

Sukashitrochus atkinsoni (Atkinson’s slit-shell)

Sukashitrochus pulcher (beautiful slit-shell)

Sunetta vaginalis (broad-hinged venus)

Suterilla julieae (Julie’s assiminea)

Sydaphera anxifer (troubled nutmeg-shell)

Sydaphera granosa (grainy nutmeg-shell)

Sydaphera lactea (milky nutmeg-shell)

Sydaphera undulata (wavy nutmeg-shell)

Sypharochiton pelliserpentis (snakeskin chiton)

Syrnola angasi (Angas’ pyramid-shell)

Syrnola angusta (slender pyramid-shell)

Syrnola aurantiaca (orange-red pyramid-shell)

Syrnola bifasciata (two-banded pyramid-shell)

Syrnola convexa (convex pyramid-shell)

Syrnola TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 pyramid-shell)

Syrnola TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 pyramid-shell)

Syrnola tincta (dyed pyramid-shell)


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