Species list - alphabetical, letter t

According to available records, the following species occur in Tasmanian waters:

Talabrica aurora (dawn thickshell-clam)

Talochlamys pulleineana (Pulleinean scallop)

Tambja BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 tambja sea-slug)

Tambja verconis (Verco’s sea-slug)

Tanea sagittata (arrowed necklace-shell)

Taningia danae (Taning’s octopus-squid)

Taonius unplaced (unplaced cranch-squid)

Taonius VOSS sp 3 (VOSS sp 3 cranch-squid)

Tasmatica schoutanica (Schouten Island necklace-shell)

Tasmatica sticta (dappled necklace-shell)

Tasmeuthria clarkei (Clarke’s whelk)

Tasmeuthria kingicola (King Island whelk)

Tatea huonensis (Huon hydrobia)

Tatea rufilabris (red-lipped hydrobia)

Tawera gallinula (feathered venus)

Tawera lagopus (banded venus)

Tectonatica shorehami (Shoreham’s necklace-shell)

Tegulaherpia tasmanica (Tasmanian aplacophoran)

Teinostoma lucidum (lucid glass-shell)

Tellinides margaritinus (pearly tellin)

Tellinota albinella (white tellin)

Tenagodus australis (southern worm-shell)

Tenagodus weldii (Weld’s worm-shell)

Terebra jacksoniana (Jacksonian auger)

Terebra lauretanae (Lauretan’s auger)

Teredo navalis (common shipworm)

Teretriphora gemmegens (jewel-bearing sinistral-creeper)

Teretriphora spica (spiky sinistral-creeper)

Tergipes BURN sp 01 (BURN sp 01 tergipes sea-slug)

Teuthowenia pellucida (googly-eyed cranch-squid)

Thalassocyon bonus (good fig-shell)

Thalassoplanes TAS sp 01 (Tas sp 01 whelk)

Thalotia conica (conical kelp-shell)

Theora lata (fragile semele)

Theora lubrica (Asian semele)

Thordisa verrucosa (warty sea-lemon)

Thorunna arbuta (shrubby sea-slug)

Thorunna perplexa (perplexed sea-slug)

Thracia lincolnensis (Port Lincoln thracia)

Thracia myodoroides (myodora-like thracia)

Thracia speciosa (beautiful thracia)

Thracidora arenosa (sandy verticordia)

Thraciopsis angustata (narrowed thracia)

Thraciopsis elongata (elongate thracia)

Thraciopsis peroniana (Peron’s thracia)

Thylacodes sipho (common worm-shell)

Thysanoteuthis rhombus (diamondback squid)

Todarodes angolensis (Angolan flying-squid)

Todarodes filippovae (Antarctic flying-squid)

Todaropsis eblanae (Lesser flying-squid)

Tomopleura dilecta (beloved turrid)

Tonna variegata (variegated tun-shell)

Trapania brunnea (brown sea-slug)

Tremoctopus gracilis (slender blanket-octopus)

Trichomya hirsuta (hairy mussel)

Tricolia rosea (rosy pheasant-shell)

Trimusculus conicus (conical lung-limpet)

Trinchesia BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 trinchesia sea-slug)

Trinchesia BURN sp 05 (BURN sp 05 trinchesia sea-slug)

Trinchesia BURN sp 12 (BURN sp 12 trinchesia sea-slug)

Trinchesia sororum (sisters’ trinchesia sea-slug)

Trinchesia viridiana (greenish sea-slug)

Trippa albata (whitened sea-lemon)

Tritia burchardi (Burchard’s dog-whelk)

Tritia ephamilla (deepwater dog-whelk)

Tritonia BURN sp 03 (BURN sp 03 tritonia sea-slug)

Tritonia BURN sp 07 (BURN sp 07 tritonia sea-slug)

Trituba epallaxa (epallaxa false-creeper)

Trophonopsis segmentata (segmented trophon)

Truncatella scalarina (laddered truncatella)

Truncatella vincentiana (Vincentian truncatella)

Tubercliopsis quinquepilia (five-stacked false-creeper)

Tubercliopsis septapilia (seven-stacked false-creeper)

Tucetona flabellata (fan-like dog-cockle)

Tucetona gealei (Geale’s dog-cockle)

Tucetona sordida (dirty dog-cockle)

Tugali cicatricosa (scarred notch-limpet)

Tugali parmophoidea (parmophoid notch-limpet)

Tularia bractea (gold-leaf sea-slug)

Turbo gruneri (Gruner’s turban)

Turbonilla fusca (dusky pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla kitcheni (Kitchen’s pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla macleayana (needle-like pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla mariae (Maria’s pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla scalpidens (flat-toothed pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla TAS sp 01 (TAS sp 01 pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla TAS sp 02 (TAS sp 02 pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla tasmanica (Tasmanian pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla tiara (tiara pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla varicifera (varix-bearing pyramid-shell)

Turrella granulosissima (most-grainy turrid)

Turrella letourneuxiana (Letourneuxian turrid)

Turrella morologus (foolish turrid)

Turriplicifer australe (southern mitre)

Turritriton labiosus (lipped rock-whelk)

Tylodina corticalis (bark umbrella-shell)

Typhis phillipensis (Port Philip murex)


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