Ansons Bay
Geographic information

This coastal locality is at latitude -41.0403 (S), longitude 148.2674 (E) (at a precision-level of approximately 1000 m). Its location (to the nearest 10 km) is shown on the map below.

Species recorded from this locality

The list below shows the species, listed in taxonomic order, for which there are records from this coastal locality in the database underlying these web-pages. Note that some doubtful records have been excluded. The main sources are the personal collections and records of Simon Grove, Rob de Little and Margaret Richmond; the accession records of the Tasmanian and Queen Victoria Museums; and selected records from a range of other institutions, primarily via the Atlas of Living Australia (last download November 2014).

Cosa pectinata (combed micromussel)

Philobrya crenatulifera (scalloped micromussel)

Philobrya rubra (reddish micromussel)

Austromytilus rostratus (common beaked-mussel)

Mytilus galloprovincialis (Mediterranean blue mussel)

Barnea australasiae (Australian angel-wing)

Laternula tasmanica (Tasmanian lantern-shell)

Condylocardia limaeformis (file-like condyl-clam)

Condylocardia pectinata (combed condyl-clam)

Condylocardia rectangularis (rectangular condyl-clam)

Condylocuna projecta (projecting condyl-clam)

Cuna concentrica (concentric condyl-clam)

Gaimardia tasmanica (Tasmanian arc-mussel)

Perrierina bernardi (Bernard’s bean-shell)

Reloncavia mactroides (trough-like bean-shell)

Lasaea australis (southern lasaea)

Mysella concentrica (concentric lepton)

Mysella donaciformis (wedge-shaped lepton)

Mysella lactea (milky lepton)

Spisula trigonella (triangular trough-shell)

Hiatula alba (white sunset-shell)

Hiatula biradiata (double-rayed sunset-shell)

Macomona deltoidalis (triangular tellin)

Eumarcia fumigata (smoky venus)

Irus crenatus (scaly boring-venus)

Katelysia scalarina (stepped venus)

Notopaphia grisea (Tasmanian boring-venus)

Venerupis anomala (little bean venus)

Venerupis largillierti (New Zealand venus)

Cellana solida (orange-edged limpet)

Phasianella australis (painted-lady pheasant-shell)

Incisura remota (remote slit-shell)

Scissurella ornata (ornate slit-shell)

Sinezona beddomei (Beddome’s slit-shell)

Diloma concameratum (tessellated top-shell)

Clanculus plebejus (people’s top-shell)

Phasianotrochus eximius (choice kelp-shell)

Argalista rosea (rosy argalista)

Brookula crebresculpta (engraved false-top-shell)

Liotella annulata (ringed false-top-shell)

Liotella johnstoni (Johnston’s false-top-shell)

Lodderena minima (smallest false-top-shell)

Zalipais inscripta (inscribed false-top-shell)

Plesiotrochus monachus (common monk-shell)

Zeacumantus diemenensis (common mud-creeper)

Zeacumantus plumbeus (estuarine mud-creeper)

Icuncula consobrina (cousin cap-shell)

Eatoniella atrella (dark eaton-shell)

Eatoniella depressa (flattened eaton-shell)

Eatoniella galbinia (yellowish eaton-shell)

Eatoniella pellucida (transparent eaton-shell)

Eatoniella shepherdi (Shepherd’s eaton-shell)

Notocypraea angustata (brown cowrie)

Bembicium melanostoma (black-mouth conniwink)

Laevilitorina bruniensis (Bruny winkle)

Laevilitorina mariae (Maria’s winkle)

Conuber conicum (conical sand-snail)

Eunaticina umbilicata (umbilicated sand-snail)

Lironoba layardi (Layard’s rice-shell)

Alvania strangei (Strange’s rice-shell)

Onoba agnewi (Agnew’s rice-shell)

Onoba australiae (Australian rice-shell)

Rissoina fasciata (banded rice-shell)

Cabestana tabulata (Waterhouse’s rock-whelk)

Cymatiella verrucosa (warted rock-whelk)

Zaclys semilaevis (semi-smooth false-creeper)

Anabathron contabulatum (boarded false rice-shell)

Anabathron lene (gentle false rice-shell)

Badepigrus pupoideus (chrysalis-like false rice-shell)

Microdryas iravadioides (irawaddy-like false rice-shell)

Pisinna approxima (approximate false rice-shell)

Pisinna circumlabra (circumlabra false rice-shell)

Pisinna dubitabilis (doubtful false rice-shell)

Pisinna labrotoma (labrotoma false rice-shell)

Hydrococcus brazieri (Brazier’s hydrococcus)

Cominella lineolata (lined whelk)

Nassarius pauperatus (impoverished dog-whelk)

Cystiscus angasi (Angas’ margin-shell)

Bedeva paivae (mussel drill)

Microdiscula charopa (bluish orbitestellid)

Koloonella micra (minute murchisonellid)

Cinctiuga diaphana (transparent pyramid-shell)

Odostomia occultidens (hidden-toothed pyramid-shell)

Philine angasi (Angas’ bubble-shell)

Doris wellingtonensis (Wellington sea-lemon)

Salinator fragilis (fragile air-breather)

Siphonaria funiculata (corded siphon-shell)

Sepia hedleyi (Hedley’s cuttlefish)


Information and disclaimer: The web-pages on this web-site are generated from an underlying database. These can be cited as Grove, S.J. (2015). A Guide to the Seashells and other Marine Molluscs of Tasmania web-site and database respectively. Whilst great care is taken to accurately identify specimens featured on this web-site and to allocate all records to the most appropriate taxonomic names available, no guarantee is offered that all identifications are accurate, nor that the taxa to which they have been allocated are currently valid. Commentaries on habitat, distribution and biology are also subject to change as new information comes to light. If you have any enquiries, or any comments that will help improve the content or appearance of these pages, then please follow the links from 'contact' on the left-hand panel.

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