King Island - Ettrick Beach
Geographic information

This coastal locality is at latitude -39.9922 (S), longitude 143.8876 (E) (at a precision-level of approximately 100 m). Its location (to the nearest 10 km) is shown on the map below.

Species recorded from this locality

The list below shows the species, listed in taxonomic order, for which there are records from this coastal locality in the database underlying these web-pages. Note that some doubtful records have been excluded. The main sources are the personal collections and records of Simon Grove, Rob de Little and Margaret Richmond; the accession records of the Tasmanian and Queen Victoria Museums; and selected records from a range of other institutions, primarily via the Atlas of Living Australia (last download November 2014).

Ischnochiton cariosus (decayed chiton)

Ischnochiton variegatus (variegated chiton)

Ischnochiton versicolor (variably-coloured chiton)

Plaxiphora albida (whitened chiton)

Nucula pusilla (tiny nutlet-shell)

Solemya velesiana (pygmy date-shell)

Lissarca rhomboidalis (rhomboid micromussel)

Philobrya crenatulifera (scalloped micromussel)

Philobrya rubra (reddish micromussel)

Brachidontes erosus (eroded beaked-mussel)

Xenostrobus pulex (flea mussel)

Hiatella australis (southern crypt-dweller)

Carditella jaffaensis (Jaffa false-cockle)

Gaimardia tasmanica (Tasmanian arc-mussel)

Neolepton planiliratum (flat-grooved neolepton)

Myllita deshayesii (Deshayes’ myllita)

Myllita tasmanica (Tasmanian myllita)

Varotoga cryptozoica (cryptozoic lepton)

Lasaea australis (southern lasaea)

Mysella donaciformis (wedge-shaped lepton)

Mysella lactea (milky lepton)

Coracuta dromanaensis (Dromana lepton)

Ctena tatei (Tate’s lucine)

Anapella cycladea (smooth-toothed triangle)

Irus carditoides (cardita-like boring-venus)

Katelysia scalarina (stepped venus)

Asteracmea stowae (Stow’s limpet)

Lottia mixta (mixed limpet)

Notoacmea flammea (flame limpet)

Patelloida alticostata (tall-ribbed limpet)

Patelloida insignis (Maltese-cross limpet)

Patelloida latistrigata (lateral-striped limpet)

Cellana solida (orange-edged limpet)

Scutellastra peronii (scaly limpet)

Puncturella harrisoni (Harrisson’s notch-limpet)

Scutus antipodes (common elephant-snail)

Haliotis laevigata (greenlip abalone)

Haliotis rubra (blacklip abalone)

Phasianella ventricosa (swollen pheasant-shell)

Tricolia rosea (rosy pheasant-shell)

Sukashitrochus atkinsoni (Atkinson’s slit-shell)

Sukashitrochus pulcher (beautiful slit-shell)

Herpetopoma scabriusculum (rough top-shell)

Calliostoma allporti (Allport’s top-shell)

Cratidentium tiberianum (tiberian kelp-shell)

Chlorodiloma adelaidae (Adelaide top-shell)

Chlorodiloma odontis (chequered top-shell)

Fossarina legrandi (Legrand’s fossarina)

Fossarina petterdi (Petterd’s fossarina)

Austrocochlea constricta (ribbed top-shell)

Diloma concameratum (tessellated top-shell)

Clanculus plebejus (people’s top-shell)

Clanculus undatus (wavy top-shell)

Phasianotrochus eximius (choice kelp-shell)

Cirsonella reflecta (reflected false-top-shell)

Cirsonella weldii (Weld’s false-top-shell)

Liotella annulata (ringed false-top-shell)

Lissotesta contabulata (tabular false-top-shell)

Zalipais inscripta (inscribed false-top-shell)

Bellastraea aurea (golden star-shell)

Lunella undulata (wavy turban)

Nerita atramentosa (western black nerite)

Zeacumantus diemenensis (common mud-creeper)

Diala megapicalis (big-topped diala)

Diala suturalis (sutured diala)

Alaba monile (spotted alaba)

Eatoniella melanochroma (blackish eaton-shell)

Notocypraea declivis (freckled cowrie)

Opalia granosa (grainy wentletrap)

Bembicium melanostoma (black-mouth conniwink)

Laevilitorina kingensis (King Island winkle)

Laevilitorina mariae (Maria’s winkle)

Afrolittorina praetermissa (checkered australwink)

Austrolittorina unifasciata (banded australwink)

Eunaticina umbilicata (umbilicated sand-snail)

Lironoba australis (southern rice-shell)

Alvania fasciata (banded rice-shell)

Alvania strangei (Strange’s rice-shell)

Rissoina fasciata (banded rice-shell)

Rissoina vincentiana (Vincent rice-shell)

Cymatiella eburnea (pink-tipped rock-whelk)

Cymatiella verrucosa (warted rock-whelk)

Costatophora granifera (grainy sinistral-creeper)

Amphithalamus ‘obesus’ (fat rice-shell)

Anabathron contabulatum (boarded false rice-shell)

Badepigrus pupoideus (chrysalis-like false rice-shell)

Antisabia foliacea (leafy bonnet-limpet)

Sabia australis (southern bonnet-limpet)

Lamellaria ophione (titan lamellaria)

Petaloconchus caperatus (captured worm-shell)

Cominella eburnea (ivory whelk)

Cominella lineolata (lined whelk)

Tasmeuthria clarkei (Clarke’s whelk)

Mitrella leucostoma (white-mouthed dove-shell)

Mitrella lincolnensis (Port Lincoln dove-shell)

Mitrella semiconvexa (semiconvex dove-shell)

Pyreneola fulgida (gleaming dove-shell)

Zafra legrandi (Legrand’s dove-shell)

Australaria australasia (Australian tulip-shell)

Phrontis compacta (compact dog-whelk)

Sydaphera lactea (milky nutmeg-shell)

Etrema denseplicata (densely-ribbed turrid)

Conus anemone (anemone cone)

Austrodrillia beraudiana (Beraud’s turrid)

Guraleus alucinans (dreaming turrid)

Guraleus mitralis (mitre-like turrid)

Mitromorpha alba (white turrid)

Paramontana rufozonata (red-zoned turrid)

Austromitra analogica (analog ribbed-mitre)

Vexillum australe (southern mitre)

Cystiscus angasi (Angas’ margin-shell)

Gibberula subbulbosa (bulbous margin-shell)

Mesoginella pygmaeoides (pygmy margin-shell)

Mitra badia (dark brown mitre)

Bedeva baileyana (Bailey’s rock-shell)

Bedeva vinosa (purple-mouthed rock-shell)

Pterochelus triformis (three-cornered murex)

Dicathais orbita (common cartrut-shell)

Phycothais reticulata (knobbly rock-shell)

Litozamia brazieri (Brazier’s trophon)

Volutomitra obscura (magpie volute-mitre)

Microdiscula charopa (bluish orbitestellid)

Miralda suprasculpta (etched pyramid-shell)

Odostomia deplexa (unwoven pyramid-shell)

Hinemoa ligata (mask pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla fusca (dusky pyramid-shell)

Turbonilla mariae (Maria’s pyramid-shell)

Aplysia parvula (small sea-hare)

Acteocina apicina (pointed peanut-shell)

Haminoea maugeansis (little bubble-shell)

Pugillaria stowae (Stow’s siphon-shell)

Siphonaria diemenensis (common siphon-shell)

Leuconopsis pellucida (transparent air-breather)

Marinula xanthostoma (delicate air-breather)

Sepia apama (giant cuttlefish)

Sepia cultrata (elongated cuttlefish)

Sepia novaehollandiae (New Holland cuttlefish)


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