King Island - S coast (unlocalised)
Geographic information

This coastal locality is at latitude -40.1243 (S), longitude 143.9043 (E) (at a precision-level of approximately 10000 m). Its location (to the nearest 10 km) is shown on the map below.

Species recorded from this locality

The list below shows the species, listed in taxonomic order, for which there are records from this coastal locality in the database underlying these web-pages. Note that some doubtful records have been excluded. The main sources are the personal collections and records of Simon Grove, Rob de Little and Margaret Richmond; the accession records of the Tasmanian and Queen Victoria Museums; and selected records from a range of other institutions, primarily via the Atlas of Living Australia (last download November 2014).

Lima nimbifer (cloud file-shell)

Modiolus areolatus (bearded horse-mussel)

Acrosterigma cygnorum (oblique cockle)

Gaimardia tasmanica (Tasmanian arc-mussel)

Atactodea cuneata (wedge-shaped wedge-shell)

Macomona deltoidalis (triangular tellin)

Gomphina undulosa (wavy venus)

Tawera gallinula (feathered venus)

Scutus antipodes (common elephant-snail)

Haliotis rubra (blacklip abalone)

Haliotis scalaris emmae (Emma’s abalone)

Phasianella ventricosa (swollen pheasant-shell)

Chlorodiloma adelaidae (Adelaide top-shell)

Phasianotrochus eximius (choice kelp-shell)

Notocypraea angustata (brown cowrie)

Notocypraea comptonii (Compton’s cowrie)

Notocypraea declivis (freckled cowrie)

Opalia australis (southern wentletrap)

Cabestana tabulata (Waterhouse’s rock-whelk)

Cymatiella eburnea (pink-tipped rock-whelk)

Cymatiella verrucosa (warted rock-whelk)

Sassia subdistorta (distorted rock-whelk)

Australaria australasia (Australian tulip-shell)

Sydaphera granosa (grainy nutmeg-shell)

Vexillum australe (southern mitre)

Mitra badia (dark brown mitre)

Phycothais reticulata (knobbly rock-shell)


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