Locality list - alphabetical, letter c

The following Tasmanian coastal localities are represented by mollusc records in the database underpinning these web-pages (note that offshore localities are excluded):

Calverts Beach & Goats Bluff

Cambridge – Barilla Bay

Camdale – beach

Cape Barren Island – Apple Orchard Point

Cape Barren Island – Battery Bay

Cape Barren Island – Bungs Beach

Cape Barren Island – Burgess Bay

Cape Barren Island – Jamiesons Bay

Cape Barren Island – Kenneth Point – foreshore to E

Cape Barren Island – Kenneth Point

Cape Barren Island – Kent Bay

Cape Barren Island – Key Island Bay

Cape Barren Island – Little Thirsty Lagoon

Cape Barren Island – Munro Bay

Cape Barren Island – Nautilus Cove

Cape Barren Island – Neds Point

Cape Barren Island – Petticoat Bay

Cape Barren Island – Rooks River mouth

Cape Barren Island – SE of Tar Point

Cape Barren Island – Thirsty Lagoon

Cape Barren Island – Thunder & Lightning Bay

Cape Barren Island – Tinkers Gut

Cape Barren Island – White Lagoon beach

Cape Barren Island (unlocalised)

Cape Grim

Cape Pillar

Cape Portland – Boobyalla Beach

Cape Portland – Home Beach

Cape Portland – Lanoma Point

Cape Portland – Lemons Beach

Cape Portland – Petal Point

Cape Portland – Roses Bay

Cape Portland – Tregaron Lagoons

Cape Portland (unlocalised)

Cape Portland

Carlton – Park Beach

Carlton Beach – Spectacle Island

Carlton River – beach

Carlton River – Stony Point

Catamaran (unlocalised)

Chain of Lagoons – Four Mile Creek – beach

Chain of Lagoons – Little Beach

Chain of Lagoons – McIntyres Beach

Chain of Lagoons – Piccaninny Point

Chain of Lagoons

Charlotte Cove

Clarke Island – Allens Point – beach to west

Clarke Island – Black Point – beach to N

Clarke Island – Black Point – beach to S

Clarke Island – Black Point – saline lagoon to W

Clarke Island – Black Point

Clarke Island – Dip Point to Black Rocks

Clarke Island – Kangaroo Bay to Seal Point

Clarke Island – Maclaines Bay

Clarke Island – Moriarty Bay

Clarke Island – Sandy Lagoon

Clarke Island – Shevo Bay (north end)

Clarke Island – South Head

Clarke Island – Spike Bay

Clarke Island (unlocalised)

Clayton – foreshore

Clifton Beach – eastern end

Clifton Beach – western end

Clifton Beach (unlocalised)

Cockle Creek Bay

Coles Bay – Bluestone Bay

Coles Bay – foreshore

Coles Bay – Gravelly Beach & Sleepy Bay

Coles Bay – Honeymoon Bay

Coles Bay – Muirs Beach

Coles Bay – Parsons Cove

Coles Bay – Pine Point

Coles Bay – Richardsons Beach

Coles Bay (unlocalised)

Conical Harbour

Coningham – foreshore

Coningham Beach

Connellys Bay

Cooee Beach

Cox Bight (unlocalised)

Cremorne – foreshore

Cremorne – Pipe Clay Head to Cape Deslacs

Cremorne – Pipe Clay Lagoon

Croppies Beach – northern end

Croppies Beach (unlocalised)

Croppies Point

Cygnet – Nicholls Rivulet mouth


Information and disclaimer: The web-pages on this web-site are generated from an underlying database. These can be cited as Grove, S.J. (2015). A Guide to the Seashells and other Marine Molluscs of Tasmania web-site and database respectively. Whilst great care is taken to accurately identify specimens featured on this web-site and to allocate all records to the most appropriate taxonomic names available, no guarantee is offered that all identifications are accurate, nor that the taxa to which they have been allocated are currently valid. Commentaries on habitat, distribution and biology are also subject to change as new information comes to light. If you have any enquiries, or any comments that will help improve the content or appearance of these pages, then please follow the links from 'contact' on the left-hand panel.

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